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AL-ETI'DAAL (Islamic Politics)

AL-ETI'DAAL (Islamic Politics)
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Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8171011799
Pages: 262
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.3"
weight of the book: 305 gms
About The Book:

Muslims everywhere are going through a period of uncertainty, turmoil and suffering. Throughout the world, there appears to be a concerted effort to wipe out the very presence of Muslims. Bosnia, Somalia, Algeria are the better known examples of this onslaught, but Muslims are under attack in many other countries Kashmir, Cambodia, Burma are examples.

In South Africa, too, Muslims live in uncertainty. The country experiencing a period of lawlessness and anarchy. There is an undermining fear of the future. Questions abound:

"What should we do?" "Should we vote?" "Whom should we vote for?" "Why do not we get guidance from theUlema?" Islam does provide an answer, but the answers for Muslims are different from the answers for non-believers. The causes for the elevation or degradation of Muslims are not the same as they are for non-Muslims.

A student of Sheikh-ul-Hadith, Hazrat Maulana Zakarriya Saheb, asked seven questions. Hazrat Sheikh's reply was published in a kitaab answers to the problems we are facing, but serves as a guide according to which a Muslim's life can be conducted.

It should be read and re-read. It should be studied carefully, so that full benefit can be derived from the advice and guidance of Hazrat Sheikh.

May Allah Ta' ala fill the graves of all our pious elders with noor, particularly the grave of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith, (Rahmatullah Alayh). May He grant them a high place in Jannat and my he create in our hearts true love for Allah Ta'ala and His Rasul (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). May He make all of us think of and live our lives for the ulitmate end i. e. success in the Aakhirat. Aameen

The Letter
Question One:
How is it that Maulana Madani and Maulana Thanwi, although both being such saintly personalities, canhave differences of opinions
Advice for Unity11
Vilifying friends of Allah17
Question Two:
whose view in your opinion is correct andwhat is your opinion in these matters?21
The choice before Muslims in India 28
Question Three
What should we do? Should we lay ourselves downand die? Why do you not join any side?30
Accomplishments of Hazrat Madani (Rahmatullah Alayh)34
Students and Politics45
Jihad and sincerity48
What is Jihad ?52
Who is a Shaheed ?56
Question Four:
Today theMuslims are being dispersed anddestroyed. What should they Do ?62
Important: Are ther any facts mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) which are not present in our dayand age and how widespread ?73
Why this oppression ?87
Disregard for Messsenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam's) warnings92
Why do non-Muslims prosper ?94
Why the declineandfall ofnon-believers ?100
Is Islam norrow minded ?116
Subservience of animals to the Saints of Allah and fruits of obedience 124
Fruits of disobedience127
displeasure at the slightest contravention of Shariat128
Question Five:
"Selfish personal motives play a part in people's actions and interntions and it seems as if everyone are following their own desires"132
Sincerity in actions and deeds 132
Political parties and dishonouring of Muslims137
Question Six:
We see that the dignity of the Ulema is purposefully being destroyed and on evey front we hear them being criticized and abused151
signs of Qiyamaat152
Degrading the Ulema155
Rejection of the Ulema164
The Need for the Ulema167
The Neo-Ulema and the Pseudo-Ulema169
The Fatwa of Kufr171
The Importance of the Sunnah of Rasulullah (SallallahuAlayhi Wasallam)173
Steadfastness of the Sahabah (Radiallahu anhum)178
Who the Ahlul Qibla is182
Treatment ofthe Munafiqs186
The Pious Ulema and the learned Ulema188
Gradual Decline of the Ulema190
Question Seven:
The Dicline of the Ulema209
Differences between Abu Bakr(Radiallahu anhu) and Umar (Radiallahu anhu)212
Differences between the Sahabah (Radiallahu anhum)214
Differences of the four Imams216
Causes for continuation of Controversy218
Cause One218
Differences between our Elders221
Why these controversies countinue ?222
Cause Two222
Contradictory Hadeeth and Reconciliation234
Why the differences in Deen237
The Sahabah(Radiallahu anhum)241
Lofty examples of the Sahabah's (Radiallahu anhumah) dissent242
Testamentary Advice249

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