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100 Easy Recipes with Oats (South Indain, Vegetarian)

100 Easy Recipes with Oats (South Indain, Vegetarian)
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Item Code: NAW660
Author: S. Mallika Badrinath
Publisher: Pradeep Enterprises
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8906016235332
Pages: 102
Other Details: 6.00 X 7.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.12 kg

In South India, many cereals like rice, wheat, bajra, ragi, barley, jowar etc. were used for many thousands of years. Oats is also a cereal grain but not popular in India because it was not grown here and not available in India till recently. Very recently "OATS" have become very popular in India which is imported from other countries. It is available not as a whole grain but as "Rolled Oats" which is already precooked, flattened and dried for easy cooking. [Like Rice flakes] Many people use this to prepare porridge only as it is easy to cook, tasty and at the same time promoted as "healthy cereal". When they replaced it to rice, wheat or any other cereal to form recipes, they were unsuccessful because oats contain almost no gluten. There were hundreds of recipes carried from generations in every household which consists a cereal and pulse combination to form a breakfast dish. Oats cannot be substituted to any other cereal but can be combined with other cereals in a proportion as given in this book to prepare a tasty dish.

This book consists of various recipes for break fast, lunch, snacks, soups, sweets etc., for daily cooking. These recipes are tried and tested many times before publishing.

3 Mrs. S. Mallika Badrinath **Sample Pages**

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