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Sculptures > Brass > The Preserver
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The Preserver

The Preserver

The Preserver

Sold Out

Brass Statue

6" X 3.2" X 2"
1.21 kg
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$112.50   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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The Preserver

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Viewed 3327 times since 2nd Oct, 2008
Vishnu happens to be one of the most prominent Brahmanical Hindu gods with numerous iconic manifestations and widespread artistic representations to his credit. Despite his varied manifestations he is consistently seen as the preserver of harmony and the maintainer of order and tradition.

In a dual metal finish, we see Vishnu seated in lalitasana on an inverted padmasana. A tall, handsome youth, wearing the attire of an ancient king, he looks majestic and divine at the same time. He is seen wearing large decorative armlets and bracelets, a number of necklaces, long earrings and a royal crown. He also wears a metallic belt at the waist – an accessory not seen in many Vishnu images.

In the upper right hand, he holds the discus, symbol of the mind. In his upper left hand, he holds the conch that represents the five elements. In his lower left hand, which represents the notion of individual existence, is the mace, symbol of primeval knowledge. With the front right hand, he makes a gesture of blessing. In the images of all deities, the four hands express dominion over the four directions of space and thus absolute power.

The gold brass finish is used for ornamentation and attributes. The dress of the god has intricately carved design on it.

This description by Kiranjyot.

Delivered by to all international destinations within 3 to 5 days, fully insured.

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'My' Ganesha-pendant arrived ! Thank you a lot-it's really very lovely ! Greetings from Germany.
Birgit Kukmann
I got the parcel today, and I am very happy about it! a true Bible of Subhashitam! Thanks again a lot.
Eva, France
I have been your customer for many years and everything has always been A++++++++++++ quality.
Delia, USA
I am your customer for many years. I love your products. Thanks for sending high quality products.
Nata, USA
I have been a customer for many years due to the quality products and service.
Mr. Hartley, UK.
Got the package on 9th Nov. I have to say it was one of the excellent packaging I have seen, worth my money I paid. And the books where all in best new conditions as they can be.
Nabahat, Bikaner
Whatever we bought from Exotic India has been wonderful. Excellent transaction,very reasonable price excellent delivery. We bought so many huge statues, clothes, decorative items, jewels etc. Every item was packed with love.
Tom and Roma Florida USA
Namaste. I want to thank you as I have received the statue and I shall always remember the service provided to such good standards.
Dr. B. Saha, UK
I received my Green Tara statue today and it's absolutely lovely, much nicer than I'd hoped--thank you so much for arranging its manufacture for me!
Betsy, California
Parcel received is brilliantly packed by your dispatch team. Excellent collection, beautiful Micro-art work. The items are exactly same as displayed. Hats-off to the collection team. The shiva linga Ring & Garuda pendant were superb. Its pleasure shopping every time. God bless your team with good energy to continue this Real collection work.
Badarinath, India
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