Advance Predictive Techniques of Ashtakvarga

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Author: M. S. Mehta and Rajesh C. Dadwal
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 8170820774
Pages: 176
Cover: Paperback
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About the Authors

The authors of the book M.S Mehta and Rajesh C. Dadwal are Faculty Members of the school of Astrology of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, which is the largest school of astrology in the world. They have many years of teaching experience and have taught hundred of students the advanced techniques of predictions. Under their guidance students have learnt the art of prediction with ease and comfort.

This book is the result of long years of teaching experience and hopefully will provide new material for interpretations of horoscopes.

M. S. Mehta has already written many books on Astrology which include ‘Planets and Foreign Travels’ , ‘Analysing Horoscopes through Modern Techniques’ and ’ Varsha Phala’ etc. under the guidance of K. N. Rao. He has also written many articles on Mundane Astrology for prestigious ’Journal of Astrology’.


Astrology is a divine science and for accurate predictions grace of gurus and gods is necessary.

Our Guru K. N. Rao had guided us in to the right path and divine help come in many forms in the shape of new material on Ashtakvarga which has not so far been published in any book.

Ashtakvarga is a unique system to assess the strength of Bhavas and planets and provided guidance for giving accurate predictions. To give an example, a well placed Sun in the horoscope will take a person to dizzy height. Person with such a Sun will be a born leader and success would come to him easily. Since in natural zodiac Sun is Karka of the fifth house, the house of Poorva Punya, success and high intelligence, it is not possible to achieve high status and success in life without a strong Sun. Similarly a strong Moon will make a person a great humanitarian with interest in public welfare and a great peace of mind. With afflicted and weak Moon a person does not have a proper thinking capacity and is prone to dull and morose life.

It is only Ashtakvarge that will tell us about the strength and weakness of planets and ultimately the periods of happiness prosperity or turmoil and dejections.

Great contribution of Ashtakvarga is that it gives at a glance picture of strength and weakness of the horoscope and provides best guidance for remedial measures.

Ashtakvarge system is not there in any other branch of Astrology of the world and provides a convincing proof that divine science of Astrology took birth in Indian which is the land of Rishis & Munis.


II.About the Authorsvii
1Ashtakvarga System of Prediction1
2How to make Ashtakvarga Charts8
3Reductions (Shodhana)23
4Reduction in Sarvashtakvarga38
5Shodhya Pinda42
6Interpretation through Ashtakvarga46
7Interpretation through Sarvashtakvarga51
8Predictions through Ashtakvarga of Sun66
9Ashtakvarga of Moon72
10Ashtakvarga of Mars78
11Ashtakvarga of Mercury86
12Ashtakvarga of Jupiter90
13Ashtakvarga of Venus96
14Ashtakvarga of Saturn102
15Ashtakvarga of Transit108
16Transit of Planets in Kakshaya119
17Indu Lagna and Wealth through Ashtakvarga121
19Results of Dasha/ Antardasha134
20Muhurta and Ashtakvarga137
21Marriage and Ashtakvarga140
22Controversies in Ashtakvarga142
23Example Horoscopes147
i) Independent India
ii) Bill Clinton
iii) George Bush
iv) Sachin Tendukar
v) Lal Bahadur Shastri
vi) Sanjay Gandhi
vii) J.L. Nehru
viii) A.B. Bajpai
ix) Rajiv Gandhi
x)Amitabh Bachhan

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