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»  HO69 : Shrinathji (Framed Embossed Painting)
»  HI83 : Hari-Hara (A Composite Image Vishnu and Shiva)
»  HL81 : Lord Shiva as Bhairava
»  HK43 : Sadashiva or Pancha-mukha Shiva
»  HU06 : Svachchhanda Bhairava
»  HN13 : Yogini
»  HN66 : Goddess Kali with King Vikramaditya Prostrating at Her Feet
»  HL89 : Goddess Tara
»  HT85 : The Mahavidya Tara
»  HU21 : The Lotus Footprints of Srimati Radharani
»  HC73 : Kali on Shiva
»  PT62 : Ashta-bhuja-dhari Durga
»  HD23 : Gangaur Puja - Festival of Rajasthan
»  HM90 : Sharabha, Incarnation of Virabhadra – Manifestation of Shiva’s Wrath
»  HN43 : Jala-Krida Krishna's Water-Sport
»  HO50 : Krishna in Vrindavana
»  HA91 : Chir - Harana (The Stealing of the Garments of the Gopis)
»  HO33 : Radha Krishna (Set of Two Framed Paintings)
»  HO26 : Goddess Bhairavi
»  HO21 : The Holy Family
»  HN83 : Ragini Deshakhya
»  HN72 : Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
»  HN71 : Hari-Hara (A Composite Image of Vishnu and Shiva with Lakshmi Ji, Parvati Ji, Garuda and Nandi)
»  HN49 : Chhinnamasta, Who Decapitates Herself to Feed Devotees
»  HI58 : Sandhya (A Karma Prescribed by the Scriptures)
»  HM98 : The Four-Armed Goddess Kali
»  HN16 : Goddess Kali in the Birth-Giving Posture
»  HN10 : Exile in the Forest
»  HN06 : Kali, Mahakali or Shmashana-Kali
»  HF97 : The Dance of Shiva and Kali
»  HM74 : Goddess Kali in the Birth-Giving Posture
»  HL41 : Tantric Devi Series
»  HL13 : Parvati with Ganesha in Her Lap
»  HH87 : Four-armed Kali Killing Animal-headed Demons
»  HC13 : Varaha Avataar of Lord Vishnu
»  HJ73 : Shri Krishna with Gopis in Yamuna River
»  HI56 : Baby Ganesha in the Lap of Mother Parvati
»  HJ52 : Radha Krishna
»  HJ04 : Krishna with Radha and Gopi (Gita Govinda Series)
»  HI53 : Tantric Series
»  HF68 : Hunt of a Mewar Warrior
»  HF32 : Jain Form of Lakshmi
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