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Analysis of Vaastu Saastram

Analysis of Vaastu Saastram
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Item Code: NAT546
Author: K.V. Padmanaabha Rao
Publisher: Zen Education, New Delhi
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788183512039
Pages: 113
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.14 kg
About The Author

K.V. PADMANABHA RAO with the blessings of elders is practicing Vaastu Saastram since quite some time now. He has worked at Vijaya Nirman company, which belongs to his friend S. Vijaya Kumar. He has gained experience in Vaastu Saastram with support of A.V.L Narasimha Rao, owner of Venkata Sai Granite. He is now settled in Visakhapatnam as popular Vaastu Pandit.


To own a house is dream for many, and often it is the goal of one's life. The head of the family and all other members plan for it and save every rupee by restricting their needs all the time to achieve the goal.

People prefer to own a house and to find a respectful place in the society. They get satisfaction and peace of mind in living in their own house as they can maintain their privacy in all circumstances of life.

The Vaastu Saastra will let you know whether the house is constructed in a scientific method or not. If the building is not constructed in scientific method the owner of the house may land in problems and ultimately have to sell it off.

Yes! There are different opinions of this Saastra in the Society. No one believes many ideas until one has a personal experience. But one has to think if it is logical to doubt without having any knowledge of the subject. We don't accept many things until they are scintifically explained and proven. For example we cannot feel the presence of high blood pressure and diabetes in our body until it is tested and declared. If we don't believe the diagnosis we will be the losers. The case of Vaastu Saastra is similar to this. One has to study the subject before deciding aginest it.

There is documented evidence of the vaastu saastra in practical use even before in the times of puranas. The constructions found at Harappa and Mohanjadaro also proved that the vaastu was in practical use.

The Power of lords who rule the eight points of compass, i.e. Ashta dikpalakas, the power of nine planets, and five elements a r e freely moving around the Earth performing their duties and providing livelihood to all living beings in nature. The early man lived in caves and holes of tree trunks that formed naturally and lived on the food provided by nature. Later he observed the changes taking place in nature, and developed many scientific theories. One such science is Vaastu Saastra.

We wish to published this book on Vaastu Saastra by Sri K.V. Padmanaabha Rao to share the knowledge of the subject with one and all. When we requested him to write a book on the subject he said that there are already many books available on the subject written by eminent people with thorough knowledge and nothing remained to be written or explained.

Then we explained to him that we don't want a book that contains the same thing told in ancient Saastras and that we need the essence of experience he gained in this field through his prolonged research, easy solutions and alternative measures he suggests that suits the present day conditions. He then agreed to write.

As he was too busy with his visits to places like Kolkata, Assam, Noida, Hissar, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Puducheri and factories in London, Switzerland, and Vietnam in connection with work related to Vaastu Saastra he could not write the book earlier.

At last with our requesting him persistently to complete the book, he finally provided this valuable work to us. We hope the readers get an awareness of the subject of constructing buildings in a scientific method and also solve their problems in a scientific way and lead a happy and comfortable life.

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