Al-Hadiyato Linnisa (Islamic Laws Regarding Purity of Women)

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Author: Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Palanpuri
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8171014763
Pages: 61
Cover: Paperback
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Translator's Note

Alhamdulillah there is no doubt that today throughout the world there is a general spiritual awakening in the Ummah. Several factors have been responsible for this; the most important and obvious one being the work of Da'wat, which has reached every nook and corner of the world.

It is imperative that every Muslim should know and understand what Allah wants from him or her during every moment of the twenty four hour daily life and how it should be implemented in the manner which was practically demonstrated by Rasulullah.

As we know, most of the Islamic literature is in Arabic, Persian or Urdu, with the result that people living in countries where English is predominantly spoken do not have the proper and adequate access to such literature, which concerns or affects their daily life. One of the most important of these being the basic laws concerning ceremonial purity (taha'rat) as far as women are concerned.

This booklet was published in the Gujarati language and by referring to the original script, which is in Urdu; we have managed to arrive at this simple translation with the help of Allah. For the Benefit of the ladies, we have tried to render it into very simple English so that the various laws, injunctions and problems could be easily understood and applied by anyone who possesses even the elementary knowledge of English.

This booklet can be used as a handy reference book and we fell that every adult female should have this booklet in her possession so that she can refer to it as and when the need arises.

Please do not abuse this booklet. Keep it in a safe place.

Back of the Book

Certain Islamic Laws are meant exclusively for women. Most of our Muslim Women are ignorant of these laws while some because of their modesty and shyness, reluctant to ask from others about these laws.

Keeping this need in mind Maulana Ibrahin Palanpuri has compiled this booklet, which covers all the laws under separate headings. The booklet is a very useful & handy to understand and practice accordingly.


  Pages No.
Translator's Note V
Preface VII
Buloogh (Puberty) 1
Haiz (Menstruation or monthly period) 3
Few Mas'alas regarding wuzu 6
Points to remember 8
Actual Prayer Times 15
Haiz and Salaat 16
Haiz and Saum (Fasting) 19
Haiz, Haj and Umrah 21
Haiz and the Qur'aan 24
Haiz and Zikr 26
Haiz and the Masjid 27
Haiz and the husband 28
Haiz and miscarriage 29
Bath after Haiz 30
Nifaas (Bleeding after childbirth) 32
Nifaas and Salaat 35
Nifaas, Haj and Umrah 37
Nifaas and Zikr 39
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