ABC of Retrograde Planets
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ABC of Retrograde Planets

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Author: K.K. Pathak
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2019
Pages: 102
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Author of book Shri K.K. Pathak is quite a well known figure in the astrological circle since last more than thirty five years. He has secured a record achievement of getting published his articles in more than four hundred issues of leading astrological journals namely, The Astrological Magazines, The times of astrology, Babaji and Express Star-teller. Pathak jee has authored more than thirty books after attaining the age of 65 years. Twelve of his books have already been published by Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan of New Delhi. Alpha Publication of Delhi has since come forward to publish his remaining books for benefit of readers. Pathak jee was conferred upon the honour of JYOTISH BHANU in year 1998 by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences in recognition of his services to the cause of Astrology. He was further conferred "SANTHANAM AWARD" in the year 1999 for his distinguished works. Pathak jee is held to be an expert in Remedial Astrology, Astro-Meterology, Vedic Paurantic Astrology, Classical works and Dasha system. Pathak jee belongs to Bihar. He was in Administrative Service for 33 years and retired as Special Secretary to the Govt. of Bihar in October 1993. We wish him a long life.


Retrogression of Planets is one of the controversial topics of discussion in Astrology. Years Grace English made an attempt to enlighten readers on this subject matter for the first time in an exhaustive manner. Though we differ with her in some respects, we are grateful to her for her valuable efforts.

On the request of our publisher Mr. Amirt Lal Jain, we decided to publish a book on this topic with a new outlook. This book comprises of seven chapters. Chapter One deals with technical aspects of Retrogression of planets. Chapter Two deals with views of 14 classical works such as Vridha Yavana Jatka, Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira, Hora Sara of Prithuyasa, Saravali of Kalyan Verma, Bhavartha Ramakara, Sanketu Nidhi, Shambhu Hora, Uttara, Kalamrita, Phala Deepika, Sarvartha Chintamani, Bhava Manjari, Phalita Martanda and Jyotish Martanda.

Chapter Three deals with views of 20 Modem Astrologers with B.S. Rao (1); B.V. Raman; R. Lakshman; S. Kanan; J.T. Singham; U.K. Singh; B.D. Hugins; P.S. Shastri; Bepin Bihari; B.S. Rao (2); Agastiya; S.K. Kappor; Ajanta Jim; S. Jagganatha Rao; R. Chowdhary; Grace Inglish; R. Santhanam, S. S. Chatterjee, Krishna Kumar and U.K. Jha. Chapter Four deals with possible effects of Retrograde planets with a critical eye. Chapter Five deals with Retrograde planets vis-à-vis Vimshottari Dasa. Chapter Six deals with practical examples of as many as 64 in number. Of these 64 horospcopes are taken from Select Horoscope published by NishKaam Peeth Prakashan for which we are grateful to them. We have carefully examined all these cases and found that much hue and cry made about Retrograde planets has no legs to stand upon. Chapter Seven deals with our conclusions. In our view it is foolish to treat a retrograde planet as a carrier of BOLT FROM BLUE or a cause for Wind fall Gains.

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