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Siva Mahapurana (Three Volumes)

Siva Mahapurana  (Three Volumes)


Item Code: IDI743

by Shanti Lal Nagar

Hardcover (Edition: 2007)

Parimal Publications
ISBN 8171102980

Language: (An Exhaustive Introduction, Sanskrit Text, English Translation with Photographs of Archaeological Evidence)
Size: 9.6" X 7.2
Pages: 2064 (Black & White Illus: 57)
weight of the book is 4 kg
Price: $155.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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From The Jacket

The Puranas are considered to be the pillars of the Vedic dharma comprising of Sruti. Smrti and Puranas. The Siva-Mahapurana is a famous one amongst the eighteen Mahapuranas. Relatively bigger in size. This Purana is primarily of a religious tone, dedicated mainly to the glory, various forms, their importance and valour of lord Siva.

There had been certain deities, who after once appearing over the Indian Religious horizon, never lost their importance and continue here even to the present times, facing all the political, religions and other adversities. Lord Siva comes under this category, because his following never disappeared from the Indian scence after he attained the position of adoration and worship. Lord Siva has always remained important among all the gods starting from the oldest scriptures- Vedas, Brahmana literatures and Upanisads to the late poets and writers of Kasmira, he has been always the mainframe of these literatures. Even various philosophies emerged in the past among the followers of lord Siva.

Siva-Mahapurana, besides the Mahatmya, is comprised of seven Samhitas:-
(i) Vidyesvara Samhita
(ii) Rudra Samhita-(a) Srsti Khanda, (b) Sati Khanda, (c) Parvati Khanda, (d) Kumara Khanda, (e) Yuddha Khanda
(iii) Satarudra Samhita
(iv) Koti Rudra Samhita
(v) Uma Samhita
(vi) Kailasa Samhita
(vii) Vayaviya Samhita- (a) First Part, (b) Second Part

While bringing out the English version of the Siva Purana, a new element of correlating the main events, with the available archaeological evidence in the entire length and breadth of the country relating to the gods and the goddesses referred to in this Purana, have been illustrated on the basis of which it makes this work of a unique character.

Mahatmyam of Siva Purana1
Chapter 1The glory of the Purana1
Chapter 2Glory of the Purana5
Chapter 3Renunciation of Cancula-a Brahmana window9
Chapter 4Redemption of Cancula-a Brahmana widow13
Chapter 5Salvation of Binduga18
Chapter 6Method of listening to the Purana23
Chapter 7Description of the worship of the book and orator (speaker)29
Vidyesvara Samhita34
Chapter 1Discussion on Sadhya and Sadhana34
Chapter 2Reply to the question of the sages38
Chapter 3Discussion on Sadhya-sadhana43
Chapter 4The glory of listening, recitation and study of Purana for salvation46
Chapter 5The glory of Siva-linga48
Chapter 6Fight between Brahma and Visnu51
Chapter 7Contest between Visnu and Brahma53
Chapter 8Shattering the pride of Brahma56
Chapter 9Consecrating of the Siva-linga58
Chapter 10Discourse on Omkara62
Chapter 11Worship of Siva-linga and its consecration66
Chapter 12Description of the Siva-ksetras72
Chapter 13Description of a righteous person75
Chapter 14Agni-yajna83
Chapter 15 Description of the country, time and vessel in Deva-yajna87
Chapter 16Description of the adoration of Parthiva Linga92
Chapter 17Glory of Pranava-pancaksara-mantra102
Chapter 18Glory of Sivalinga115
Chapter 19Glory of the adoration of Parthiva or clay Siva-linga128
Chapter 20Method of adoring Parthiva-linga131
Chapter 21Parthiva Pujana136
Chapter 22Glory of Siva naivedya and bilva (wood-apple)141
Chapter 23Glory of the names of Siva144
Chapter 24Process for the application of the ashes148
Chapter 25The glory of Rudraksa157
Rudra Samhita166
Srsti Khanda or Creation166
Chapter 1Question by the Sages166
Chapter 2Deputing of Kamadeva by Indra to disturb the tapas of Narada 169
Chapter 3Svayamvara of Srimati and Narada's humiliation173
Chapter 4Narada reaches Vaikuntha and curses Visnu178
Chapter 5Narada's visit to Kasi184
Chapter 6Mahapralaya and Visnu's origin187
Chapter 7The dispute between Brahma and Visnu192
Chapter 8Description of the body of Sabdabrahman197
Chapter 9Siva-tattva highlighted201
Chapter 10Parama Siva-tattva206
Chapter 11Method of worshipping Siva209
Chapter 12Essentials and non-essentials of Siva's worship216
Chapter 13Mode of the adoration of Siva223
Chapter 14Directions for Siva's worship229
Chapter 15 Manifestations of Rudra236
Chapter 16The Creation described242
Chapter 17The story of Gunanidhi245
Chapter 18Gunanidhi's salvation250
Chapter 19Friendship of Siva and Kubera255
Chapter 20Departure of Siva for Kailasa257
Rudra Samhita- Sati Khanda263
Chapter 1 Brief story of Sati263
Chapter 2The appearing of Kamadeva267
Chapter 3Curse and blessing on Kama270
Chapter 4Marriage of Kamadeva276
Chapter 5The story of Sandhya284
Chapter 6Siva pleased with the worship of Sandhya284
Chapter 7 Sandhya married to Vasistha as Arundhati289
Chapter 8Features of Vasanta291
Chapter 9Strength of Kamadeva and his attendants295
Chapter 10 Conversation between Brahma and Visnu300
Chapter 11Brahma worships Durga and gets a boon305
Chapter 12Receiving a boon by Daksa from Durga309
Chapter 13Daksa's curse to Narada313
Chapter 14Birth of Sati and her childhood sports316
Chapter 15Description of Nandyavrata and eulogy of Siva320
Chapter 16Brahma and Visnu eulogise Siva326
Chapter 17Siva grants boon to Sati331
Chapter 18Marriage of Siva and Sati336
Chapter 19Sports of Sati339
Chapter 20Festivities of Sati's marriage345
Chapter 21Sports of Siva and Sati349
Chapter 22Love sports of Siva and Sati over the Himalaya353
Chapter 23Influence of devotion359
Chapter 24Sati's doubt about Rama's divinity363
Chapter 25Separation of Siva and Sati368
Chapter 26Cause of conflict between Daksa and Siva374
Chapter 27Start of the yajna of Daksa378
Chapter 28Sati's Travel383
Chapter 29Declaration of Sati386
Chapter 30Sati ends her life in fire-altar391
Chapter 31The divine voice394
Chapter 32Birth of Virabhadra and Siva's advice to him396
Chapter 33The march of Vsrabhadra401
Chapter 34Inauspicious omens witnessed by gods403
Chapter 35Visnu's speech406
Chapter 36Talk between Visnu and Virabhadra409
Chapter 37Destruction of the yajna of Daksa415
Chapter 38Conflict between Ksuva and Dadhica420
Chapter 39Fight between Ksuva and Dadhica425
Chapter 40Audience of gods with Siva429
Chapter 41The gods offer prayer to Siva433
Chapter 42Showering of grace on Daksa437
Chapter 43Performance of Daksa's yajna441
Rudra Samhita-Parvati Khanda445
Chapter 1Marriage of Himalaya445
Chapter 2Sanaka's curse to Menaka and others447
Chapter 3Visnu and other gods eulogise Siva451
Chapter 4The assurance of the goddess to the gods454
Chapter 5Menaka receives a boon458
Chapter 6Birth of Parvati462
Chapter 7Childhood sports of Parvati467
Chapter 8Conversation between Narada and Himalaya469
Chapter 9Performing of penance of Parvati and appearing of Siva before her473
Chapter 10Birth of Mars and his status of a planet by the grace of Siva476
Chapter 11Meeting between Siva and Himvat478
Chapter 12Conversation between Siva and Himalaya482
Chapter 13Talk between Siva and Parvati485
Chapter 14Birth of Taraka and Vajranga-their penance490
Chapter 15Taraka and his penance493
Chapter 16Brahma assures gods frightened by Taraka498
Chapter 17Discussion between Indra and Kamadeva501
Chapter 18Disturbance created by Kamadeva505
Chapter 19Destruction of Kamadeva508
Chapter 20The story of oceanic fire512
Chapter 21Narada's advice to Parvati514
Chapter 22Penance of Parvati517
Chapter 23Himavan dissuades Parvati but the gods go to meet Siva523
Chapter 24Siva agrees to Marry Parvati527
Chapter 25Seven sages test the devotion of Parvati533
Chapter 26Conversation between Jatila and Parvati539
Chapter 27Talk between Parvati and Brahmacari543
Chapter 28Witnessing of the real form of Siva by Parvati546
Chapter 29Talk between Parvati and Brahmacari550
Chapter 30Return of Parvati and the festivities553
Chapter 31Illusion of Siva557
Chapter 32Arrival of Sapta-Rsis562
Chapter 33Pleasing of Himavan567
Chapter 34The story of Anaranya572
Chapter 35The story of Padma and Pippalada575
Chapter 36Advice of the seven sages580
Chapter 37Despatch of letter of engagement and other connected celebrations583
Chapter 38Description of the mandapa587
Chapter 39Arrival of gods at Kailasa and departure of marriage party of Siva590
Chapter 40Siva's marriage procession594
Chapter 41Beauty of the mandapa599
Chapter 42Meeting between the lord and the mountain603
Chapter 43Wonderful sport of Siva606
Chapter 44Mena regains consciousness611
Chapter 45Siva assumes the pleasant form and people's delight618
Chapter 46Arrival of the Bridegroom622
Chapter 47Siva's ceremonious entry into the inner apartments of Himalaya625
Chapter 48The marriage of Siva and Parvati629
Chapter 49Delusion of Brahma633
Chapter 50The fun and jokes637
Chapter 51Revival of Kamadeva641
Chapter 52Serving of feast to the marriage party and retiring of Siva to the bed 644
Chapter 53Siva's return after marriage647
Chapter 54The departure of the marriage party - duties of a chaste wife defined650
Chapter 55Siva returns to Kailasa657
Rudra Samhita1
Kumara Khanda1
Chapter 1Love sports of Siva and Parvati1
Chapter 2Birth of Kartikeya: the son of Siva6
Chapter 3Childhood sports of Kartikeya12
Chapter 4Search for Kartikeya and dialogue between Kartikeya and Nandi15
Chapter 5Crowning of Kartikeya21
Chapter 6Kumara's astonishing performance26
Chapter 7The starting of the war29
Chapter 8Battle between the gods and the demons33
Chapter 9Fight between Tarakasura and the gods37
Chapter 10Killing of Tarakasura41
Chapter 11Kumara's victory and the killing of Bana and Pralamba45
Chapter 12The story of Siva, Parvati and Kartikeya48
Chapter 13Birth of Ganesa52
Chapter 14Controversy with the ganas55
Chapter 15Ganesa's battle with Sivaganas60
Chapter 16Severing of the head of Ganesa66
Chapter 17Ganesa brought back to life68
Chapter 18Crowning of Ganesa as chief of Sivaganas 73
Chapter 19Proposal for the marriage of Ganesa79
Chapter 20Marriage of Ganesa83
Rudra Samhita-Yuddha Khanda87
Chapter 1The demon Tripurasura87
Chapter 2Prayer by the gods93
Chapter 3Virtues of Tripura98
Chapter 4Receiving of Diksa by the lord of Tripura102
Chapter 5Fascination of Tripuras108
Chapter 6Prayer of Siva113
Chapter 7Prayer of Siva by the gods117
Chapter 8Making of a divine chariot by Visvakarma120
Chapter 9Siva's march for waging the war123
Chapter 10Burning of Tripura127
Chapter 11Prayer by gods after witnessing the awful of Siva130
Chapter 12Maya's taking refuge with Siva, bestowing of the Vitalaloka to him133
Chapter 13Punishing of Indra by Siva and restoring him to his original position137
Chapter 14Birth of Jalandhara from the oceanic fire and his marriage with Brnda141
Chapter 15Finding the severed head of Rahu, Jalandhara attacking Indra144
Chapter 16Fleeing of the gods from the heaven150
Chapter 17Visnu starting living in the abode of Jalandhara with Laksmi153
Chapter 18Narada highlighting the beauty of Parvati to Jalandhara157
Chapter 19Jalandhara's sending a messenger to Siva for getting Parvati161
Chapter 20Battle between the armies of Siva and Jalandhara166
Chapter 21Special war between the gods and the demons171
Chapter 22Jalandhara's approaching Parvati in the form of Siva175
Chapter 23Cheating of Vrnda by Visnu who is cursed by her179
Chapter 24Killing of Jalandhara at the hands of Siva183
Chapter 25God's prayer to Siva188
Chapter 26Visnu's applying of Vrnda's ashes over his body191
Chapter 27Performing of a tapas by Sambhasura for getting a son196
Chapter 28Performing to tapas by Samkhacuda and his marriage with Tulasi 199
Chapter 29Previous birth of Samkhacuda202
Chapter 30Gods' prayer to Siva for the slaying of Samkhacuda 207
Chapter 31Siva's discourse for gods210
Chapter 32Siva's deputing Puspadanta as a messenger to Samkhacuda215
Chapter 33Departure of Virabhadra, Nandi, Kali, Asta-Bhairavas and others218
Chapter 34Samkhacuda proceeds for waging a war221
Chapter 35Exchange of messengers from both the sides323
Chapter 36Fight between the gods and the Danavas227
Chapter 37Samkhacuda's fight with Kartikeya and other warriors230
Chapter 38Battle between Mahakali and Samkhacuda233
Chapter 39The war between Siva and Samkhacuda236
Chapter 40Visnu begs for the kavaca from Samkhacuda240
Chapter 41Tulasi's curse to Visnu243
Chapter 42Slaying of Hiranyaksa248
Chapter 43Killing of Hirnyakasipu in the form of Narasimha253
Chapter 44Andhaka receives the kingship of his father258
Chapter 45Battle between Andhakasura and Siva's army267
Chapter 46Defeat of Virabhadra in the battle273
Chapter 47Bringing back of Daitya to life278
Chapter 48Swallowing of Sukra by Siva283
Chapter 49Andhaka performs tapas lodged at the tip of Siva's trident287
Chapter 50Learning of Mrtasanjivani lore by Sukra291
Chapter 51The story of Usa, the daughter of Banasura296
Chapter 52The story of Usa-her meeting with Aniruddha301
Chapter 53The story Banasura and Aniruddha306
Chapter 54Departure of Krsna to Patala in order to get back Aniruddha310
Chapter 55Krsna's cutting of the arms of Banasura by the grace of Siva315
Chapter 56Bestowing the position of Ganapati on Banasura by Siva319
Chapter 57Killing of Gajasura, the son of Mahisasura by Siva322
Chapter 58Killing of Dundubhi, Nirhrada by Siva in the from of Vyaghresvara 338
Chapter 59Killing of the Daityas, named Vidala and Utpala by Gauri332
Sata-Rudra Samhita336
Chapter 1Saunaka describes the difference between forms of Siva336
Chapter 2Eight forms of Siva-like Bhava, Sarva and others340
Chapter 3Appearing of Siva in Ardhanarisvara form before Brahma341
Chapter 4Incarnation of Siva as Svetamuni or Rsabhadeva344
Chapter 5Incarnations of Siva during the tenth to twenty eight Dvaparas347
Chapter 6Performing of tapas by sage Silada for getting a son352
Chapter 7Bestowing of the position of a gana by Siva to Nandi357
Chapter 8Incarnation of Bhairava362
Chapter 9Relieving of the sin of Brahmahatya at Kapalamocana Tirtha368
Chapter 10Lord Siva's assurance to the gods374
Chapter 11Removal of Narasimha's pride by Virabhadra377
Chapter 12Incarnation of Siva as Grhapati392
Chapter 13Performing of tapas by Visvanara and his wife for getting a son386
Chapter 14Incarnation of Siva as Grhapati392
Chapter 15Performing of tapas by Grhapati to ward off untimely death395
Chapter 16Siva's incarnation as Yaksesvara at the churning of the ocean401
Chapter 17The ten incarnations of Siva with Sakti404
Chapter 18Eleven incarnations of Siva for the protection of the gods406
Chapter 19The tapas of Atri and birth of Candra, Dattatreya and Durvasa409
Chapter 20Incarnation of Hanuman and the related story414
Chapter 21Curse of Parvati to Bhairava to be born as a human417
Chapter 22Visnu's enjoying the company of divine damsels born out of ocean419
Chapter 23Visnu's fight with the Bull form of Siva423
Chapter 24Siva's incarnation as Pippalada426
Chapter 25The story of the Pippalada incarnation of Siva431
Chapter 26Vaisyanatha incarnation of Siva433
Chapter 27Dvijesvara incarnation of Siva438
Chapter 28Yatinatha incarnation of Siva444
Chapter 29The story of Nabhaga and Krsna-darsana incarnation of Siva447
Chapter 30Manifestation of Siva as Avadhutesvara452
Chapter 31Incarnation of Siva as Bhiksuvarya456
Chapter 32Incarnation of Siva as Suresvara462
Chapter 33Siva's incarnation as Brahmacari468
Chapter 34Siva's incarnation as Sunartaka-nata474
Chapter 35Incarnation of Siva as a Brahmana 477
Chapter 36Siva's incarnation as Asvatthama480
Chapter 37Arjuna deputed to Indrakila mountain by Vyasa 483
Chapter 38Arjuna's penance489
Chapter 39Killing of demon Muka and appearing of Siva in the form of Kirata494
Chapter 40Quarrel between Arjuna and Siva, at the killing of the boar498
Chapter 41Battle between Siva and Arjuna, Siva bestows boon to Arjuna502
Chapter 42Siva's incarnations as twelve Jyotirlingas507
Koti-Rudra Samhita513
Chapter 1Greatness of Jyotirlinga and Upalingas513
Chapter 2Sivalingas and their greatness516
Chapter 3Tapas performed by the sage Atri and emerging of Atrisvara Linga519
Chapter 4Appearing of Atrisvara linga522
Chapter 5Death of a Brahmana woman and the glory of Nandikesvara526
Chapter 6Change of the black colour of a cow to that of white at Nandikesvara529
Chapter 7Killing of the lustful demon Mudha535
Chapter 8The glory of Mahakala537
Chapter 9Liberation of a Candala woman539
Chapter 10Relieving of the curse by the king Mitrasaha, at Gokrana-tirtha542
Chapter 11Description of the lingas known as Candrabhala, Pasupati and other546
Chapter 12Reasons for Siva's taking to the form of linga548
Chapter 13Origin of Batuka552
Chapter 14Origin of the Jyotrilinga of Somanatha558
Chapter 15Discussion on Mallikarjuna - the second Jyotirlinga563
Chapter 16The glory of Mahakala Jyotirlinga565
Chapter 17Greatness of the Mahakala Jyotirlinga569
Chapter 18The glory of Omkaresvara Jyotirlinga575
Chapter 19Kedaresvara Jyotirlinga's glory577
Chapter 20The disturbance created by Bhimasura579
Chapter 21Showering of the grace of Kamarupesvara584
Chapter 22The glory of Visvesvara at Kasi589
Chapter 23The greatness of the Jyotirlinga of Kasi Visvesvara592
Chapter 24Gautama's greatness in relation to Tryambakesvara596
Chapter 25False allegation on Gautama for killing a cow599
Chapter 26Siva's grace on Gautama by appearing of Tryambakesvara and Ganga604
Chapter 27Humiliation of the ascetics envious to Gautama608
Chapter 28The glory of Vaidyanathesvara Jyotirlinga612
Chapter 29Disturbance created by the Raksasas of Darukavana618
Chapter 30Greatness of Nagesvara Jyotirlinga623
Chapter 31Origin of Ramesvara Jyotirlinga626
Chapter 32The story of Ghusamesvara - the twelfth Jyotirlinga630
Chapter 33Regaining of life of the Son of Ghusma by Siva's grace634
Chapter 34Siva bestows Cakra to Visnu639
Chapter 35Thousand names of Siva642
Chapter 36Reward for reciting a thousand names of Siva656
Chapter 37Adoration of Siva through the sages659
Chapter 38The glory of Sivaratri663
Chapter 39Completion of Sivaratri Vrata670
Chapter 40The glory of Sivaratri672
Chapter 41Types of Salvation680
Chapter 42The difference between Siva's Nirguna and Saguna forms682
Chapter 43The perfect knowledge of Siva685
Uma Samhita1
Chapter 1Krsna's meeting with Upamanyu1
Chapter 2Upamayu's instructions to Krsna, for adoring Siva6
Chapter 3The glory of Siva11
Chapter 4Display of Siva's Maya17
Chapter 5The grave sins20
Chapter 6The minor sins23
Chapter 7Path to Yamaloka and form of the messengers of Yama28
Chapter 8Description of the hell32
Chapter 9Sufferings in the hell36
Chapter 10Agonies of the hell39
Chapter 11The glory of giving away the food in charity43
Chapter 12Penance and its greatness48
Chapter 13The glory of the Puranas52
Chapter 14The glory of charities55
Chapter 15Description of Patalaloka58
Chapter 16Achieving the hell and the repentance61
Chapter 17Description of Jambudvipa64
Chapter 18The seven continents67
Chapter 19Position of the planets like Sun and others73
Chapter 20Achieving of Sivaloka with the performing of tapas77
Chapter 21Righteous war and its fruits81
Chapter 22Genesis and evolution of the body84
Chapter 23The impurity of the body and sufferings in childhood88
Chapter 24Nature of women as described by the apsara Pancacuda94
Chapter 25Awareness about the time of death97
Chapter 26Competence of the Yogis to avert the death103
Chapter 27Achieving Siva by escaping from death107
Chapter 28The shadowy person111
Chapter 29Description of primeval creation114
Chapter 30The Creation116
Chapter 31Daksa pronounces a curse on Narada120
Chapter 32Kasyapa and his family123
Chapter 33Creation of Maruts and distribution of kingdoms127
Chapter 34The fourteen Manvantras129
Chapter 35The description of Vaivasvata134
Chapter 36The nine sons of the race of Manu138
Chapter 37The race of Iksavaku142
Chapter 38The birth of Satyavrata, Trisunka, Sagara and others147
Chapter 39The king Sagara and the expansion of his family151
Chapter 40Influence of Sraddha for the manes155
Chapter 41The story of seven hunters160
Chapter 42Redemption of Seven hunters164
Chapter 43Method of Vyasa puja166
Chapter 44Birth of Vyasa from Satyavati and establishing of Vyasesvara linga167
Chapter 45The story of the goddess and the killing of Madhu and Kaitabha178
Chapter 46The killing of Mahisasura by the goddess184
Chapter 47Killing of Dhumralocana, Canda, Munda and Raktabija188
Chapter 48Manifestation of Sarasvati194
Chapter 49Manifestation of Uma199
Chapter 50The origin of Mahavidyas203
Chapter 51Consecration of the image of the goddess207
Kailasa Samhita214
Chapter 1Conversation among Vyasa and other sages214
Chapter 2Siva enlightens Parvati over the secret subjects217
Chapter 3Description of the form of Omkara and Virajahoma220
Chapter 4The daily performance of a recluse or a Sanyasi225
Chapter 5Preparation of Mandala at the place of worship228
Chapter 6Procedure for asana and pranayama231
Chapter 7Method of Siva's worship236
Chapter 8Mental worship of Siva242
Chapter 9Interpretation of the eight names of Siva, adoration of linga245
Chapter 10Discourse of Suta250
Chapter 11Question about Omkara and definition of Skanda stotra253
Chapter 12Procedure of the Nandi Sraddha, Brahmayajna etc.258
Chapter 13Procedure for embracing Sanyasa (renunciation)265
Chapter 14Pranava in the form of Siva272
Chapter 15Creation and dissolution of the universe275
Chapter 16Omkara as the cause of creation279
Chapter 17Advaita (non-dual) prana of Siva286
Chapter 18Initiation for a disciple290
Chapter 19The great statements and Yogapatta293
Chapter 20Rules for the removal of hair of an ascetic298
Chapter 21Ban on the cremation of Yatis and performing of their last rites301
Chapter 22Rites to be performed on the eleventh day of Yati's death307
Chapter 23The rites to be performed on the twelfth day for a Yati310
Vayaviya Samhita315
Chapter 1Genesis of the Vedas, the fourteen lores and the Puranas315
Chapter 2The complex problems of the ascetics320
Chapter 3Brahma declares Siva, as the best of all the gods323
Chapter 4Interpretation of the word Pasupati328
Chapter 5Reply of the wind god to the sages330
Chapter 6The principle of Siva faith335
Chapter 7The description of time in relation to Siva341
Chapter 8Creation of the universe for the sports of Siva343
Chapter 9Creation of the universe and sports of Siva346
Chapter 10Creation of the universe348
Chapter 11The rescue of the earth from Patala by Varaha352
Chapter 12Creating of moha, mada, goblins, pisacas, asuras etc. by Brahma354
Chapter 13Emergence of Brahma, Visnu and Rudra in different Kalpas360
Chapter 14The manifestation of Rudra364
Chapter 15Siva's appearing before Brahma in Ardhanarisvara from365
Chapter 16Manifestation of the divine Sakti368
Chapter 17Emerging so Satarupa from the body of Brahma 370
Chapter 18Birth of Sati as daughter of Daksa, Daksa's enmity with Siva375
Chapter 19Origin of Virabhadra380
Chapter 20Destruction of the sacrifice of Daksa385
Chapter 21Flight of Visnu and other gods from the place of Yajna388
Chapter 22Fight between Virabhadra and the supporters of Daksa392
Chapter 23Prayer of gods and he completion of yajna397
Chapter 24Controversy between Siva and Siva402
Chapter 25Performing of tapas by Kai to become Gauri406
Chapter 26Parvati meets Siva as Gauri410
Chapter 27Meeting of Siva and Siva, showering of his grace on the tiger by Siva412
Chapter 28The glory of bhasma or ashes415
Chapter 29The speech and its meaning417
Chapter 30Vayudeva's discourse on Sivatattva419
Chapter 31Description of spotless Sivatattva by Vayudeva424
Chapter 32Excellent practice for the achieving of moksa431
Chapter 33The glory of the performing of Pasupata vrata436
Chapter 34Upamanyu's performance of tapas for Siva443
Chapter 35Siva's testing the devotion of Upamanyu448
Chapter 1Instruction by Upamanyu to Sri Krsna to adore Siva454
Chapter 2Highlighting of the greatness of Pasupata, by Vasudeva to the sages456
Chapter 3Upamanyu's instruction to Sri Krsna460
Chapter 4Excellence of Siva and Siva463
Chapter 5Detailed discussion on Pasu and Pasupati470
Chapter 6The principle of Siva473
Chapter 7Principle of Siva475
Chapter 8The birth of Vyasa478
Chapter 9Siva's incarnations as Yogacarya482
Chapter 10Devotion to Siva484
Chapter 11Knowledge about Siva490
Chapter 12Glory of the five syllable mantra of Siva494
Chapter 13The glory of five syllabled mantra497
Chapter 14The method of performing the five syllabled mantra502
Chapter 15Procedure for Sivadiksa508
Chapter 16Initiation of the disciple514
Chapter 17The types of initiation520
Chapter 18Purification of the six paths524
Chapter 19The glory of the mantras529
Chapter 20Consecration of the disciple by the acarya531
Chapter 21Nitya and Naimittika rites533
Chapter 22Different types of Nyasas537
Chapter 23Method of mental adoration of Siva542
Chapter 24Ritualistic worship of Siva543
Chapter 25Adoration of Siva549
Chapter 26Adoration of Siva with connected rites554
Chapter 27Performing of Yajna557
Chapter 28Compulsory and optional rites563
Chapter 29The Kamya rites566
Chapter 30Avarana worship of Siva569
Chapter 31Siva strotra or hymn to Siva576
Chapter 32Method of achieving the worldly benefits590
Chapter 33Rites for achieving the worldly benefits597
Chapter 34Conflict between Visnu and Brahma598
Chapter 35Delusion of Brahma and Visnu602
Chapter 36Installation of Siva linga608
Chapter 37The yogic practices and their usages613
Chapter 38Obstructions in the path of Yoga618
Chapter 39Sivadhyana yoga and its divisions625
Chapter 40Travel of Rsis from Naimisaranya to Kasi629
Chapter 41Glory of the Siva Purana633

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