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All is One

All is One
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Item Code: NAW127
Author: Vaiyai R. Subramaniam
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788188018406
Pages: 84
Other Details: 5.00 X 3.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.04 kg
About The Book

SMALL and beautiful. Pocket sized but profound, this booklet indeed packs ‘multum in parvo’-much in little- incorporating, as it does, ideas of immense use to spiritual aspirants at every level and of any faith.

The value of this tiny book can be gauged from the fact that Bhagavan Ramana himself had gone through it and given chapter headings for the benefit of sadhakas headings for the benefit of sadhakas and that he urged a devotee to read it if he desired Moksha (liberation).

It is hoped that spiritual aspirants will read this booklet of great merit with due care and derive utmost spiritual benefit by practicing its precepts.


Men court happiness and shun misery. It is the same with the other beings also. This holds good for the common run of mankind. But spiritually evolved persons adhere to right conduct and patient endurance. Association with such persons will be lasting whereas association with ordinary people will not be.

The question then arises: "What is right?" The point is important but the answer has not been found. Why? Because what is right is determined by circumstances. However comprehensive the work written on the subject, there will always be circumstances not envisaged in it. Therefore it becomes necessary for all to realise that state which will enable them to assess the conditions and determine what is right.

That state is one only. There are no multiple states. Although it is single, it is extraordinary that human beings should rarely (i.e., not readily) experience it. Nothing, it seems to me, can be more extraordinary than this. That unique state is very clearly taught in the Upanishads. In this book I have put down the same truth according to my understanding. I do not claim originality. I have considered it my duty.

All the chapters in this book are so closely interrelated that some point which may be omitted in one chapter may be found in another. Again, a few points which may not be manifestly clear, will become clear on closer study. As regards matters which remain unclear still, it becomes one of the duties of the reader to seek clarification from the sages and the scriptures.

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