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सावित्र्यर्थसर्वस्वम्: All About The Meaning of Gayatri Mantra

About the Book
The present work is written by Baladhanvi Rangacharya swami. It is a refutation of the Saiva interpretation of Gayatri mantra as advocated by the followers of Pasupata tradition, and established its meaning from the Vaisnava standpoint. The author of this work Rangacharya swami, seems to be a great Naiyayika, particularly in Navya Nayaya, as can be seen from the language he employs (e.g. page 1, taddharma. Hetuta page 4 tatpadarudhyartha. Pratibandhakatvam etc). Though the work is small, it contains a deep significance. The index at the end contains alphabetical list important words, works, and authors quoted in the work. The preface by Prof. N.S.R. Tatacharya and introduction by Prof. K.E. Govindan, who edited the present work from a manuscript preserved at his home, give valuable information about the author, his life and works.

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