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Hindu Religious Audio and Video - Listing of all items

A Comprehensive Collection of Audios CDs, Mp3s and DVDs on Hinduism

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»  IZA299 : अष्टाध्यायीसूत्रपाठ Ashtadhyayi Sutrapatha of Maharishi Panini (Audio CD)
»  IZA290 : पंतजलि योगसूत्र Patanjali Yogasutra (DVD MP3)
»  ICO011 : Hanuman the Spectacular Power of Devotion (With Pamphlet Containing Transliterated Text of the Mantras for Convenient Chanting) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ911 : Maha Mrityunjaya (The Mantra of Life Over Death) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICT057 : Maha Mrityunjaya The Mantra of Life Over Death (Insights and Inspiration) (A Set of 2 DVDs with a Book)
»  IZZ289 : Odissi Dedicated To Jagannatha - From Doordarshan Archives (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICR227 : Rahu Ketu Stotram – Dosh Nivaran (Audio CD)
»  IZA159 : Swami Turiyananda The Master Vedantist (A Video Presentation on Life of Swami Turiyananda) (DVD)
»  ICN045 : The Complete Method for Worshipping Lord Ganesha An Audio Visual Guide for the Worship of Lord Ganesha (Sampoorna Ganesh Poojan) (DVD) - Includes Booklet with List of Samgri, Steps of Pooja, Ganesh Aartis and Modak Recipe
»  IZA240 : श्री गुरु गीता Sri Guru Gita with Sri Guru Ashtakam (Audio Book MP3 CD)
»  IDA055 : Beholding The One In All An Informal Talk by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Audio CD)
»  IZA280 : Brahmasutra - Catuhsutri The First Four Aphorisms of the Brahmasutras Along with Sankaracarya's Commentary and English Explanation 'Sreyaskari' (MP3 Audio DVD)
»  IZA281 : Mandukya Upanisad and Karika with Sankar Bhasya in English (MP3 Audio DVD)
»  IZA002 : Paniniviracita Astadhyayi (Set of 2 Audio CD)
»  ICT281 : Sai Charit Manas (Audio CD)
»  IZZ528 : Om Namah Shivaya Slow Chant Pranayam (The Art of Living) (Audio CD)
»  IDC054 : Greatest Krishna Bhajans (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICA065 : Hare Hare Krishna Krishna Dhun (MP3)
»  ICC029 : Shiv Bhakti Featuring Shiv Tandav Stotra & Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICA004 : Tulsi Das A Vaishnava Saint Devotional Drama Series (Hindi with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICA081 : Vedic Hindu Chants Authentic Chanting for Positive Vibrations (Audio CD)
»  IZZ453 : Karma Yoga Discourses by Swami Chinmayananda (Audio CD)
»  ICI012 : Amruthavarsha (The Shower Of Vedic Elixir) (Vol.6) Shlokas On Lalitha Devi (Lalitha Sahasranaama) (Book + Audio CD)
»  IZZ908 : 3 in 1 Mahamantra (Mantra in Form of Sankirtan) (Audio CD)
»  ICA074 : Chandogya Upanishad (MP3) Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji
»  IZZ522 : Divine Chants Shiva (Spiritual Experience Enhanced By Great Music) (Audio CD)
»  ICB009 : Essence of the Vedas (Audio CD)
»  ICR086 : Jagraata by Late Mangeshkar 40 Mata Ki Bhent (MP3)
»  IZZ454 : Little Krishna The Complete Animated TV Series (Set of 3 DVDs)
»  IZA201 : Main Krishna Hoon (I Am Krishna) (DVD)
»  ICR267 : Om (Revitalize Your Life With The Exhilarating Resonance of Om) (Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ091 : Oral Tradition of Vedas (DVD)
»  ICR168 : Sampoorna Sunderkand by Children (Audio CD)
»  ICN013 : Sri Kali Sahasranamam and Other Stotras (With Free Book Containing the Kali Ashtottara Shatanamavalli in Sanskrit and Roman, Making it Ideal for Chanting with the CD) Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICB077 : Sri Lalita Sahasranama Stotram (Audio CD) With the Book Sri Lalita Sahasranama (With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IZA189 : Tales of Panchtantra (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IZA224 : Veda Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICQ030 : Yajur Veda Amavasya Tarpanam (Audio CD)
»  ICE065 : Rudri Rudram Mantra (Powerful Mantras Recorded on the Banks of Ganges, Chanted by the Pandits of Benaras) (Audio CD)
»  ICN089 : Shubh Laabh Prayers For Abundance (Audio CD)
»  IDA054 : The Great Light of God An Informal Talk by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Audio CD)
»  ICC025 : Well Being Mantras for the New Born Suktas from the Atharva Veda (Audio CD)
»  ICX064 : Saint Tyagaraja’s Nauka Charitam A Dance Drama (DVD)
»  IZA236 : Sivananda Ganga (An Inspiring and Direct Message That You Cannot Resist) (DVD)
»  IZZ280 : Abhang Vani from Doordarshan Archives (Vol-III) (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ644 : Amba Mamava Compositions of Great Composers on Mother Goddess (With Booklet inside) (DVD)
»  ICA055 : Total Protection 14 Lord Nrisimha Mantras (Audio CD)
»  IZZ302 : Tum Chandan Hum Pani "Dance Drama based on life of Sant Ravidas" (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IDB052 : Chants for Children 2 Essential Hindu Shlokas for Children (Audio CD)
»  IZZ121 : Durga Puja (Puja Series) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ953 : Krishna’s Birthday (DVD)
»  ICR002 : Prayers to Lakshmi (Audio CD)
»  IZZ479 : The Complete Mahabharata - The Full T.V. Serial (Set of 20 DVDs)
»  IZA276 : Kena Upanisad (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IZA275 : Prayers to Shakti (Audio CD)
»  IZA278 : The Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Sringeri The Life and Teachings of An Inspiring Saint (DVD)
»  ICV096 : A New Birth An Interview of The Mother With Surendra Nath Jauhar 11th May 1967 (Audio CD)
»  ICK074 : Bhagavata Saptah (Hindi) (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  ICC047 : Ishwar Allah Tere Naam [Album contains Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajans, extracts from his prayer meeting discourse, quotations and archival photographs] (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  IZA175 : Kaivalyadhama Presents Lecture on Srimad Bhagwad Gita (DVD)
»  ICQ029 : Prayers To Lord Subrahmanya (Audio CD)
»  IZA053 : Sacred Chants Vol. 1 For Peace, Prosperity and Enlightenment (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICC003 : Sri Sarada Vandana (Hymns and songs on Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother) (Audio CD)
»  ICC031 : Bhaja Govindam and Vishnu Sahasranamam (Audio CD)
»  ICR203 : Bhaja Govindam Vishnu Sahasranamam (DVD)
»  ICQ075 : Learn to Chant - Laghunyasam, Rudram, Chamakam, Purusha Sooktam Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICQ085 : Om Namo Venkatesaya Chanting (Audio CD)
»  ICX040 : Shri Shiva Stotranjali Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IZA254 : Bhagavatam (5 DVDs and 1 MP3 DVD)
»  ICR382 : Gods of Indian Mythology (Animated Short Stories) (DVD)
»  IZZ846 : Lalitha Sahasranama Stothram (Audio CD)
»  ICR003 : Poojyaya Raghavendraya & Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha Chanting (Audio CD)
»  ICQ098 : Rudram Chamakam and Sooktams (Audio CD)
»  ICZ019 : Sahasra Namavali Collections - 5 Hours Non-Stop Plays (MP3)
»  ICR512 : Sanskrit Slokas Volume 1 (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR534 : Soundarya Lahari (Audio CD)
»  IZZ706 : Mantras of The Goddess (Volume 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZA046 : Vedic Chants Mantras and Melodies (Chants on Shiva Shakti Samyuktam (Audio CD)
»  IZA266 : शुक्ल यजुर्वेद माध्यन्दिन संहितायां घनपाठ Shukla Yajurveda Madhyandina Samhita Ghanapatha (Set of 90 DVDs)
»  ICK071 : Vedic Chants (Taittiriya Upanishad) (Volume 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZA045 : उपनिषद प्रवचन माला Discourses Upanishad Pravachan Mala (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICR501 : Lakshmi Gayathri Manthram (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICK027 : Lord Hanuman The Power of Dedication (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 6) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICQ097 : Saama Veda - Amaavaasya Tarpanam (Audio CD)
»  ICR010 : Shree Stuthi, Bhoo Stuthi and Godaa Stuthi (Audio CD)
»  ICR550 : Sree Devi Stothra Mala – Sanskrit Devotional (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICR500 : Sri Durga Sahasra Namavali (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ817 : Sri Durga Sahasranamam and Stotras Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICR502 : Srinivasa Gayathri Manthram (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ041 : Udaka Shanti (MP3)
»  IZZ518 : Full Moon Meditation The Art of Living (Audio CD)
»  IZZ614 : Shrimad Bhagavatam Mahapurana (MP3 DVD)
»  IZZ656 : Narada Bhakti Sutra Aphorisms of Love (Set of 8 DVDs)
»  ICF019 : Kaali (The Mother The Virgin The Wild Godess India) (Audio CD)
»  ICE025 : Geet Govind (Simple, Sensuous, Serene 12 Century Poetry of Love, Devotion and Surrender) (Set of Four Audio CDs)
»  IZZ683 : Garbh Kalyan (A Fantastic Musical for Mother and Child) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ407 : Tirupati Shree Balaji A Film to Purify Your Minds (DVD)
»  ICX061 : Gayatri Mahima The Essence of Four Veda’s (Set of 6 DVDs)
»  IZA234 : Brahma Vidya (Audio CD)
»  IZA250 : Practical Ways to Self Realisation (Audio CD)
»  IZA248 : Satsang with Gurudev Sivananda (Audio CD)
»  IZA251 : Swami Sivananda-Man to God-Man (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IZA231 : The Call of Sivananda (Audio CD)
»  IZA245 : The Essence of Vedanta (Audio CD)
»  ICA018 : Bilvamangala Thakura Blind Saint Sees Krishna Face to Face Devotional Drama Series (Hindi with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICY096 : Baul (DVD)
»  IZA043 : Mystic India A Child’s Incredible Journey of Inspiration Originally Presented in IMAX Theatres (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  ICL025 : Shobana’s Maya Ravan (Musical Dance Ballet In the Spirit of the Ramayan) (DVD Video)
»  ICO018 : Shraddha Divine Tunes to Invoke Inner Peace (Audio CD)
»  ICO078 : Agnihotra Shantipath - Vedic Chants for Universal Peace and Well-Being (Audio CD)
»  ICY097 : Gurukulas of Kerala (DVD)
»  ICH084 : Ramayana - Balakanda (Bharatnatyam Dance Style Part-1) (DVD Video)
»  ICH085 : Ramayana - Balakanda (Bharatnatyam Dance Style Part-2) (DVD Video)
»  ICY041 : Om Namaha Shivaya Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICC044 : Shri Hanuman Chalisa and Other Sacred Mantras of Hanuman (Audio CD)
»  IZZ048 : Varalakshmi Pooja & Other Lakshmi Stotras (Audio CD)
»  IZA246 : Echoes of Divinity (Audio CD)
»  IZA253 : Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj (A Candle Burns Itself to Shed Light) (DVD)
»  IZA235 : Bhajans, Kirtans & Discourses (Audio CD)
»  IZA233 : Come, Come, Little Ones! (Audio CD)
»  IZA232 : Daily Letters & Kirtans (Audio CD)
»  IZA238 : Inspiring Songs & Kirtans (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA237 : Life in God (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA242 : Lyyanin Pushpanjali (DVD)
»  IZA239 : Shri Krishna (Set of 55 DVDs)
»  IZA241 : Sree Thyagaraja Pancharathna Vaibhavam (DVD)
»  IZA243 : Sundarakandam-Thyagarajaramayana (DVD)
»  ICX021 : Sunrise To Sunset Mantras For Pure Mornings, Serene Evenings And Peaceful Nights (With Booklet Inside) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ664 : Upanishads and Wisdom (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IZZ562 : Encyclopedia – Temples of India “Illustration of God’s Abode in India” (Set of 5 DVDs)
»  IZZ811 : Rigveda Samhita Complete 8 Astakas Sringeri Patham (Audio DVD)
»  IDA047 : Sri Valmiki Ramayanam (Balakanda – 1-77 Sargas) (MP3)
»  ICA080 : Ghazals of Love Romantic Ghazals (Various Artists) (Set of Two CDs)
»  ICL075 : Keertan - Gurbani (Audio CD)
»  ICC038 : Ram Kare So Hoye (Audio CD)
»  IZZ889 : Bhajan Hari Tum Haro (Audio CD)
»  IZZ617 : The Spiritual Voice of MS. Subbulakshmi (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICC034 : Lata Bhajan Meera Kabir Soordas (Audio CD)
»  ICF060 : Sukh Ke Sab Saathi Dukh Mein Na Koi Bhajans From Film (Audio CD)
»  ICR529 : Ashtakam & Ashtotharam Collections (Sanskrit) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZZ560 : Bhajan Sandhya Sai Bhajans (Mp3 CD)
»  IZZ848 : Dhruva and Prahlad Animated Stories (DVD)
»  ICR503 : Gayatri Mantram (Audio CD)
»  ICQ053 : Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam Ashtapadi (MP3)
»  IZZ069 : Prayers to Hanuman (Audio CD)
»  IZZ584 : Sai Bhajans (Our Humble Offering at The Lotus Feet of Our Most Beloved Bhaghawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) (Mp3 CD)
»  ICR516 : Shirdi Sai Bhajans & Songs (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZZ852 : Sri Asthalakshmi Kavasam and Suprabatham (Audio CD)
»  ICR520 : Sri Laksminarasimha Slokas & Songs (Tamil & Sanskrit) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR547 : Thiruvilakku Poojai (Audio CD)
»  ICR066 : Best of Jagjit Singh Devotional Songs (Audio CD)
»  IZA227 : J. Krishnamurti The Real Revolution (Volume 2) (DVD)
»  IZA226 : Sri Aandal Kalyanam (DVD)
»  IZA200 : Bhagavata Sankirtan (DVD)
»  IZA205 : Five Suktas from The Vedas (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA210 : Shirdi Sai Bhajans and Songs (Volume -2) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA198 : Sri Anjaneya Sahasra Namavali (1000 Names of Lord Hanuman) (Audio CD)
»  IZA203 : Veda Ghosham (Audio CD)
»  IZA178 : Kaivalyadhama Presents Lecture on Vedanta and The Upanisads (DVD)
»  IZZ853 : Brahmavadin or 'The Messenger of Truth' (The First Magazine Started From Madras Under The Inspiration of Swami Vivekananda)
»  ICY048 : Sanskrit Vinodah Fun with Sanskrit - An Interactive Multimedia Sanskrit Learning Package (CD Rom)
»  IDK318 : Kartal Lessons (DVD)
»  IZA171 : Bhaktimala Namastotram –Vol. 1 (Audio CD)
»  IZA158 : Shree Lakshmee Kubera Dhanaakarshana Poojaa (MP3 CD)
»  IZA160 : Sri Ramakrishna Temples (DVD)
»  IZA144 : Om Shree Ganeshay Namah Meditation (Audio CD)
»  IZA143 : Shiva- Jagjit Singh (Audio CD)
»  IZA148 : Srimad Bhagvad-Gita Geetha Nyasam Dhyanam - Chapter 1-4 (Audio CD)
»  IZA135 : A Day with Goddess Devi Be Close to The Goddess All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA132 : A Day with Lord Hanuman Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA133 : A Day With Lord Shiva Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA134 : A Day with The Gayatri Mantra Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA137 : Devi Stotras (Audio CD)
»  IZA136 : Ganesh Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (MP3 CD)
»  IZA140 : Shiv-Shakti Sansar (MP3 CD)
»  IZA139 : ईश्वर आस्था Ishwar Aastha (MP3 CD)
»  IZA138 : सम्पूर्ण रुद्राभिषेक Sampurna Rudrabhisek (Astadhyayi) Sacred Chants and Mantras of Shiva (MP3 CD)
»  IZA130 : Bengali Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZA125 : Heart and Soul (Audio CD)
»  IZA129 : Hindi Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZA121 : Radha Raman Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZA131 : Sri Yugal Bhajan (Audio CD)
»  IZA122 : Stay High Forever (Audio CD)
»  IZA124 : The Songs of Krishna Kids (Audio CD)
»  IZA128 : Vrindavan Mellows (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA108 : Musical Chants of Krishna (Audio CD)
»  IZA096 : Compositions on Lord Shiva of Tyagaraja (Audio CD)
»  IZA071 : Durga Gayathri Manthram (Audio CD)
»  IZA072 : Ganesh Gayathri Manthram (Audio CD)
»  IZZ474 : Inspiration from Upanishads (With Booklet inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZA074 : Shiva Gayathri Manthram (Audio CD)
»  IZA073 : Vishnu Gayathri Manthram (Audio CD)
»  ICX066 : Guru Manyo Granth Dedicated To 300 years of Guru Gaddi Diwas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Vol. 1) (Audio CD)
»  ICX065 : Guru Manyo Granth Dedicated To 300 years of Guru Gaddi Diwas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)
»  IZA149 : Sa-Swara (Gayatri and Mrityunjaya Mantra Om Namo Narayanaya) (Audio CD)
»  IZA054 : Sacred Chants Vol. 2 For Courage, Confidence and Limitless Joy (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZA055 : Sacred Chants Vol. 7 Seeking Forgiveness and to Experience Unconditional Love (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZA061 : Sakala Devatha Sahasranama Sthothrams (Sanskrit) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA064 : Sarva Devatha Suprabhatham (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZA066 : Shri Vishnu Sahasranaam (6 Hours of Music) (Audio MP3 CD)
»  IZA047 : Lakshmi Stuti A Collection of Songs Invoking The Goddess of Wealth (Audio CD)
»  IZA042 : Moolamantra 2 Enhance The Divinity within You by Meditating with This Chant (Audio CD)
»  ICZ068 : Shri Satyanarayana Vrata Katha With Book Containing the Text in Hindi, Roman and English Translation (Audio CD)
»  ICA078 : Tumhi Ho Mata Pita Tumhi Ho Bhajans from Hindi Films (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICQ059 : Om Namo Naaraayanaaya Chanting (Audio CD)
»  IZA014 : Omkar Path (Includes Connotation of OM) (Audio CD)
»  IZA015 : Sri Venkatesa Sahasra Nama Stothram (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZA011 : Bhajorey Bhaiyya Ram Govind Hari (Audio CD)
»  IZA006 : Ram Ratan Dhan Payo (Audio CD)
»  IZA008 : Sri Rudram, Chamakam, Suktams and Mantra Pushpam (Audio CD)
»  IZA005 : Sri Venkateswara Ashtottaram Sri Lakshmi Stuti (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZA009 : Srinivasa Prabhata Sevanjali (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ996 : Chala Vahi Des and Meera Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZZ997 : Chamaka Ghanam All Round Prosperity (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ992 : Ganaraj Adhiraj Sampoorna (Set of 2 Audio CD)
»  IZZ998 : Sri Rudra Ghanam To Get Divine Protection (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA001 : Suresha Paddhati Vedic Jugalbandhi on Sandhya Vandana Mantras Rig Veda vs. Yajur Veda - Part -2 (DVD)
»  IZZ999 : Yajur Veda Blessing Ghana Patha Mantras for all Occasions - Samhita and Ghanam (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ977 : The Complete Collection of Sanskrit Works from Sri Ramanasramam (Audio CD)
»  IZZ980 : ब्रह्मनाद Brahm Naad
»  ICE029 : Morning Mantras Suryodaya (Audio CD)
»  IZZ063 : Sanskar Indian Values For Our Children (Audio CD)
»  ICE027 : Shiva Taandav (Audio CD)
»  IZZ126 : Surya Upasana (Including Aditya Hridaya Stotra)(Audio CD)
»  IZZ850 : Dispassion and Practice or Compassion and Trust (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IDA030 : Sacred Hymns of Sri Adishankaracharya (MP3)
»  ICF063 : Sri Lalitha (Lalita) Sahasranamam Sanskrit (Audio CD with Transliterated Text)
»  ICR001 : Prayers to Navagraha (Audio CD)
»  ICT242 : You Change Discourses by Swami Chinmayananda (MP3)
»  ICA043 : Sri Siksastakam The Teachings of Lord Chaitanya (Atmarama Dasa) (Audio CD)
»  ICR223 : A Collection of 25 Gayatris (Audio CD)
»  IZZ961 : Navagraha Mangalyam (Audio CD)
»  IZZ900 : Bhajan Triveni Kumar Gandharva and Vasundhara Komkali (Audio CD)
»  IZZ935 : Brahmavadinis The first women’s Gurukul in India (DVD)
»  IZZ913 : Holi Ke Rang Tesu Ke Phool (Audio CD)
»  IZZ895 : Sri Ganapati Vandhana Sacred Sansrkrit Rectial (Audio CD)
»  IZZ898 : Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam and Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam (Audio CD)
»  IZZ920 : Waheguru (Audio CD)
»  IZZ948 : A Rare Tradition of Kumouni Ramleela
»  IZZ117 : Ganapati (Audio CD)
»  ICX069 : Himalayan Shiva Chants Worship From The Soul (Audio CD)
»  ICW015 : Karva Chauth Vrat Katha A Step By Step to Karva Chauth Vrat (Audio CD)
»  ICO006 : Morning Mantras (Mantras to Start Your Day with) (Audio CD)
»  ICX070 : Rare Shiva Chants (Free Maha Mritunjay Yantra Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICO003 : Sacred Chants of Shiva From the Banks of the Ganges (Audio CD)
»  IZZ752 : Sanskar Essential Hindu Prayers for Children (Audio CD)
»  IDB004 : Self Management Awakening With Brahma Kumaris (Part 2) (Set of 4 DVDs)
»  IZZ851 : The Lord Isha Unite With The Supreme Soul (Audio CD)
»  ICR158 : Wings to Freedom Journey of a Nath Yogi First Ever Interpretation of a Yogi's Divine Experiences (DVD)
»  IZZ934 : Folk Traditions of Rama-Katha in the North East (DVD)
»  IZZ661 : Leela The Path of The Playful (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICM019 : Little Ganesha (An Animated Story DVD Video with English Subtitles)
»  ICG075 : Shankara (Singing The Glory of Lord Shiva) (Audio CD)
»  ICE043 : Shiv Shakti (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICE037 : Shri Vishnu (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICE041 : The Upanishad Series Maandookya (Audio CD) {Original Text and English Transliteration Included}
»  ICX088 : Veda Knowledge in Modern Context (Audio CD)
»  IZZ071 : Om Namo Bhagawate VasudevayaDevotional Renderings of Selected Stotras (Audio CD)
»  ICH021 : Amruthavarsha the Shower of Vedic Elixir Vol - 8 Shreyas Shlokas for Relaxation - Courage - Well Being
Audio Book Sanskrit Script English Transliteration English Meaning Read, understand, Listen & Rejoice (Audio CD)
»  ICJ056 : Divine Celebrations on the Ghats of Varanasi (DVD)
»  IZZ018 : Insights Into Gayatri Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICZ012 : Maha Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICY042 : Sree Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stothram Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IZZ696 : Chants For Life A musical experience (Essential Mantras For The Journey Of Life, Vol 2) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ680 : The Holy Trinity Brahma (The Creator) Vishnu (The Preserver) Mahesh (The Destroyer) (Set of Two Audio CD)
»  ICT086 : A Day With Lord Ganesha Be Close To The Lord All Through The Day (Audio CD)
»  ICI010 : Amruthavarsha (The Shower of Vedic Elixir) (Vol.1) Shlokas On Ganapathi - Guru - Navagraha (Book + Audio CD)
»  ICI013 : Amruthavarsha (The Shower Of Vedic Elixir) (Vol.4) Shlokas On Venkateshwara - Raama - Krishna (Book + Audio CD)
»  ICR173 : Best of Pandit Jasraj Devotional Songs (Audio CD)
»  IDA086 : Bhaktimala Shri Shiva, Shri Shakti, Shri Rama, Shri Ganesh, Shri Vishnu (Set of 8 Audio CDs)
»  ICO022 : Bhaktimala Namastotram - Vol 2 Shiva and Shakti (Audio CD)
»  ICR289 : Bhaktimala Shri Vishnu Sahasranamavali – Vol. 2 (Audio CD)
»  IDA099 : Bhaktimala Shri Ganesh, Shri Hanuman, Shri Krishna, & Shri Rama (Set of 8 Audio CDs)
»  ICL053 : Chants for Children Essential Hindu Shlokas for Children (Audio CD)
»  ICC089 : Devi Upasana (The Complete Set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  ICX051 : Ganaraj Adhiraj (With Booklet Inside)(Audio CD)
»  ICX010 : Great Saints of India Kabirdas, Meera, Surdas & Tulsidas (Audio CD)
»  IZZ259 : Jai Ganesh Deva (Audio CD)
»  ICR259 : Krishna Hai Shraddha (Audio CD)
»  ICM069 : Krishna Seva Shri Nathji Ke Ashtchhap Kirtan Haveli Sangeet Volume I and II (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICA051 : Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (Audio CD)
»  IDB082 : Mangal Deep (Special Bhajans for an Auspicious Diwali) (Audio CD)
»  ICT133 : Morning Chants Celebrate This Festive Season with Divine Blessings (Set of 7 Audio CDs)
»  IDK316 : Mridunga Drum Lessons (Devotional Series) (DVD)
»  ICR569 : Sai Upasana (MP3)
»  ICG081 : Shlokas on Devi (Audio Book) (Transliterated Book and Audio CD)
»  ICI014 : Shlokas On Shiva (Book with Transliterated Mantras + Audio CD)
»  ICH051 : Shreemad Bhagavad Gita (An Interactive Inspiration For an Epic Experience) Read, Listen, Recite, Understand - A Collector's Edition
»  IDC030 : Shri Ganesh Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC031 : Shri Krishna Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC032 : Shri Ram PrarthanaThe Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ023 : Shri Surya Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs )
»  IZZ014 : Shri Vishnu Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC029 : Sri Durga Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC027 : Sri Gayatri Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ021 : Sri Saraswati Prarthana The Complete Prayer (Set of 2 Audio CDs )
»  ICB022 : The Best of Rajan and Sajan Mishra Vocal Hindustani Classical (Audio CD)
»  IDC045 : Bhaktimala (Krishna) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICX067 : Kathakali Reliving Epics Through Dance (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICC084 : Saraswati Upasana (Veena Sahasrabuddhe - Stutis and Stotras) (MP3 CD)
»  ICB013 : Divine Chants of Krishna (Audio CD)
»  ICL002 : Divine Chants of Ram (Jai Sivaram) (Audio CD)
»  ICB062 : Ganga (Dhun) (Audio CD)
»  ICB067 : Himalayan Chants 2
(The Divine Sounds of Spirituality)
(Audio CD)
»  IZZ603 : Mantras for Peace and Prosperity (Audio CD)
»  ICR231 : Saints of India - Tulsi Ke Ram (Audio CD)
»  ICC053 : Saraswati The Perennial Source of Wisdom (Audio CD)
»  ICB058 : Shanti Mantra (Audio CD)
»  IZZ859 : Mantras From Dawn to Dusk (Audio CD)
»  IZZ849 : Mooka Pancha Sathi (Thanjauvr S. Radhakrishna Sastrigal) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ843 : Live Concert Of Madras Music Festival Nadaswaram, Volume-One (Audio CD)
»  IZZ842 : Mantras For Divine Protection (Kavachas) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ841 : Prayers and Mantras Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IZZ831 : Sacred Spaces Anandmurti Gurumaa (Audio CD)
»  IZZ828 : Sree Saraswathi Namostute (DVD)
»  IDB027 : Ram Mantra and Ram Ashtakam Stotra (Audio CD)
»  ICR205 : Shree Siddhivinayak Divya Darshan Everyday Aarti (DVD)
»  ICY073 : Wisdom Bliss For Acquiring Various Skills And Knowledge Vedic Mantras Rendered with Perfection (Audio CD)
»  ICA034 : Nilacala Mahaprabhu Devotional Drama Series (Bengali with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  IZZ795 : Ancient Love and Five Arrows of Love (Set of Two DVDS)
»  IZZ787 : Atma - Sudha Fountain of Bliss (Audio CD)
»  IZZ784 : Gayathri Mantra - Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IZZ816 : Jyotir Gamaya Spiritual Songs for Glory and Grace (Audio CD)
»  IZZ789 : Om Video Portrayals of Sanskrit Hymns (DVD)
»  IZZ827 : Power of Ancient Sanskrit Mantras (Audio CD)
»  IZZ823 : Shree Ganesh Dhun (Audio CD)
»  IZZ809 : Shree Mahalakshmi Sankirtan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ783 : Shree Siddhivinayak Darshan (DVD )
»  IZZ775 : Shri Siddhivinayaka Shri Ashta Vinayak Darsan Ganesh Nimajjan (DVD)
»  IZZ780 : Sin & Spirit and Pride Humility and Luck (Set of 2 DVDS)
»  IZZ777 : Sri Parameswari Mahimalu
»  IZZ764 : Under The Full Moon The Aravan Fest - With Participation by Transgenders (DVD)
»  IZZ369 : Karan Vadh - The Death of Karna From the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  ICP006 : Little Krishna The Wondrous Feats (DVD)
»  ICR549 : Saraswathi Gayathri Manthram (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICR073 : Shree Vishnu Sahastranam Stotram (Audio CD)
»  ICR016 : Waho Waho Gobind Singh (Set of Five Audio CDs)
»  IDA031 : Krishnamurti The Challenge of Change - A Feature Length Documentary on the Life and Teachings of J. Krishnamurti (DVD)
»  IZZ068 : Devi Stuti (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ074 : Learn to Chant - Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam (Ashtaka, Karavalamba, Pancharatna Stotrams) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ040 : Learn to Chant Hanumaan Chaaleesaa (Audio CD)
»  ICQ044 : Learn to Chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Stotram (MP3)
»  ICQ022 : Mahanyasaha (Audio CD)
»  ICQ023 : Om Namashivaaya Chanting (Audio CD)
»  ICQ056 : Prayers To Durga Durga Prarthana (Audio CD)
»  ICY002 : Prayers To Krishna (Audio CD)
»  ICQ099 : Prayers to Varuna (Audio CD)
»  ICQ016 : Prayers To Vishnu (MP3)
»  ICR009 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam- Vol- 1 (Audio CD)
»  ICR008 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam- Vol- 2 (Audio CD)
»  ICR007 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam- Vol- 3 (Audio CD)
»  IZZ423 : A Day With Lord Ram Be Close To The Lord Through The Day (Audio CD)
»  ICT043 : Aitareya Upanisad Consciousness Is Brahman (MP3)
»  IDB060 : Amritanjali (8 Powerful Mantras For Peace, Prosperity and Progress) (Audio CD)
»  IDC043 : Bhakti (Instrumental Versions of Immortal Devotional Songs) ( Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ085 : Classic Bhajans Contemporary Interpretations (Audio CD)
»  ICA023 : Gopal Krishna Krishna’s Childhood Pastimes Devotional Drama Series (Hindi with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICX011 : Har Har Mahadev Shiv Dhuni (Audio CD)
»  ICF072 : Healing Chants ~Sanskrit~ (Audio CD)
»  ICK060 : Isavasya Upanishad Discourses (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IDB084 : Krishna Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICT052 : Mandukya Upanisad (Secret of OM) Audio CD
»  ICV033 : Meera (Audio CD)
»  ICD002 : Meera (Bhajans) (Audio CD)
»  ICT035 : Mundakopanishad Knowledge That Liberates (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICK059 : Prasna Upanisad (Fundamental Questions of Life) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICJ092 : Ramlila The Traditional Performance of Ramayana (DVD)
»  ICI067 : Sacred Vedic Chants Of India (Audio CD)
»  ICY053 : Song of The Soul Sanskrit Shlokas Rendered In Deep Sublime Melody (The Sound That Takes You To Silence) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ083 : The Power of Mantras A Musical Experience - Soothing and Uplifting Ambience For Meditation (Audio CD)
»  ICN014 : Vedanta Desika Stothrani Sacred Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)
»  IZZ481 : Vedic Chants Mantras and Melodies (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICF099 : Vishnu Stotranjali (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICI087 : Zodiac Signs…Dhanus Rasi - Sagitarius (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ753 : Navagraha Puja - Mangal (For Property Gain, Wealth and Success) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ755 : Navagraha Puja - Shani (To Ward off All Evils and Obstacles) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ744 : Annayog Bhojan Mantras - To Purify Your Food
»  IZZ708 : Mahamritunjaya Spiritual Synergy (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ730 : Mantras Wisdom of The Sages (Audio CD)
»  IZZ713 : Ram Raga Essence of All Prayer (Commemorating 60th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Martyrdom) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ715 : Sacred Chants Seeking Forgiveness and to Experience Unconditional Love (Audio CD)
»  ICT085 : A Day With The Gayatri Mantra Be Close To The Lord All Through The Day (Audio CD)
»  ICP067 : Dev Darshan - Homage to the Gods (Audio CD)
»  ICO077 : Divine Chants of Guru - An Eternal Gratitude to the Imparters of Wisdom By Uma Mohan (Audio CD)
»  ICC019 : Garbha Raksha (Audio CD) Mantras to Protect the Life that Breathes Inside You
»  ICA010 : Madhvacarya Devotional Drama Series (Sanskrit with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICR069 : Manah Shanti – The Peace We Seek (Shanti Mantras From the Upanishads) (MP3)
»  ICA064 : Om Namah Shivay (Shiv Dhun) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ087 : Om The Divine Mantra For Meditation (Audio CD)
»  IZZ070 : Ram Ratan Dhan Payo (Audio CD)
»  ICR514 : Sanskrit Slokas Volume 2 (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR219 : Shri Dattatreya (Audio CD)
»  IZZ678 : Sri Saraswati Pooja and Stotras (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ657 : Aum Colour Meditation Chants by Sudha Ragunathan (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ020 : Chanting the Yogasutra A Learning and Meditative Experience (With Booklet Containing Sanskrit Text and Transliteration) (Set of 2 Audio CDs )
»  IZZ659 : Utsavmurty Ganesh Worship and Celebrate Divinity (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICD044 : Bhajan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ452 : Durga Upasana (Audio CD)
»  IZZ563 : Festivals of India Chhath Pooja (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
»  IZZ567 : Festivals of India Navratri (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
»  ICR372 : Harishchandra And Viswamitra (Animated Stories) (DVD)
»  ICE074 : Meera (Audio CD)
»  IZZ619 : Morning to Evening Meditation (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICR258 : Panchamahabhuta The 5 Elements Jal (Water) With Vastu Benefits & Knowledge (Audio CD)
»  IZZ271 : Purushothama Yoga Discourses on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 ?The Yoga of The Supreme Person? (Audio CD)
»  ICE006 : Shiva Salutations to The Supreme (Audio CD)
»  ICC097 : Shri Hanuman (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ592 : Srivari Brahmotsavam (Tirumala Tirupati) (Set of 2 DVDs)
»  IDB076 : Sun Meditation (Audio CD)
»  ICE030 : True Essence of Rigved (Set of two Audio CDs)
»  ICE033 : True Essence of Yajurved (Set of two Audio CDs)
»  IZZ490 : Krishna Karnamrita of Leelaasuka (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ455 : Amba Bhavani Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)
»  IZZ494 : Gayatri Mantram Chanting (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ465 : Krishna Meditation and Celebration (Audio CD)
»  IZZ456 : Live in Coventry Music for Meditation and Healing (Audio CD)
»  IZZ485 : Moolmantra 2 Enhance The Divinity within You by Meditating with this Chant (Audio CD)
»  IZZ483 : Moolmantra Enhance The Divinity within You (Audio CD)
»  IZZ472 : Nadaswaram Mangala Isai (Marriage Songs) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ469 : Navaratri Tripura (Video CD – English)
»  IZZ484 : Sacred Chants For Peace, Prosperity and Enlightenment (Audio CD)
»  IZZ467 : Shaankari Devi Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZZ471 : Sri Ganesha Moolamanthra Trishathi Namavali and Slokas (Audio CD)
»  IZZ491 : Stuti Ranjani (Subbalakshmi Krishanmoorthy) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ477 : The 18 Days of Kurukshetra War - From the T.V. Serial Mahabharata (DVD)
»  IZZ628 : Essential Hare Krishna (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ539 : Sankeertan Mahotsav (Mantra, Bhajan, Naamsmaran and Abhang) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC040 : Sri Gayathri Sahasranamam Savitri Mantra and Saraswati Stotra (Audio CD)
»  IZZ526 : Diwali Poojan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ570 : Festivals of India Janmashtami (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
»  IZZ565 : Festivals of India Raksha Bandhan (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
»  ICT101 : Shree Guru Stotram The Glory And The Grace of the Guru (Mp3)
»  IZZ036 : Why Me Discovering A Woman’s Inherent Beauty (Audio CD)
»  ICR557 : Bhajan Masterpieces (2CD Pack) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ419 : Chants & Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICK036 : Pancadasi (Chapter-10) Nataka Dipah ,Theatre Lamp (Audio CD)
»  ICC085 : Durga Upasana Mantras (From Durga Saptashati) (MP3 CD)
»  ICR371 : Parasurama / Satyavan Savitri (DVD)
»  ICN086 : Shri Krishna Leela (DVD) B&W Hindi Film with English Subtitles
»  IDB089 : Vedic Mantras To attain Career and Success (AudioCD)
»  ICX049 : Adi Shankarachrya Krut Krishna Stuti (Audio CD)
»  IZZ594 : Burning of the House of Wax and Bhima's Marriage - Episodes from the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  ICY069 : Chants of India The Most Powerful Vedic Hymns and Shlokas (Audio CD)
»  IZZ597 : Draupadi Chir Haran - A Poignant Episode from the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  IZZ591 : Katha Shravan Balachi - The Story of Shravan Kumar (DVD)
»  ICK061 : Love Is…A Talk By Swami Swaroopananda (Audio CD)
»  IZZ390 : Shravan Kumar - The Ideal Son (DVD)
»  IZZ595 : The Killing of Jaidrath and Dronacharya - Episodes from the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  IZZ559 : Jaap Sahib 24 hours (Set of 2 Mp3 CDs) - In Punjabi
»  IZZ569 : Festivals of India Ganeshotsav (Indian Traditional Celebration) (DVD)
»  ICR532 : Nithya Devatha Pooja Vidanam - Daily Poojas (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICR555 : Sanskrit Slokas Divine Stothras Sanskrit Solkas on Sri Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi (Audio CD)
»  ICG067 : Shree Hanuman (Sanskrit) (DVD Video)
»  ICG049 : Vedic Chants of India (Audio CD)
»  ICZ043 : Kaal Bhairav Namostute In Obeisance To Lord Shiva (Audio CD)
»  ICA060 : Kripa Kataksha Stotram Petition for the Sidelong Glance of Radha and Krishna (Audio CD) With Book Containing the Verses
»  ICR390 : Vishnu & Lakshmi (5 Animated Short Stories) ( DVD)
»  ICR392 : Bhishma & Drona (Short Stories From Mahabharatha) (DVD)
»  IDC007 : Ganesha Gayathri Mantra Japa Mantra 108 (Mantra For Removing Obstacles And Succeeding In Endevours) (Audio CD)
»  ICO004 : Hey Govind Hey Gopal (Audio CD) Krishna Bhajans by Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh
»  ICR368 : Krishna & Karna, Krishna & Sudama (Animated Stories) (DVD)
»  IDB057 : Om Arunachaleswaraya Namaha (Chanting) Mantra for Attaining Inner Peace and Wisdom (Audio CD)
»  ICR110 : Ram Shyam Gun Gaan (Audio CD)
»  ICL038 : Sarva Gayatri Mantras & Mrutyunjaya Stotras (DVD Video)
»  ICG021 : Shree Ganesh (DVD Video)
»  ICR288 : Sur Padavali Nitya Kram - Bhajan (Audio CD)
»  ICB028 : Vaibhav Lakshmi (Audio CD)
»  ICM001 : When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam Mohiniattam Kuchipudi (Lata & Gita, Vijayalakshmi Shivaji, Gayathri, Mahalakshmi Narendra, Uma Muralikrishna and Suryanarayana Moorthy. (DVD Video)
»  ICI073 : Agni Sahasranamavali… Agni Upaasana (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICF055 : Secret Chants (Audio CD)
»  IDC053 : Shiv Tandav Stotram Stotras on Lord Shiva (Audio CD)
»  ICH071 : Shiva Shakti Upasana Sacred Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)
»  ICP062 : Aazhwar Paasurangal - Smt. R.Vedavalli Srinivasachaari Raghavan & Party (Audio CD)
»  ICQ037 : Chants for Meditation (Audio CD)
»  ICG044 : Daily Prayers (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICP090 : Devi Mahatiyamam Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICA092 : Durga (Audio CD)
»  ICR400 : Durga Parivaar A Comprehensive Recitation and Music Rendition in Sanskrit (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICQ061 : Gems of Thyagaraja Instrumental Nadhaswaram (Audio CD)
»  ICI070 : Hanuman Sahasranamavavalli (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICX012 : Jai Ambe (Audio CD)
»  ICR243 : Kavacham – Protective Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICD037 : Krishna (MP3 CD) Over 3 Hours of Devotional Music
»  ICQ060 : Maha Shivarathri Puja Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICR022 : Mahishasura Mardhini Kanakadhara Stothram - Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s (Audio CD)
»  ICB010 : Navagraha Shakti (Audio CD)
»  ICR112 : Nivedan – Bhajans By Chitra Roy (Audio CD)
»  ICF094 : Pradosha Shiva Pooja (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ038 : Rig Veda Pavamaana Suktam Sanskrit - Vol. II (Audio CD)
»  ICZ011 : Salasar Balaji In Obeisance To Lord Hanuman (Audio CD)
»  IDB098 : Saraswati Gayathri Mantra Japa Mantra 108 (Mantra For Wisdom Fame And Success (Audio CD)
»  ICX027 : Shakti Invoke The Goddess of Power & Benevolence… (Audio CD)
»  ICG010 : Shiv Gita (From Padmapurana – Part 1) (Audio CD)
»  ICG009 : Shiv Gita (From Padmapurana – Part 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICG008 : Shiv Gita (From Padmapurana – Part 3) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ001 : Shiva Stotranjali (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ002 : Shivopasana…Prema Rengarajan (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICX020 : Shree Satyanarayan Poojan An Audio Visual Guide To Perform The Poojan (DVD)
»  ICN010 : Siva Stuti Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICV068 : Sri Durga Chalisa (Audio CD)
»  ICQ047 : Sri Mahalakshmi Mantropasana -Mantra Repetition (Audio CD)
»  ICZ037 : Sri Nataraja Sahasranamam and Other Stotras (Audio CD)
»  IZZ434 : Sri Rama Jaya Rama Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICN007 : Suryanamaskara Mantras Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IZZ448 : Amba Devotional Devi Bhajans by His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji (Audio CD)
»  IZZ380 : Bhishma's Pledge, Bheeshma Pratigya From the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  IZZ381 : Devi A Special Effects Film (DVD)
»  IZZ375 : Draupadi Swaymwar From the Mahabharata (DVD)
»  IZZ422 : Gayathri Mantra Hanuman-Lakshmi-Soorya-Kali (Audio CD)
»  IZZ385 : Jai Mahalakshmi Maa (DVD)
»  IZZ373 : Mere Shirdiwale Sai Baba (DVD)
»  IZZ391 : Naag Panchami (DVD)
»  IZZ432 : Sriman Narayaneeyam Sacred Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)
»  IZZ450 : The Best of Durga Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZZ437 : Vighnaharta Shree Siddhivinayak - A Film (DVD)
»  ICJ099 : Temple Instruments of Kerala (DVD)
»  ICY032 : Ganesha Invocations Veena (Audio CD)
»  IDB094 : Mrithyunjaya Gayathri Mantra Japa Mantra108 (Mantra For Attainment of Good Health longevity and Ultimate Liberation (Audio CD)
»  ICT097 : Prabhata-Rasmih (Morning Rays) 10 Morning Talks (MP3)
»  ICR552 : Shirdhi Sai Suprabatham & Slokas (Audio CD)
»  ICF096 : Sri Tara Sahasranamavali (The Thousand Names of Goddess Tara) (Audio CD)
»  IDB043 : Bhakta Shri Narsi Mehta The Complete Gujarati T.V. Series with English Subtitles (Set of 3 DVDs)
»  ICR232 : Durga Kavach (Audio CD)
»  ICW016 : Ganesh He Listens He Sees He Cares (Contains Collector’s Booklet & Unique Meditation Cards) (Audio CD)
»  ICY081 : Mahabali Hanuman Black and White Film (DVD)
»  ICR218 : Navkar Mahamantra (Audio CD)
»  ICA038 : Sri Brahma - Samhita & Sri Isopanisad (Musically arranged and chanted by Mahatma Das) (Audio CDs)
»  IDB040 : Vishwamitra (Set of 3 DVDs) The Complete T.V. Series
»  ICO098 : Bhajan Dhyanam (Audio CD)
»  IDA097 : Gurbani (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICA062 : Jagannath Sahasra Nama (Audio CD)
»  IZZ073 : Jyoti Kalash Chhalke Bhakti Songs from Hindi Films (Audio CD)
»  IZZ310 : Kubera Wealth Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICL055 : Mahamantras for Mahashakti Discover the Power of Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICB032 : Om (Chanting)
(Audio CD)
»  ICC067 : Ram Naam Sukhdai Bhajans by Manna Dey (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ092 : Sai Dil (Audio CD)
»  ICR077 : Sampoorna Gayatri – Shukra, Sani, Ravivar (MP3)
»  ICG073 : Satyanarayana Pooja Mantras (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICB072 : Shri Ganeshay Namah
(Audio CD)
»  ICZ028 : Sri Kuberalakshmi Pooja Mantras Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IDB090 : Sri Lakshmi Sahasram (Audio CD)
»  IDB095 : Sri Rama Stotranjali Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IDB030 : Sri Saraswati Sahasranamam And Other Stotras (Audio CD)
»  ICR006 : Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mantras Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICR375 : Stories of Wisdom – Tales From Vivekananda (DVD)
»  ICK050 : Vedanta in Everyday Life (The Master Answers) (CD-ROM) Includes Archival Video and Film Clips
»  IZZ314 : Best of Dr. Manikantan “The Art of Living” (Audio CD)
»  IZZ293 : Dehi Padam Devotional Renderings of Selected Stotras (Audio CD)
»  IZZ313 : Devotional Airs The European Airs Of Muttuswamy Dikshitar (Audio CD)
»  IZZ306 : In Search of God Swami Vivekananda’s Immortal Poems (Audio CD)
»  IZZ274 : Kundalini Discourses by Sri M (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ331 : Mangalya Durga (Audio CD)
»  IZZ351 : Pancharatna Kritis of Tyagaraja (A Set of 7 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ345 : Sampuran Gayatri (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ330 : Shri Hanuman Chalisa (Audio CD)
»  IZZ332 : Shri Hanuman Mantra Shakti (Audio CD)
»  IZZ337 : Shri Rama Mantra Shakti (Audio CD)
»  IZZ264 : The Best of Hanuman Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZZ344 : The Sound Supreme The Mystique and Music of Om (Audio CD)
»  IZZ301 : Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (A set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICR485 : Bhajaman Narayan (Audio CD)
»  ICR536 : Bhakti Manjari (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICR409 : Living With Sai (Audio CD)
»  ICR091 : Mahamantra Shri Shiv, Sai, Ganesh Mahamantra, Aarti and Stuti (MP3)
»  ICR282 : Om Shri Sainathay Namah (Audio CD)
»  ICR228 : Shrinathji Vandan – Featuring the Popular ‘Choti Choti Gaiya’ (Audio CD)
»  IZZ198 : Essence of The Upanishads Discourses by 'M' (Audio CD)
»  IZZ201 : Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam (Sanskrit) (DVD)
»  IZZ102 : Jag Do Din Ka Mela (Audio CD)
»  IZZ116 : Mahamrityunjay Mantra (Sanskrit – In Vedic Tradition) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ090 : Mitr Pyare Nu (Audio CD)
»  IZZ122 : Muktesvara (CD ROM)
»  IZZ123 : Shiva Dhwani (Soul Searchers) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ099 : Shree Gajanana (Audio CD)
»  IZZ089 : Shree Siddhivinayak Maha Pooja (Audio CD)
»  IZZ119 : World Hindu Chants II (Global Interpretations) (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ096 : Dakshina Kannada – Land of the Mother Goddess (DVD)
»  ICV072 : Hari Om Tatsat (Audio CD)
»  IDB083 : Jaagran for Mata (Audio CD)
»  ICR102 : Maangalya Sacred Raagas in Divine Voices (Audio CD)
»  ICE044 : Om for Evening Meditation Raag Yaman (Audio CD)
»  ICR438 : Om -The Realm of Calm (Audio CD)
»  IDB075 : Om Music For Divine Meditation (Audio CD)
»  ICA094 : Satyanarayan Katha (In a Complete Musical Rendition…first time ever)
(Audio CD)
»  ICD064 : Shivoham (Soul Stirring Compositions depicting multifarious dimensions of Shiva)
(Audio CD)
»  ICG074 : Sri Venkatesh Vaibhavam (Sanskrit Recital, Tamil, Sanskrit Chanting & Telugu) (4 Language Options) (DVD Video)
»  IZZ210 : Bhima & Ekalvaya Short Stories of The Mahabharatha (From The Series Once Upon A Time) (DVD)
»  ICR208 : Spiritual Transcendence (Audio CD)
»  IDC009 : Suprabhathams and Mangalams (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICT084 : A Day With Lord Shiva Be Close To The Lord All Through The Day (Audio CD)
»  ICR055 : Bhajan Sangrah 10 New Bhajanas by Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota (Audio CD)
»  IDC047 : Bhajanmaniari 10th Anniversary Celebration (Vimla Devi Fundation Nyas Ayodhya) (Audio CD)
»  ICR570 : Bhakti Instrumentals & Karaoke (MP3)
»  ICC080 : Bhakti Instrumentals Instrumentals of Immortal Devotional Songs (Audio CD)
»  ICJ003 : Chants Of Krishna (Audio CD)
»  ICQ069 : Chants to Awaken the Lord Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICT297 : Ganesh Aradhana (Marathi) (MP3)
»  ICC094 : Ganesh Upasana (MP3 CD)
»  ICR351 : Lord Shiva (Animated Short Stories From Shiva Purana) (DVD)
»  ICE035 : Mahamantras (Audio CD)
»  ICQ032 : Mantras for Meditation (Sanskrit)- Volume- One (Audio CD)
»  ICA083 : Nanak Naam Charhdi Kala (Audio CD)
»  ICC090 : Ram Upasana (The Complete set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  ICL007 : Shiva Gayathri Mantra (Japa Mantra 108 Mantra for Attainment of Great Wealth and Success) (Audio CD)
»  ICV073 : Shree Ram Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICH064 : Sri Radha Sankirtan (Audio CD)
»  ICL047 : Surya Upasana Pandit Jasraj (The Complete Set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  IDB091 : Vedic Mantras To Gain Will Power and Confidence (Audio CD)
»  IDB093 : Vedic Mantras To Improve Education and Memory (Audio CD)
»  IDB039 : Aum Shri Sainathay Namaha (Audio CD)
»  ICD057 : Bhajans by Legends (Audio CD)
»  ICR204 : Daata Ek Ram Premanjali Pushpanjali (DVD)
»  ICI023 : Enchanting Chants (From The Makers of Amruthavarsha) (Audio CD)
»  ICR074 : Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko & Other Bhajan Hits (MP3 CD)
»  ICC005 : Rajanigandha Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor) (Audio CD)
»  ICV028 : Unforgettable Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICN098 : Bestsellers Special Gift Pack (Definitive Collection of Everlasting Blessings
Gayatri, Himalayan Chants, Ganesh, Maha Mrityunjay) (Set of Four Audio CDs)
»  ICB071 : Kaali (Kali) by Veena Sahasrabuddhe (CD)
»  ICI034 : Bhaktimala Rama- Vol. 1 and 2 (Audio CD)
»  ICP088 : Ganesh - He Listens. He Sees. He Cares. (Audio CD)
»  IDB070 : The Best of Rama Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICE023 : Vaastu Puja (Puja Series) (Audio CD)
»  ICF057 : Avdhoota Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICF032 : Best of Meera Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICN091 : Bhajan Payo Ji Ram Ratan Dhan by D.V. Pulaskar (Audio CD)
»  ICK024 : Lord Shiva The Power of Freedom (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 3) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICR045 : Maanas Pooja (Let your mind guide you to the feel of the Almighty) (Audio CD with Booklet Inside)
»  ICC079 : Main Nahin Makhan Khayo Bhajans by M.S. Subbulakshmi (Audio CD)
»  ICA003 : Meera India’s Famous Poet Saint Devotional Drama Series (Hindi with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICQ086 : Om Chanting (Audio CD)
»  IZZ031 : Pancha Suktam (Audio CD)
»  ICR191 : Ram Naam Sukhdai Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICC041 : Shiv Nam Om Kar (Audio CD)
»  IDA062 : Shukla Yajurved Madhyandin Shakha Krampath (Set of 3 Audio CDs) A Most Authentic Chanting of the White Yaurveda
»  IZZ058 : Sri Venkatesha Suprabhatam 3 Musical Ways to Begin Your Day (With Booklet Containing Transliterated Text of the Stotra) (Audio CD)
»  ICR039 : Surya Namaskar Invoke the power of the Sun (A Bright and Energetic Start to the Day) (Audio CD with Booklet Inside)
»  IZZ045 : Chinmayam Krishna Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IZZ051 : Hanuman For Children (Audio CD)
»  IZZ052 : Pratahsmaran Essential Morning Mantras (Audio CD)
»  IDA007 : Aaradhana Bhajans Composed by Ustad Bismillah Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICO015 : Avataran (From the Art of Living) Unite Wthin Yourself (Audio CD)
»  ICV085 : Bhajan (MP3)
»  ICV088 : Bhajanamrit A Musical Manifestation of Divinity (Audio CD)
»  ICN042 : Divya Shraddha (Divine Instrumental Tunes to Invoke Inner Peace and Happiness) (Audio CD)
»  ICB097 : Ganesh Aartis & Mantras (MP3 CD)
»  ICZ053 : Global Shiva Chants (Audio CD)
»  ICX013 : Meera’s Songs of Divine Love (Audio CD)
»  IDC055 : Navagraha Sookta (Audio CD)
»  IDC042 : Om Shri Shiv Panchaakshar Stotra (The Five Syllable Mantra in Praise of Lord Shiva) (Audio CD)
»  ICY070 : Powerful Vibrations of Lord Ganesha Classical Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  ICM038 : Prayers for Diwali Morning and Evening (Audio CD)
»  ICB065 : Sacred Chants of Buddha
(Music for Meditation)
(Audio CD)
»  ICT259 : Sacred Morning Chants Sai Baba (Audio CD)
»  ICB098 : Shri Ram (MP3 CD)
»  IDA015 : Shubh Deepavali (Booklet Inside) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICD030 : The Best of Hindustani Instrumental (Over 8 Hours of Music) (MP3 CD)
»  ICO055 : The Glory of Kashi Vishwanath (Mahima Kashi Vishwanath Ki) (Hindi Film with English SubTitless) (DVD)
»  ICR029 : Trinity Music of the Gods (Audio CD)
»  IDB079 : Vedic Chants (Collection of Suktams Increase Prosperity) (Audio CD)
»  ICW028 : Ashta Prahar Divine Meditation for Day & Night (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICV009 : Bhakti Suman (Audio CD)
»  ICL045 : Divine Chants of Rudra Mantras for Enlightenment (Audio CD)
»  ICB093 : Ganesh Vandana Top 10 Ganesh Aartis (Audio CD)
»  ICR561 : Gurudevay Namah (Audio CD)
»  ICV041 : Hanuman Dhun (Audio CD)
»  ICR383 : Krishna and Garuda (Animated Stories) (DVD)
»  ICX048 : Krishna Rasamrit (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR455 : Krishnamayi Mystical Melodies by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj (Audio CD)
»  ICV047 : Lakshmi Poojan A Comprehensive Audio Guide For Lakshmi Poojan (Audio CD)
»  ICR043 : Panchatattva Gayatri Awakening Life's Core Elements for Inner Well-Being (Audio CD)
»  ICW017 : Radha Aaradhan(Audio CD)
»  ICB069 : Rudraksha
(Mantras for Peace, Prosperity and Health)
(Audio CD)
»  ICT295 : Sacred Morning Chants Shri Ganesh (Audio CD)
»  ICW023 : Sankat Nibaro Mantras For Eradicating Obstacles (Audio CD)
»  IDA011 : Sarvamangal Ganesh (Audio CD)
»  ICB007 : Shiva Shambho (CD)
»  ICV022 : Siddhi Buddhi Dayak Shri Vinayak (Audio CD)
»  ICV079 : Soul Mantra Features The Mool Mantra Om Sacchidanand Parabrahma) (Audio CD)
»  ICG022 : Sri Gayathri Sahasranamam Savitri Mantra & Saraswati Stotra (DVD Video)
»  ICI074 : Sudarsana Stotranjali And Other Stothras (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICV016 : Vakratunda Mahakaya Auspicious Beginnings For A New Day (Audio CD)
»  IDC056 : Sagun Nirgun (Bhajans In Reverence To The Almighty) (Audio CD)
»  IDC037 : Sandhyavandanam (Yajurveda- Smaartha) (Audio CD)
»  IDC036 : Spirtual Transcendence (Audio CD)
»  IDC028 : Temple Music of India (Set of 4 Audio CDs )
»  IZZ025 : The Complete Chalisa (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDC026 : Times Green Ganesha (Audio CD)
»  ICL056 : Arunachaleshwara Sahasranamavali (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICR212 : Awakening with Brahma Kumaris Happiness Index Happiness is a Daily Decision (Set of 8 DVD)
»  ICO084 : Mahalakshmi - Includes the Famous Mumbai Mahalakshmi Temple Aarti (Audio CD)
»  ICQ093 : Mantras of the Divine Mother Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IDA005 : Nrisimha Kavacharam Mantras (Audio CD)
»  IDB088 : Paramashiva (Audio CD)
»  ICP069 : Rudhram Chamakam Purusha Suktham Vedic Chants - Sacred Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)
»  ICQ095 : Sanskrit Recital Ashtakams & Stothrams (Audio CD)
»  ICQ094 : Saundarya Lahari with Mantra Matruka Pushpamala Stavaha (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICL021 : Taittiriya Upanisad “The Pursuit of Happiness” Discourses by Swami Nikhilananda (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICM010 : When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam Contemporary Dance ( Anita Ratnam, Chandralekha’s Group, Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, Lata & Gita ) (DVD Video)
»  IDB087 : Gayathri Mantra Krishna. Ganesha. Kubera. Narasimha (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IDB059 : Hanuman Gayathri Mantra Japa Mantra 108 Mantra For Great Intellect, Strength, Courage, Good Health And Success (Audio CD)
»  IDB097 : Invocation to the Lord (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  IDB086 : Krishna Gayathri Mantra Japa Mantra 108 (Mantra For Attainment of Progeny, Happiness and Divine Grace (Audio CD)
»  IDB072 : Palana Jhule Nandlaal (Audio CD)
»  IDC004 : Sacred Chants Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  IDC006 : Spiritual Music of India (Audio CD)
»  ICV035 : Durgati Nashini Durga Sacred Morning Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICR018 : Harnessing Inner Resources for Interactional Excellence- 8 Day Discourse Series Based on Vivekachoodamani (MP3)
»  ICR019 : Interactional Saadhana- A 5-Day Discourse Series Based on Bhagavad Geeta (MP3)
»  ICR531 : Mahishasura Mardini (Audio CD)
»  ICR543 : Mruthunjaya Manthram (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICR548 : Radha Sametha Krishna (Audio CD)
»  IDC039 : Rudhram (Sanskrit Stothras) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ056 : Rudra Namaka & Chamaka Meaning for All Mantras plus Commentary (MP3)
»  ICR030 : Sacred Morning Chants Lord Krishna (Audio CD)
»  ICR504 : Sivastuthi (Audio CD)
»  ICZ022 : Sri Ashtalakshmi Stuthi – For Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity (Audio CD)
»  ICR530 : Sri Lakshminarasimha Slokas (Volume 1) (Audio CD)
»  ICR499 : Sri Lakshminarasimha Slokas (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICR554 : Suprabatham & Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam (Sanskrit)(Audio CD)
»  ICD060 : Hare Krishna Hare Rama The Mahamantra for Higher Consciousness (Audio CD)
»  ICQ067 : Divine Pancharathnas and Bhujangas Sacred Sanskrit Recital (Audio CD)
»  ICB038 : Ek Radha Ek Meera
(Audio CD)
»  ICR253 : Ganaadheesh (Love, Happiness, Prosperity) (With Booklet Inside)(Audio CD)
»  ICX026 : Gita Govinda (Vol. II) (Audio CD)
»  ICR224 : Hori Ke Rang (Audio CD)
»  ICP001 : Shani From Suffering to Spirituality (Audio CD)
»  ICN078 : Slokas for Children Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICT257 : The Power of Gayatri (Audio CD)
»  ICI065 : Adisankaracharya’s Sivananda Lahari (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICI064 : Ayurveda…The Mantra Of Niramaya (Interactive CD-Rom On The Ancient System Of Indian Medicine) (CD - ROM)
»  ICL014 : Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra (Japa Mantra 108 Mantra for Attainment of great Wealth and Success and Fame) (Audio CD)
»  ICY036 : Rudraksha Sacred Chants & Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICG005 : Sanskrit Mantras of The Goddess (Volume -3) (Audio CD)
»  ICF056 : Santhanagopala Gayathri Mantra
Japa Mantra 108 Mantra for Progeny and Happiness Through Offspring (Audio CD)
»  ICR439 : Shri Ram (A Supreme Manifestation of The Divine Ideal) (Audio CD)
»  ICR367 : Sita & Luv Kush (16 Animated Short Stories)(DVD)
»  ICF050 : Sri Mahalakshmi Sahasranamam (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICF098 : Vedic Mantras For a Blissful Romantic Life (Secrets Revealed by Kamasutra) (Audio CDs)
»  ICL026 : Bal Ganesh Krishna Hanuman Animated Stories (DVD Video)
»  ICR389 : God’s And Goddesses of India (DVD)
»  ICR056 : Holy Chants of Shiva & Shakti – Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICR511 : Nava Manthras (Gayatri Manthram) (MP3) 8 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICX015 : Saturn The Ruler of Destinies Remedial Mantras For Pacifying Shani (Audio CD)
»  ICL099 : When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam Kuchipudi (Narasimhachari and Smt. Vasantalakshmi, Urmila Satyanarayana, Priyalata Arun & Chitra Vishveshwaran, The trio Sisters- Radhika, Shobana and Gayatri, Zakir Hussain ) (DVD Video)
»  ICA093 : Aum Jaap (Chanting of OM) Jagjit Singh
(Audio CD)
»  ICO021 : Ode To Ganga (Audio CD)
»  IDB035 : Aum Namo Bhagawate Vasudevay (Audio CD)
»  ICR082 : Birth of Ganesha, Kubera Meets Ganesha (Karadi Tales Mythology) (Audio CD with Two Booklets)) Audiobook for Children
»  ICV080 : Jay Shree Swaminarayan – II Featuring Music From The TV Serial Jay Shree Swaminarayan (Audio CD)
»  IDB031 : Mahamritunjaya Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICF020 : Vrindavan by Pt. Jasraj (Audio CD)
»  IDB046 : Jai Santoshi Ma Miracles of Goddess Santoshi Ma (36 Episodes) (Set of 7 DVDs) The Complete T.V. Series
»  IDB045 : Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra The Complete T.V. Series (Set of 4 DVDs)
»  IDB036 : Aum Namaha Shivaay (Audio CD)
»  IDB051 : Business Sutra Leadership and Governance Series Learn How Ancient Indian Stories Can Enhance Modern Business Management (Series II) (DVD)
»  IDB042 : Business Sutra Learn How Indian Mythology Can Rewrite modern Management (Series I) (DVD)
»  IDB041 : Dialogues With H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Set of 4 VCDs)
»  IDB028 : Manojavam Marutatulya Vegam- Hanuman Mantra (Audio CD)
»  IDA046 : Anandatirtha A CD ROM on the Life and Teachings of Shri Madhvacharya
»  ICG085 : Anjali (A Complete Offering To The Goddess) (Audio CD)
»  ICF051 : Ayurvedic Chants Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICL060 : Goddesses of India (Audio CD)
»  ICO023 : Govind Damodar (Audio CD)
»  ICK039 : Stotramala (Volume 1) (Audio CD)
»  IDA056 : Granth Script Tutor (Grantha Lipi Prabodhini) (Set of 3 CDs Rom)
»  IDA059 : Sama Veda Aaranyak Gaan - Gramgey Ganam Kothum Recension (Audio CD)
»  IDA058 : Shankhayan Brahmana (Rigveda) (Audio CD)
»  IDA053 : Swayambhu Best of Shiva Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  IDA026 : Textual Workshop on Philosophy of Oneness Bridging East and West 24th to 31st December 2009 (Set of 36 DVDs)
»  ICR373 : Draupadi & Shakuntala (Animated Short Stories From the Mahabaratha) (DVD)
»  ICY031 : Sankatahara Chaturthi Pooja (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICR202 : Sunderkand & Hanuman Chalisha (DVD)
»  ICI077 : Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha Sahasranamam…Sri Nrisimha Stotras (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICY077 : Darasuram Architecture & Iconography (With Booklet Inside) (CD Rom)
»  ICX095 : Ganesh Smaran In Devotion To The Remover of Obstacles (Audio CD)
»  ICV010 : Mantras of Peace Divine Chants With Sounds of Nature (Audio CD)
»  ICA006 : Nimai of Nadia Devotional Drama Series (Bengali with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICQ058 : Om Arunachaleswaraya Namaha Chanting Mantra for Attaining Inner Peace and Wisdom (Audio CD)
»  ICK064 : Ramana Chintana (MP3)
»  ICV038 : Shiv Dhun (Audio CD)
»  IDA002 : Shankar Vivah Marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati (Audio CD)
»  ICZ004 : Mantra Maha Utsav The Most Powerful Mahamantras Rendered By A Divine Chorus (Audio CD)
»  ICB052 : Sukhmani Saheb Bhai Tarlochan Singh Ragi
(Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICA058 : 1000 Names of Nrsimhadev (Nrsimha Sahasra Nama) (Audio CD) with the Book Sri Nrsimha Sahasra Nama & Sri Nrsimha-Kavaca Transliterated Text and Translation
»  ICB036 : Ganesh Mantras (Chanting)
(Audio CD)
»  ICX024 : Gita Govinda (Vol. I) (Audio CD)
»  ICY006 : Shanmatham Stotras of Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankara (Audio CD)
»  ICI072 : Shri Mahishasura Mardhini (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ002 : Sri Varaha Slokas (Audio CD)
»  ICX072 : Unbeatable Success In All Ventures Vedic Mantras Rendered with Perfection (Audio CD)
»  ICL046 : Guru Mantra (MP3 CD)
»  ICE098 : Shanti Mantra
Ancient Wisdom of the Vedas for Universal Peace Evening (Audio CD)
»  ICE054 : Shanti Mantra
Ancient Wisdom of the Vedas for
Universal Peace Morning (Audio CD)
»  ICC093 : Shirdi Ke Saibaba Mandir Ki Aartiyaan Aratia from the Saibaba Temple of Shirdi (MP3 CD)
»  ICR535 : Sri Venkateshwara Sahasra Namavali (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICD023 : Sukhmani Sahib Bhai Harbans Singh Ji (Jagadhri Wale) (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICD025 : Japji Sahib Raehraas Sahib (Audio CD)
»  ICZ058 : Rig Veda Shri Sukta, Vak Sukta And Medha Sukta With Commentary (Vedic Chants) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ059 : Selected Mantras From Rig Veda- With Brief Commentary (Vedic Chanting) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ066 : Ganapathy Homam Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICT292 : Om Veday Namah (Audio CD)
»  ICA022 : Ramanujacarya The Acharya of Spiritual Variety The Life of Ramanujacarya Devotional Drama Series (English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICR521 : Sri Jayadeva’s Ashtapadi (MP3) 24 Songs
»  ICI076 : Sri Mahalakshmi Sahasranamam (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ026 : Sri Venkateswara Sahasranamam and Other Venkateswara Stotras (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICE031 : True Essence of Samved (Set of two Audio CDs)
»  ICL062 : Gayatri (Spiritual Synergy) (Audio CD)
»  ICO099 : Moksha Mantras of Shiva (Audio CD)
»  ICZ023 : Adithya Hrudayam & Slokas (Audio CD)
»  ICZ034 : Suryaya Namah – Experience the Power of Sun (Two Audio CDs)
»  ICY086 : Chalisa Sangrah (MP3)
»  ICY092 : Digital Tevaram (CD-Rom)
»  ICY087 : Krishna Murari (MP3)
»  ICY078 : More Krishna Murli Manohar (Audio CD)
»  ICY071 : Sumiran Govind Jai Jai Gopal Jai Jai A Vocal From India (Audio CD)
»  ICV084 : Bhakti Geet (Audio CD)
»  ICB060 : Bhaktimala Bhajagovindam
(Audio CD)
»  ICK073 : Devi Stotram (MP3)
»  ICD022 : Ek Onkar (Audio CD)
»  ICM014 : FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions DVD Video)
»  ICN050 : Gayatri (Audio CD)
»  ICB063 : Gopal Sahasranaam (Sanskrit)
(Audio CD)
»  ICH032 : Gurmat Sangeet (Set of two Audio CDs)
»  ICW022 : Ik Onkaar (Audio CD)
»  ICV066 : Jai Jagdambe Maa (Audio CD)
»  ICW029 : Mantras Dawn to Dusk (Audio CD)
»  ICW004 : Prayers For Abundance (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICV093 : Ratnakar Pachisi (Audio CD)
»  ICV074 : Sacred Morning Chants Shri Ram (Audio CD)
»  ICL066 : Saints of India Timeless Thoughts and Verses of the Four Unforgettable Wise Saints of Our Country…Kabir, Surdas, Meera & Tulsidas (Set of Four Audio CDs)
»  ICP053 : Sati Ansuya The Legendary Story of a Chaste Woman (Hindi Film DVD with English Subtitles)
»  ICV078 : Shree Ganesh Sahasranamavali (Audio CD)
»  ICW013 : Shree Ram Sankeertan (Audio CD)
»  ICV094 : Shree Sai Ki Pothi Aur Dhun In Complete Devotion of Sai (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICW019 : Shri Krishna Janma Utsav The Eternal Celebration (Audio CD)
»  ICQ063 : Sri Nayayaneeyam - Sampoorna Parayanam Eight Volumes (Audio CD)
»  ICD020 : Strotam & Mahamantra Sangrah (MP3 CD)
»  ICD024 : Waheguru Waheguru Bhai Rai Singh Ji (Audio CD)
»  ICR081 : Young Hanuman, Hanuman, The Mighty (Karadi Tales Mythology) (Audio CD with Two Booklets)) Audiobook for Children
»  ICQ004 : Maa Vaishno Devi Invoking the Mata (Audio CD)
»  ICR609 : Universal Prayers (Audio CD)
»  ICY005 : Sthuti Kusumanjali A Collection of 16 Imporatnt Stutis (Audio CD)
»  ICY014 : Suresha Paddhati Stress Reliever - Vedic Mantras Rendered with Perfection (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICX042 : 4 Maha Mantras In Form of Sankirtan (Audio CD)
»  ICX057 : All In One Musical Discourse Based on Navadha Bhakti (DVD)
»  ICX063 : Sadguru Tyagaraja’s Pancharatna Kritis Sant Sarovar Shrinkhala (DVD)
»  ICX041 : Sai Raam (Audio CD)
»  ICX045 : Shubh Ganesh Top 10 Ganesh Prayers (Audio CD)
»  ICX014 : Satnaam Waheguru (Audio CD)
»  ICV029 : Gayatri & Ganesh (He Listens He Sees He Cares) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICV023 : Govind Bolo (Audio CD)
»  ICV003 : Mahalakshmi Includes The Famous Mumbai Mahalakshmi Temple Aarti & Shree Mahalakshmi Sankirtan Kavita Krishnamurti (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICV007 : Sacred Chants of Shiva From the Banks of Ganges (Audio CD)
»  ICV013 : Sai Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICO059 : Shanti Mantras from The Upanishads Manah Shanti The Peace we Seek (Audio CD)
»  ICT263 : Bhaktisagar An Ocean of Divinity (Audio CD)
»  ICT252 : Geeta Saar (Hindi) (Audio CD)
»  ICT269 : Jap Lo Sai Naam (Audio CD)
»  ICT262 : Shubham (Audio CD)
»  ICT265 : Tulsi Ke Ram Meera Ke Shyam (Audio CD)
»  ICR057 : Chalisa – Aarti and Bhajan (Krishna, Durga, Laxmi, Saraswati) (MP3 CD)
»  ICR090 : Mahamantra Shri Shani, Narayan, Saraswati, Navdurga (MP3)
»  ICR078 : Chalisa – Aarti and Bhajan (Shiv, Ram, Hanuman, Ganpati) (MP3)
»  ICP074 : Mantras Meditation - Volume Two (Audio CD)
»  ICT105 : Navagraha Sookta Jayanthi & Shoba (Audio CD)
»  ICT188 : Kakada Arati Bhajans & Hymns on Lord Dattatreya(Audio CD)
»  ICT180 : Essential Morning Chants (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICT187 : Maha Aarti Ganpati Upasaneysadh (Marathi Audio CD)
»  ICQ001 : Naman Mantras for Children & Naman Two (Two Audio CDs)
»  ICA032 : New York Temple Kirtans (Namamrita) (Audio CDs)
»  ICR617 : Amrit Varsha – 2 (Get Drenched In Devotion) (Audio CD)
»  ICR615 : Hanuman Chalisa Includes a Taveez Containing the Hanuman Chalisa (Audio CD)
»  ICR607 : Saints of India Sur Ke Shyam (Audio CD)
»  ICR562 : The Glory of Dawn – Morning Ragas (75th Birthday Celebrations) (Audio CD)
»  ICF011 : Krishna Aaradhana (Krishna Bhajans)
Bhaktipada Kavi Narayan Agrawal ‘Das Narayan’
(A Vocal From India) (Audio CD)
»  ICB083 : Sampoorna Chalisa Sangrah
(Set of Two Audio CDs with Booklet)
»  ICB088 : Sri Ramanama Sankirtanam (Sung At the Centres of the Ramakrishna Order) (Audio CD)
»  ICR121 : Call of Shiva – Divine Flute by Rakesh Chaurasia (Audio CD)
»  ICR537 : Adithya Hrudayam & Slokas (Audio CD)
»  ICR507 : Aum Sai Ram Sai Swarnamaalika (Audio CD)
»  ICR551 : Devam Bhaje (Sarva Devatha Harathi Bhajans) (Audio CD)
»  ICT108 : Guru Nanak Dev’s Japji Sahib Five Pauris (MP3)
»  ICR542 : Shirdeesam Bhaje (Audio CD)
»  ICR506 : Shirdi Sai Bhajans (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICT103 : Slok Mahala Nauvan (MP3)
»  ICR553 : Sree Anjaneyam Namamyaham (Sanskrit Slokas) (Audio CD)
»  ICR505 : Sree Lakshmi Sahasranama Stothram (Audio CD)
»  ICR544 : Sree Lakshminrusimha Sahasranama Stothram (Audio CD)
»  ICR533 : Sri Ganesha Sahasra Namavali (Audio CD)
»  ICR519 : Srimannarayana (Sri Balaji Pancharathnamala) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR523 : The Sacred Hymns of Sri Andal Thiruppavai (Video CD)
»  ICJ025 : Music of Tibet (Mantras & Chants of The Dalai Lama) (Audio CD)
»  ICL065 : The Spirit of Upanishads Select Sacred Verses (Set of Two Audio CDs with Booklet containing the Verses in Sanskrit, Roman Transliteration and English Translation)
»  ICQ042 : Learn to Chant- Sri Lalitaa Sahasranaama Stotram (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICT061 : Complete Devotion Music for Every Important Hindu Occasion (Set of 15 Audio CDs)
»  ICT059 : History of Spiritual India (5 CD Pack with Book) Trace the Origin of Spirituality in India
»  ICT067 : Temples of India (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICR488 : Shri Rama Dhun Shri Rama Chandra Kripalu Bhajmana (Audio CD)
»  ICR431 : Ganesh Utsav (Avahan To Visarjan) (Audio CD)
»  ICR410 : Om Jai Jagdish & Other Potent Mantras (Audio CD)
»  ICR152 : Ishwar Aastha - Golden Verses of Devotion (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICR047 : Sai Drishti – Sai Bhajans By Manhar Udhas (MP3)
»  ICR230 : Devotion – Instrumental Temple Music (Audio CD)
»  ICP087 : Gyan Jyoti - Mantras for Success in Studies (Audio CD)
»  ICE010 : Om The Divine Mantra by Jagjit Singh (Audio CD)
»  ICR079 : Birth of Krishna Krishna's Conquests (Karadi Tales Mythology) (Audio CD with Two Booklets) Audiobook for Children
»  ICK069 : Gayatri Mantra - The Universal Prayer An Explanation By Swami Swaroopananda (Audio CD)
»  ICA008 : Krishna & Sudama (Hindi with English subtitles Devotional Drama Series) (DVD Video)
»  ICQ024 : Prayers to Shiva (Audio CD)
»  ICP060 : Rare Vedic Chanting Bhradaranyaka Upanishad (With Sukla Yajurvediya Kanva Svaras)- Rare Vedic Chanting (Audio CD)
»  ICE045 : Shiva Stotra Source of Energy & Fearlessness (Audio CD)
»  ICR167 : Shri Hanuman Bahuk (Audio CD)
»  ICN096 : Vrindavan Songs of Krishna (Audio CD)
»  ICL088 : Unforgettable Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICR328 : Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Paath (Set of 60 Audio CDs)
»  ICR268 : Oneness Chant A Meditation on Amma Bhagawan for Divine Healing (Audio CD)
»  ICR279 : Panchamahabhuta The 5 Elements Agni (Fire with Vastu Benefits & Knowledge) (Audio CD)
»  ICR284 : Santo Ki Vaani Rahim Vaani (Rahim Ke Dohe) (Audio CD)
»  ICR283 : Shyam Teri Bansi (Audio CD)
»  ICO091 : Jyotirling - Pandit Jasraj, Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan, Suresh Wadkar, Vinod Rathod (Audio CD)
»  ICA009 : Mahabharata The Indian Classic (Hindi with English subtitles Devotional Drama Series) (DVD Video)
»  ICJ029 : Mere Bhagwan…Shri Hanuman (MP3 Audio)
»  ICF030 : Welcome O' Krishna (Swagatam Krishna) (MP3 CD)
»  ICR206 : Jai Jai Bhole Bhandari (Audio CD)
»  ICR184 : Man Jeetai Jagjeet (Gurbani) (Audio CD)
»  ICR196 : Shree Krishna Anuraag Pt. Jasraj Vol. 2 (Audio CD)
»  ICR195 : Shree Krishna Anuraag Pt. Jasraj Vol.-3 (Audio CD)
»  ICR179 : Shri Krishna Anuraag Pt. Jasraj Vol. 1 (Audio CD)
»  ICL054 : Healing Mantras for the Heart (Music Therapy Series) (Audio CD)
»  ICA069 : Mandukya Upanishad Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji (MP3 CD)
»  ICL012 : Sacred Chants of Gayatri Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICA072 : Taittiriya Upanishad Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji (MP3)
»  ICT031 : Asa Di War (Set of 20 Audio CDs)
»  ICR146 : Shri Krishna Hari (Audio CD)
»  ICQ017 : Bajrangbali (Hindi Film DVD with English Subtitles)
»  ICB086 : Sankirtana Sangraha - 1
(Audio CD)
»  ICK068 : Shri Guru Nanakji’s Ik Onkaar (Meditations On The Indivisible Truth) (Audio CD)
»  ICR038 : Bhor Ki Bela (Auspicious Beginning for Your Day) (Audio CD)
»  ICR089 : Hanuman Chalisa (Bajrang Baan, Hanuman Ashtak and Aarti) (MP3)
»  ICR100 : Krishna Forever (Audio CD)
»  ICR041 : Lava - Kusa The Warrior Twins (Audio CD)
»  ICR046 : Mere Ram The Moksha Dwaar (Audio CD)
»  ICR087 : Sai Tere Charnon Mein (Saibaba Bhajan, Aarti and Jap) (MP3)
»  ICR075 : Shri Shirdi Sai Aarti Sangraha (MP3)
»  ICR094 : Vishwa Shanti Mantra Divine Chants for World Peace (Audio CD)
»  ICB057 : Devi Chants
Evoking Mahashakti - The Supreme Energy (Audio CD)
»  ICQ068 : Devi Sthothranjali Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICC099 : Shiv Chalisa (Audio CD)
»  ICQ027 : Aiyappa Nitya Paaraayanam (Audio CD)
»  ICQ055 : Hare Rama Hare Krishana – Musical Chanting(Audio CD)
»  ICQ050 : Pushtanjali Navagraha Ashtothra Sata Namavali Vol-3 (Audio CD)
»  ICQ033 : Rigveda - Mantras For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol IV (Audio CD)
»  ICQ035 : Rigveda- Mantras For Health, Wealth & Prosperity Vol-III (Audio CD)
»  ICQ021 : Sathya Sai Namsankirtana Vol 1 & 3 (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICE026 : Chants of Shakti (Audio CD)
»  ICQ072 : A Journey Through Hinduism (Three Lectures in Malaysia, 24th August 2008) (MP3)
»  ICR020 : Inner Embrace- 1 Inspiring Shlokas with Enlightening Commentary and Inner Embrace- 2 Shlokas on Devotional Enrichment (Set of Two MP3 CDs)
»  ICR017 : Meditation A Series of Three Discourses (MP3)
»  ICR021 : Poise & Contentment in Professional Life Malaysia, 2004 (MP3)
»  ICB094 : Sacred Hindu Chants
(Audio CD)
»  ICK072 : Vedic Chants (Mahanarayanopanishad) (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICR023 : Where Lies Life’s Success & Fulfillment 5-Day Discourse Series Based on the Bhagavadgeeta- Jnaana Yajna in New Delhi in November 2009 (Audio CD)
»  ICC036 : Maha Ganpati Aarti (CD)
»  ICL064 : Dance to Krishna Groovy Mix of Krishna Chants (Audio CD)
»  ICC035 : Devi Maa Ki Aartiyan (CD)
»  ICE071 : Dhyan (Hindi Bhajans Based on Classical Raagas) (Audio CD)
»  ICC008 : Maa Shakti Captured in Different Moods & Rhythms (Audio CD)
»  ICA073 : Srimad Bhagavatam (MP3) Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji
»  ICL043 : Tap In Complete Harmony with the Almighty (Audio CD)
»  ICP095 : Annamacharya Krithis Classical Songs on Lord Venkateswara (Audio CD)
»  ICP072 : Nanak Aaya - Anandmurti Gurumaa (Audio CD)
»  ICP096 : Sacred Mantras of India (Audio CD)
»  ICP002 : Mangal For the Power to Energize (Audio CD)
»  ICB045 : Sampoorna Rudrabhishek (Ashtadhyayee)
(Audio CD)
»  ICD036 : Kali Kirtana-2 (Bengali Songs on Mother Kali) (Audio CD)
»  ICD035 : Kali Kirtana-3 (Bengali Songs on Mother Kali) (Audio CD)
»  ICI063 : Shiva Gaan (Audio CD)
»  ICN095 : Mahima Sri Nankana Sahib (Audio CD)
»  ICO016 : Sacred Hindu Chants - II (Audio CD Booklet Inside)
»  ICO017 : Sacred Hindu Chants - III (Audio CD)
»  ICO024 : Vishwa Vinayaka A Divine Symphony in Praise of Lord Ganesh (Audio CD)
»  ICN051 : Shri Ganesh (DVD) B&W Hindi Film with English Subtitles
»  ICC022 : Devi Dhun Preeti Uttam Singh (Audio CD)
»  ICL001 : Divine Chants of Shakti (Experience Explicit Energy) (Audio CD)
»  ICN016 : Mantras of the Guru (Audio CD)
»  ICN041 : Sur Shraddha (Divine Tunes to Invoke Inner Peace) (Audio CD)
»  ICN003 : The Priest of Love An Armyman Seemingly Sacrifices His Girlfriend for his Country) Hindi Film DVD with English Subtitles) (Prem Pujari)
»  ICC023 : Amrit Naam Ram Meditate on the Chants with Jagjit Singh (Audio CD)
»  ICC028 : Atma Shraddha Divine Tunes to Invoke Inner Peace (Audio CD)
»  ICC013 : Bhajan Gold (Set of two CDs)
»  ICM041 : Bhakti The Beloved (Audio CD)
»  ICE036 : Divya Jyoti A Collection of Select Aartis (Audio CD)
»  ICB029 : Geet Govind Song of Eternal Love
(Audio CD)
»  ICB068 : Himalayan Chants
(The Divine Sounds of Spirituality)
(Audio CD)
»  ICC040 : Narayan Dhun (Audio CD)
»  ICB082 : Radha Krishna Dhun (Audio CD)
»  ICB074 : Radha Krishna Sankirtan (Audio CD)
»  ICF046 : Ram Raksha Kavach Ram Raksha Jaap - 11 Times (Audio CD)
»  ICC021 : Rudram Includes Powerful Ghanam Rendering (Audio CD)
»  ICB061 : Shree Sai Mantra
(Includes the famous Shirdi Saibaba Temple Aarti)
(Audio CD)
»  ICE040 : Spiritual Gold 10 Years of the Spiritual Best (Set of Two Audio CDs plus Booklet)
»  ICJ033 : Vighnaharta (The Divine Destroyer of Obstacles) (Audio CD)
»  ICA097 : Vishnu Vandan (Audio CD)
»  ICC039 : World Hindu Chants Global Interpretations (Audio CD)
»  ICH086 : Gurukulas of Kerala (DVD Video)
»  ICI099 : Mantras…Heritage Of India (Audio CD)
»  ICI069 : Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrdayam (Sacred Sanskrit Recital) (Audio CD)
»  ICM028 : Avdhoota Bhajans Kumar Gandharva Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICM021 : Hanuman To The Rescue (DVD Video)
»  ICM018 : Ramayan Volume 2 (Exciting, Entertaining, Enjoyable) (DVD Video)
»  ICF074 : Rhythmic Chants For Success (Sanskrit) (Audio CD)
»  ICB055 : Jap Chants of Devotion (Audio CD)
»  ICD012 : The Best of Aartis (For the Eternal Peace of the Mankind) (Audio CD)
»  ICL013 : Rhythmic Chants for Inner Peace Sanskrit (Audio CD)
»  ICC065 : Asa Di Waar (Part 1 & 2 Audio CD)
»  ICE056 : Avataran II Mantra Vibes (Audio CD)
»  ICD011 : Gayatri Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICC096 : Hari Om (Audio CD)
»  ICA061 : Laxmi-Nrsimha Stotra (Audio CD)
»  ICF026 : Meera (Voices from the Deserts of India) (Audio CD)
»  ICA053 : Om Shiv Dhuni (MP3)
»  ICA066 : Radhe Krishan Radhe Shyam by Jagjit Singh (Dhuni) (MP3)
»  ICE007 : Sampoorna Aarti Sangrah (Audio CD)
»  ICJ030 : Satguru Nanak Teri Lila Niyari (MP3 Audio)
»  ICB048 : Shabad Gurbani (Vol. 4) Jis ke Sir Upar Tu Swami
(MP3 CD)
»  ICK065 : Mukundamala Commentary in English (MP3)
»  ICK032 : My Prayers (Vol. 1) (Audio CD)
»  ICK033 : My Prayers (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICK034 : My Prayers (Vol. 3) (Audio CD)
»  ICK030 : Prabhat Sudha (Meditation Hymns) (Audio CD)
»  ICK040 : Stotramala (Volume 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICK041 : Stotramala (Volume 3) (Audio CD)
»  ICK051 : The Call Of Divine (Set Of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICJ054 : Bhili Ramkatha (DVD)
»  ICJ038 : Krishna (From The Heart Of Benaras) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ052 : Manipuri Ramkatha (Warileeba Tradition) (DVD)
»  ICJ018 : Gajanana (Audio CD)
»  ICJ022 : Krishna Lounge (Audio CD)
»  ICJ017 : The Fusion Mantra (Audio CD)
»  ICF006 : Sankirtan 4 Maha Mantras (For Sampoorna ‘Siddhi’ & Benefits) (A Vocal From India) (Audio CD)
»  ICI075 : Salok Mahalla Novan…Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji (Audio CD)
»  ICH025 : Lord Shiva A Revolution In Music (Audio CD)
»  ICG098 : Chamkan Taare (Audio CD)
»  ICG084 : Krishna Madhav (Audio CD)
»  ICE091 : Bolo Ram Jai Jai Ram (Audio CD)
»  ICF015 : Story of Thumri (Enchanting Love Songs) (Audio CD)
»  ICF004 : Tan Man Aatma Pavitrikaran (A Vocal From India) (Audio CD)
»  ICE092 : Tan Man Aatma Pavitrikaran (Body, Mind & Soul Purification)
A Vocal From India (Audio CD)
»  ICE063 : Best of Krishna (Chhannulal Mishra, Mukul Shivputra, Shruti Sadolikar Ashwini Bhide, Sanjeev Abhyankar) (Audio CD)
»  ICE072 : Enchanting Moments (Audio CD)
»  ICE069 : Krishna Kahiye Ram Japiye (Audio CD)
»  ICE060 : Krishna Yamuna Tat Shyam Khele Holi (Audio CD)
»  ICD072 : Kal Taran Guru Nanak Aaya, Nanak Naam Jahaz hai
(Shabad Gurbani) (Audio CD)
»  ICD082 : Pandit Mallikarjun Mansoor
Golden Raaga Collection III
Raga Shivmat Bhairav Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICB096 : Vakratunda Mahakaya Auspicious Beginnings For a New Day (Audio CD)
»  ICA098 : Guru Manyo Granth (To Commemorate 300 years of Gurta Gaddi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj Takhat Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib, Nanded presents)
(Set of Four Audio CDs)
»  ICA056 : Govinda Smaranam (Audio CD)
»  ICA036 : Beloved Chants (Audio CDs)
»  ICA013 : Lava & Kusa The Dramatic Story of Sita & Rama Devotional Drama Series (DVD Video)
»  ICA026 : Mahasati Savitri Devotional Drama Series (Hindi with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICA001 : Sri Edukomali Devotional Drama Series (Telgu with English Subtitles) (DVD Video)
»  ICA040 : Vrindavan Mellows Part 1 Akhanda Kirtan Mandapa (Krishna Balaram Mandir) (Audio CD)
»  ICA035 : Vrindavan Mellows Part 2 (Audio CD)
»  ICV061 : A Documentary on Belur Math The Heart of Ramakrishna Movement (DVD)
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