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Persian Art & Paintings | Watercolour Paintings | Iranian Paintings - Listing of all items

Buy intricate Persian Art & Paintings, Paintings depicting scenes from the Mughal times & more. We also have Persian Watercolor Paintings at ExoticIndia.

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»  PH91 : Battle between the Armies of Humayun and Hamid Khan
»  PH92 : Battle Scene
»  PH93 : Sultan Surveying Kwadja Qutbiddin's Tomb, Mausoleums and Buildings
»  PH88 : Battle Scene
»  PH87 : Lord Krishna Lifts Mount Govardhan
»  PH71 : Babur Hunting Rhinoceros Near Bigram (Peshawar)
»  PH30 : Acclamation of Nine Standards (1502 A.D.)
»  PH40 : The Prince's Outing
»  PH82 : Battle Scene from the Akbarnama
»  PH81 : Meeting with Sadhus
»  PH83 : War Elephants Collide in Battle
»  PH18 : Zahhak Punished A Folio from the Shah-Nama
»  PH22 : Laila’s Messenger Meets Majnu in the Forest
»  PH74 : A Folio Illustrating an Episode from the Baburnama
»  PH72 : Akbar Restrains Hawaai, and Enraged Elephant, and Spectators
»  PH69 : Battle Scene
»  PH70 : The Battle of Sarnal in Gujarat
»  PH68 : The Fort Besieged
»  PH67 : The Shah's Outdoor Court
»  PH63 : Battle Scene
»  PH61 : Battle Scene from the Akbarnama
»  PH65 : Persian Battle Scene
»  PH60 : Sam Approaching Mount Alburz in Search of his son Zal (From the Shahnama)
»  PH53 : A Persian Battle Scene
»  PH55 : After the Hunt
»  PH58 : Battle Scene
»  PH54 : Hunting Scene
»  PH46 : Akbar Hunting
»  PH42 : Hushang Slays the Black Demon (From The Shah Nama)
»  PH41 : Rustam Lassoes Aulad
»  PH34 : Battle Scene
»  PH39 : Battle Scene
»  PH21 : Battle with the Hazars, from the Baburnama
»  PA99 : Fantastic Elephants
»  PH25 : The Ascension of Prophet Mohammed
»  PH19 : Episode from Akbar Nama
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