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Paintings > Hindu > The Emergence of the Ganga on the Earth
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The Emergence of the Ganga on the Earth

The Emergence of the Ganga on the Earth

Sold Out

Water Color on Paper

8.5 inches x 11.0 inches
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This highly idealised vision of Lord Shiva is his votive representation, which, besides being an art piece for a drawing room wall, is also an object for a domestic shrine. For further elevating its votive sanctity, the artist has assimilated with his rendition a number of auspices, the emergence of the Ganga, banana plant, Banyan tree, Mallika flowers and a moon lit night. He has a couple of Mallika flowers on his matted hair also. Lord Shiva is wearing the beads of Rudraksha, the divine seeds born of Shiva's own being and hence most auspicious. The Padma Purana acclaims that the drops of sweating, which emitted from his body when he fought against Tripura, the Three Cities, and annihilated them, had turned into Rudraksha and hence the Rudrakshas have the status of Shiva's relics and manifest him materially. Being born of righteousness, that is, during the war of the righteousness against the unrighteousness, the Puranic literature named them dharma-vindus, or the drops of righteousness.

The landscape, comprising of a fast flowing river, multi-hued mountains, the moon lit night, a glowing sky, massive trees, dense thick green shrubs, flowering and fruits bearing plants, though a little conventionalised, is exceptionally vivid and elaborate. The artist has most skillfully discovered his variants in one and the same thing sometimes by colour shading, colour variations, light and shade effects and sometimes in various forms of the same object. The mountain range just below the moon has a vertical rise and a variously shaded brown tint; the rocks in the centre, which the current of the Ganga divides into three parts, is deep black, though with the effect of moonlight it has lighter spots also. This hill part has a descending slope or fall; and the hill part just behind Lord Shiva has a flat formation and a colour, which is different from both. The same happens with the water of the sacred river. Initially it is brownish, in the central part it turns into white and towards the lower end it is blackish green or greenish black. On most of the objects the moonlight has its rhythmic effect.

The ash-smeared form of Lord Shiva is, however, the central glow and glory and the emergence of the Ganga the central theme of the painting. Shiva's basic golden complexion, with the effect of the Kalakuta, the poison which he consumed during the ocean churning for protecting the earth and all her creatures from the destruction that it could plunder, and due to the layer of ash, has turned into silver grey with bluish tint. His throat, where stays the Kalakuta, has around the neck a ring of deeper blue giving him the name of Neelakantha, or the Blue Throated One. He is seated in exact padmasana posture, as it has been specified in Indian iconography- cross-legged, the lotus petal like feet turned upside and the both palms placed on each other transmitting, like an antennae, the cosmic energy and all its secrets into his being. Thick locks of his matted hair scatter over his neck and shoulders and a number of cobras girdle around him. He is wearing elephant skin around his waist just like a short loincloth. His drooping eyes, serenity and deep composure enshrining his face, his close lying tumara, the pot made from a gourd, and the far pushed trident and damaru suggest that he is in meditation, that is, in his Mahayogi aspect. The emergence of the Ganga is the prime theme of the rendition. After the rigorous penance by Bhagiratha Ganga agreed to emerge on the earth and redeem his sixty thousand ancestors, but she warned him that the earth could not bear her mighty current. On her suggestion, Bhagiratha persuaded Shiva to take and hold her into his hair and release her gradually, disciplined and controlled. The Ganga thus emerges from the Svargaloka first onto Shiva's matted mighty hair and then Shiva lets a part of it emerge upon the earth and holds its rest into his coiling hair. A streak of water, obviously the Ganga, shooting off Shiva's hair, turns into a huge river. The painting blends in Shiva's iconography many of his manifest forms but the most elaborate and prominent is his Gangadhara aspect.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of ancient Indian literature. Dr Daljeet is the chief curator of the Visual Arts Gallery at the National Museum of India, New Delhi. They have both collaborated on numerous books on Indian art and culture.

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I received the 2 sarees and the DVDs. You truly are a treasure house for the music and other related things. You have gotten me an array of CDs,books,DVDs and not least of all beautiful sarees. All always packed with care, delivered in a timely, no hassle fashion. Your business is very trustworthy and I am so glad to have when I need to look for something.
Prashanti, USA
Hello, Just a short feedback on your new website layout: the old one was better than most of what you come across on the www, but you've managed to make it even better. I very much like the new look of the book pages and 'my gallery' pages. Thanks again for offering me a look inside the books. It's a big help for finding out if it's really what I want. Everything is perfect: the presentation of the items, your way of handling the orders, and the fast and always diligently packed parcels. Thanks to all at Exotic India, Walter
thank you sooo much for the speedy delivery!! within two days I am already wearing my beautiful Exotic Indian shawl!! thanks so much
Pat Demaret
This is the second time I am ordering kurta. The first time it was in July of 2015. The whole transaction was very smooth, and I received my order in USA within a week's tme from India. it was faster than some of the local orders that I have placed. Thank you for your efficiency.
Prabha, USA
I like Exotic India and have had a great experience so far with your books / shipping etc. Please keep it up!
Sriram, USA
Thanks to all the staff at Exotic Art for helping me acquire these wonderful books from the holy land of Bharata Varsha. Happy new year to you all and all glories to Sri Krsna, peace...
J. Idehen, UK
Exotic India is a fine organization to do business with. I have had the best trading experience and the very best customer service. The communication I have had with Vipin K. is of the highest quality; my questions and requests were quickly and professionally answered and fulfilled. A special thanks to the artist Kailash Raj for the beautiful art he produces; I have certainly been enriched by the way his art exemplifies the stories they tell. Many Thanks to all concerned.
W. J. Barnett, USA
My beautiful shawl arrived today. Thank you so much for this lovely shawl. Really, it is nicer than the photograph. I hope you and yours have a very Happy New Year and much prosperity in the New Year. With gratitude
Tom Anderson, Canada
An excellent website, as always. I do not even mention its content, which is beautiful beyond words, but I am merely referring to the great functionality and optimal design of your website. Links always work, the information is accurate and complete, images are very clear, including scanned content of your books. A pleasure to purchase from you.
Oreste, USA
I just wanted to extend my profound thanks to you for expediting my order. It was so well packaged and all import processes taken care of so the beautiful statue arrived in fabulous condition. It looks truly wonderful and I am so happy to have Lord Ganesh take pride of place in my home. Thank you again for your superb service. Best regards
Nikki Grainger
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