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Ama-Vata Vigyana with Comparative Modern Study

Ama-Vata Vigyana with Comparative Modern Study
Item Code: NAK796
Author: Dr. A.R. Bhattacharya
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788176373524
Pages: 67
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5 inch
weight of the book: 60 gms

This book emphases new and factual approach to understand Ama-Vata disease, its etiopathogenesis with relation to rheumatoid arthritis. With reference to Agni and Ama this disease pathophysiology has been dealt into depth with its recent informations.

As there is increasing awareness of the importance of this disease and its pathogenesis, therefore a very humble approach has been made by the author to help in understanding by the undergraduate and post graduate students.

This book further clarifies about the modern aspect of Ama- Vata i.e. RA I hope that this book would prove useful and handy to students and the teachers.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic crippling multifactorial and multi systemic joint disorder in which pain remains as a cardinal symptom, contrary to the common belief most of the serious crippling and sometime life threatening arthritis occur in young people in the prime of their life leading to diastric effect on their whole span of life.

Apart from its potential of causing serious arthritis and extra-articular derangements; RA effects the psyche of an individual to a greater extent. Deformities and handicapness in RA causes immeasur-able suffering to the patients.

The intrinsic nature of the disease, its complex and unclear etiopathogenesis, variable nature of clinical features and its tendency to exacerbate and remit world, chronicity and disability associated with the disease in more than 50% of Rheumatoid population.

It is important to point out that the Amavata disease as described in Ayurveda is strikingly similar to Rheumatoid arthritis as described in western modern science. Although the etiopatho-genesis of this disease till date is not very clear, but strong evidences suggests the role of immune disorder related to this disease. Contrary to this Ayurveda links this disease with the diathesis of deplection of Agni which in turn leads to accumulation of a variety of byproducts of faulty digestion and metabolism in the system. Such morbid by products are termed as Ama, due to its macromolecular in nature and other features of Ama it causes obstruction to micro channels i.e. strotamsi. Beside this Ama also acts like auto-antigen in the system. If this process goes on and Agni System remains deplected with perpetual accumulation of Ama, a patient may develop an autoimmune inflammatory disease called Amavata in which the Ama having physical similarity to Kapha, is carried by vitiated Vata dosa to the seats of Kapha in the body. The joints being the major seat of Kapha are involved most.

Keeping the above mentioned pathophysiology in mind the specific target of intervention in Amavata is around Agni and Ama. A study will also be done to see deplection of Agni through subjective parameters and see the status of Ama.

As in Ayurvedic classics it is quite rightly stated that "Shamkshepatah, Kriya Yoga Nidan Parivarjanam" and 'Samprapti Vighatanameva Chikitsa'

This book include a complete review of Ayurvedic literature, modem literature, comparative study between Ayurvedic and modern medicine sciences.


Chapter IIntroduction1
Chapter IIHistorical Background3
Chapter IIIDefinition and Nirukti5
Chapter IVConcepts of Ama formation & Biophysical properties6
Chapter VConcept of Agni11
Chapter VIConcept of Immunology in Ayurveda15
Chapter VIIThe Ama Vata Disease19
Chapter VIIITreatment of Amavata28
Chapter IXModern aspect of RA33
Chapter XEtiology of RA36
Chapter XIPathology and Pathogenesis39
Chapter XIIClinical Manifestations49
Chapter XIIIInvesigative Criteria54
Chapter XIVManagement of RA58
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