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Alchemy For the Soul: A Journey in Vishnu Bhakti - Learning’s, Reflections and Lessons

Alchemy For the Soul: A Journey in Vishnu Bhakti - Learning’s, Reflections and Lessons
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Item Code: IHL821
Author: Dr. T. Narayanan Kutty
Publisher: Sri Vishnu Mohan Foundation
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8190189093
Pages: 102
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3 inch X 5.9 inch
weight of the book: 165 gms
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Knowledge has no boundaries and there is nothing stopping us from knowing more. With devotion wisdom and thought as the beacons the search for knowledge can be life changing and soul elevating. One such sadhaka and thinker who experienced the eternal fountain of knowledge at the lotus feet of his venerable guru, her holiness Sri Sathguru Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi was Sri Vishnu Mohan.

Sri Vishnu Mohan felt that a spirit of surrender to the Guru could transcend all difficulties in life and that self transformation was best attained by a spirit of respectful inquiry systematic thought, deep humility and indomitable perseverance.

Sri Vishnu Mohan foundation inspired by his life and ways is an organization devoted to spreading of the self transforming teachings of Sri Krishna and H.H. Sri Sathguru Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi.

Drawing from cross cultural contexts and harnessing inter disciplinary approaches the foundation aspires to be a new beacon to all the citizens of the world as they go about transforming their lives. it aims to bring to fore the timeless philosophical and cultural traditions of India by giving it a fresh interpretation in the light of self transformation through self surrender and inquiry. Original research in the areas of philosophy, sociology, history, political science and mythology which would help mankind relevant Partnerships with individuals and organizations who would help in the rediscovery of India are the foundation’s objectives. The foundation also envisages creating platforms for interdisciplinary approaches to unravel the cross connects between history and culture music and Bhakthi folklore and religion and such related areas.



We are all divine sparks which have emanated from one source. In our journeys across time and in our lives, we at times forget this simple, yet true origin of our divinity.

Philosophers call it Maya Moralists call it delusion. The atheists have reason to believe that the way we behave is an evolving path which is circumstantial. Lovers of God and believers in the Narayana perhaps know only one way-bhakti.

In this lies the genesis of the Alchemy for the Soul. An intuitive , serious and knowledge—rich treatise on bhakti, on the one who inspires as all to surrender — the Bhagavan Vishnu and our eternal quest to be blessed with the Divyamangalarupam of Sriman Narayana. Dr. T. Narayanan Kutty uses theory and experience blended into a part academic, part inspirational journey in this series of lectures, now brought out as a book. Readers can discover different ways to understand bhakti. And find in the pages timeless fundamentals which when well understood can help us live a simple, uncomplicated life.

For the student of saranagathi (self-surrender) it is a wonderful window to the absolute destination — Krishna and Vishnu. In this book, they can discover experiences and realities of the tatvam called Krishna'. Devotion, love, simple theories are all part of Dr. Kutty's repertoire.

It is our firm belief that reading the Alchemy for the Soul will be a small, yet significant step for the scholar, student, bhakta and the Kali Yuga traveler in understanding the omnipotent essence and power which spins the universe—Vishnu.




  Dalam - I : Bhakti General  
1 Definition 1
2 About God 2
3 Turn to God 4
4 Good Deeds lead you to God 5
5 How an Atheist becomes a devotee? 6
6 Sadhakas perform Upasanas 7
7 Satsanga the Truning Point 8
8 God as Guru 9
9 Adopt Bhakti 10
10 Bhakti as a rasa 11
11 Rasanipatti 13
12 Divine Affection in Bhakti 14
13 Two divisions 15
14 Chronological Proceedings 15
  Dalam - II : Krishna Vaibavam  
15 Narayana Namostute 19
16 Visvam Vishnumayam Jagat 20
17 Krishnastu Bhagavan Svayam 22
18 Krishna is charming form and power 24
19 Derivations 25
20 Namoccharanam 26
21 Bhagavottamas 30
22 Sublime power of Krishna 30
  Dalam - III : Divyamangalarupam  
23 Eternal becomes Iswara 33
24 How a non cause can be a cause for creation 34
25 Nirguna Gunavaniva 34
26 Nararupena Kesavah 36
27 Krishna is vishnu 37
28 Dharana is baseless without form 38
29 Divyasvarupe Pramanam 38
30 Narayana in Narayaneeyam 39
31 Murti in Samadhi 41
32 Kapila and Devahuti 42
33 Symbolical representation 50
34 Surrender to Hari 52
35 Three Yogas a general approach 53
36 Sweetest even to sadhakas 54
37 Bhakti elevated as bhaktiyoga 55
38 Three Yogas 56
39 Karma Yoga 57
40 Karma Akarma and vikarma 57
41 Karmabandhanah 58
42 Vaidika Karma for mental purification 60
43 Karma for lokasagraha 61
44 Two divisions in Upanishad 63
45 Prohibited five 64
46 Worship through tantramarga 66
47 Jnanamarga 67
48 Para and apara 67
49 Competency of a recipient 68
50 A Short List 69
51 Gurureva param Brahma 70
52 Jnanam the supermost 72
53 Free thinking 75
54 How a formless is perceived ? 77
55 Upadhi 78
56 Suitable to all 80
57 Bhaktimarga 81
  Index to Footnotes in Dalam - III 86
  Abbreviations used 93
  Bibliography 95
  Index of slokas 97

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