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प्राच्यभारतीयम् ऋतुविज्ञानम्: Ancient Indian Weather Science (An Old and Rare Book)

प्राच्यभारतीयम् ऋतुविज्ञानम्: Ancient Indian Weather Science (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NZE601
Author: डॉ. धुनीराम त्रिपाठी (Dr. Dhuniram Tripathi)
Publisher: Sampurnanand Sanskrit University
Language: Sanskrit
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8172700369
Pages: 268
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 6.5 inch
weight of the book: 570 gms


Like other sciences, the Science of Climatology also was well developed in ancient India. It is regrettable that now a day we do not pay proper attention to our ancient Indian sciences. This is because some how we have formed a notion that ancient Indian sciences have lost all their utility in the face of the modern science which have developed so much to their present position. But this concept of ours will prove false if we try to realize the real merits of the ancient Indian sciences.

The main difference between the modern sciences and ancient Indian sciences is that in modern sciences, the deeper we go the more we have to depend upon costly machines and other equipments. So here in the machines seem to have more importance than the scientist himself. But in ancient Indian sciences no costly machines or equipments are needed and the scientist is able o carry on his work, anywhere, without costly machines and well equipped laboratories. From the study of different ancient Indian sciences we gather that ancient Indian scientists, instead of depending upon man made machines and equipments, have always tried to adopt and utilize natural object easily available around us. Thus the earth and the atmosphere had been their laboratory wherein the animals, plants and other natural objects had to serve the purpose of instruments and equipments.

We can take the science of Indian Medicine, still know to us, as an example. Through, we do not have it in its complete ancient Indian form, as many branches of this science have disappeared and some of them are not yet completely traceable, even then an Ayurvedic physician, if well versed in Nadi Vijnana and Cikitsa, does not have to depend upon costly machines or instruments for diagnosis or treatment, where as an allopathist can not work without instruments and machines ranging from stethoscope to u. c.ray machine, etc. similarly, in the science of climatology, while the modern meteorologist has to depend upon the instruments like barometer, thermometer, anemometer, wind wane, rain gauge, etc., the ancient Indian meteorologist can do without depending upon such instruments. Consequently, our ancient Indian science may be used and utilized very easily even by a common man.

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