25 Management Strategies for Delhi Metro's

25 Management Strategies for Delhi Metro's

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Item Code: NAF831
Author: Anuj Dayal
Publisher: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9789350674499
Pages: 140 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
Weight 680 gm
About The Book

Delhi, the Capital of India is a city always on the go. A metropolitan city, prominent on the world map, Delhi is a much desired destination for business and travellers and tourists. A dynamic city of such stature needed a proper public transportation system and, thus, the idea of Delhi Metro took its birth.

Implementing a public transport infrastructure such as the Delhi Metro was not an easy task. The project could not in any way stop the city’s activities as that would affect the entire nation and, thus, the DMRC team had to navigate through various tight situations.

DMRC ultimately got the job done ahead of time, breaking a few records and setting an example of management excellence for the entire world. this book provides a crystal clear insight into how a project of such magnitude got done with such finesse and brilliance, written by a person who was often very close to the centre of activity, Mr. Anuj Dayal, Head of Public Relations, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC)



It gives me immense pleasure to introduce this book titled “25 Management Strategies for Delhi Metro’s Success” before you. There have been number of stories written about Delhi Metro’s success, its achievements and its milestones. However, so far the media and the general public have not been able to completely comprehend the list of ‘Management Strategies’ followed at DMRC that made it click as an organization. This book is, therefore, a nice attempt to translate the philosophy and the strong work culture prevailing at DMRC since its inception that propels it to scale new heights each day.

The core values such as punctuality, integrity, professionalism and others that we strictly adhere to and which we practice religiously on a day-to-day basis find very apt description in different chapters of this book. In fact, these values essentially form the basis of our philosophy and work culture in Delhi Metro. Work culture, as we all know, requires a very disciplined and concentrated effort from the Management point of view that has to be inculcated in an individual right from the beginning. I think the efforts of Dr. E. Sreedharan have paid off well and we have been able to establish a system that sets us apart as an organization, that meets its targets and is committed to excellence and beyond in modern India.

Constructing the Metro in the capital of the country amidst maddening traffic and a huge population had its own share of hurdles and obstacles to confront with ranging from litigations arising out of land acquisitions, shop/market demolition and its relocation, paying compensation to the affected private parties, tree cutting and environmental clearance, permissions required for utility diversion and others. Each of these problems is, actually, a case study from the management perspective. The chapters pertaining to the above topics in this book and the efficient management strategies that the DMRC adopted in mitigating those problems gives a rare insight to the proactive approach and out-of-the box thinking of the DMRC engineers/managers.

I would like to compliment Mr. Anuj Dayal, Chief Public Relations Officer and its editorial team for coming out with such a wonderful publication which has been brought out in a very simple and straightforward manner.




1 Overview 7
2 DMRC Management 27
3 Integrity 33
4 Professional Competency 38
5 Target Orientation 45
6 Role of Finance 49
7 Role of Legal Department 53
8 Role of Public Relations 57
9 Officials 61
10 Punctuality 65
11 Crisis Management 69
12 Cleanliness and Safety 74
13 The Pace of Construction 78
14 A Profitable Metro 81
15 Partnerships 84
16 Systems - Vigilance and Audit 90
17 Environment 94
18 Economic Rate of Return 98
19 Outsourcing 103
20 Delegation of Power 107
21 Speed of Decisions 111
22 Consultancy 115
23 Balancing Different Streams 121
24 Customer Care 126
25 Personal Fitness 131
26 Steady Leadership 135
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