Aethetical Values of Humanity Through 'Art' (6th Century to 15th Century AD)
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Aethetical Values of Humanity Through 'Art' (6th Century to 15th Century AD)

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Author: Chitralekha Singh
Publisher: ABD Publishers, Jaipur
Language: English and Hindi
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788183764537
Pages: 184 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inches
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About the Authors

Dr. Chitralekha Singh, born 1945, recipient of Defence Secretary’s commendation medal and card as NCC officer (captain). Gandhi medal awardee, DLA award and Rupayan Achievers award 2013 International Who's Who or Professional & Business Women. Carolina (USA), (1998). Honorary member of Advisory Board of American Biographical institute of USA. (1998). (Dr.) Chitralekha Singh is the first Woman D.Litt (Painting) in the world. A M.A., PhD., D.Litt., she became Lecturer, Reader & Head, Department of Fine Arts, Agra College, Agra. She was awarded UGC Research Associateship minor and major project and short term project of ICHR. She is Founder-Director of Lalit Kala Sansthan, Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra and Founder Dean., Institute or Visual Performing Art & Research Mangalayatan University. Aligarh, examiner of six universities, research guide of four universities and has privilege of 55 Ph.D. and 150 M.Phil awardees under her expert guidance.

Devoted to art, as an artist, she held many solo and group exhibitions, attended many seminars and Workshops. Her paintings are in the collection of Bangladesh, Holland, Germany, Nigeria, Rome, USA and Canada besides in India. Her 27 books have been published so far and more than 15 are under publication. She has visited Italy, Mauritius. China, United States, Canada, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka to convey, the message of peace 'Vashudhaiv Kutumbkam' (World is one Family) through her pen and brush. Now she is devoting her full time to promote art and culture at her own society ‘Chitralekha: The Village of Art’ at Agra.


Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch post impressionist painter once said "if you truly love nature .you will find beauty everywhere" the Indian artist Nandlal Basu said "The practice of art is as good as a lifelong worship". Persian poet & mystic Jalalad-din-mohammad raumi said "The world is within us, do not feel lonely, the entire universe, is inside you" declared. Thus by hearing and understanding the humanity through art encouraged rather I must say forced me to take out this research journal of fine art-is the IInd phase of Indian history of art, in which the topics are taken from 6th century Pal, Jain, Apabhransa, Tadapatra, Deccan school- Beejapur, Golkunda, Ahmadanagar, Caves-Bhaja, Bagh, Ellora, Elephanta, Kanheri, Sittanvasal, Sculpture & Architecture of Mathura, Sarnath etc. and many more related to this period upto Pre-Mughal Babar & Humayun. The aim of this research journal is to uplift the young scholars of India, through their views of Art/thought and literary research papers. The thought and the traditional culture should be maintained in the heart of the art lovers/ historians/ researchers/art critics & students. The Primary aim of this edited book is to provide readers with a clear understanding of visual art. Finally I thank all, who have contributed their articles, pear reviewers and the production team.

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