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200 South Indian Vegetarian Classic Lunch Recipes

200 South Indian Vegetarian Classic Lunch Recipes
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Item Code: NAW685
Author: S. Mallika Badrinath
Publisher: Pradeep Enterprises
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 8906016235158
Pages: 175
Other Details: 6.00 X 7.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.2 kg

South Indian Vegetarian lunch/dinner consists of cooked white rice as the staple food. The rice is accompanied with dry vegetable curries, salads, pickles, pachadis, raithas (curd pachadi), sambhar. rasam and curds. Payasam,a sweet preparation is served during special occasions. This book contains traditional recipes of South India. In each house the recipes are prepared according to their own heriditory taste. Hence one can alter the recipes according to their individual taste by changing the quantity of spices like chillies, salt, tamarind etc. Traditionally Andhra recipes are more spicy, Kerala recipes are coconut based, Tamil Nadu recipes are mild and less spicy, Karnataka recipes are little sweet as they use jaggery, Chettinad recipes are spicy and also sour as they contain more tamarind. For seasoning tamilians use gingilli oil, Keralites use coconut oil, Andhras use refined groundnut oil which gives a special taste to their recipes. Common and traditional names of the recipes are used in this book. In most of the curry/sambhar preparations, many other vegetable may be used. The vegetable used can be changed according to the season and availability. Suitable other vegetable that can be used for making the recipe are also given under variation. The vegetables are usually classified into three groups. Roots and tubers - potato, yam, carrot, beetroot, etc. Green vegetables - greens, cabbage, etc. Other vegetables - tomato, beans, pumkin, etc. Avoid using vegetables of same group as much as possible for both dry curry and gravy in a meal. Select a combination of mild and less spicy curry with spicy sambhar or vice versa, to obtain satisf4ctory lunch.

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