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Angels Speak (Your Daily Dose of Divine Love)

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Author: Roshani (Shenazz Nadirshah)
Publisher: Life Positive Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789384238087
Pages: 504
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 560 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

Angels Speak is the first Indian Oracle book of divine messages, affirmations and fifteen Archangels channeled illustrations, all infused with potent divine energy to bring extraordinary transformations. Wisdom, knowledge and above all - love, pour out of this book and is ready to flow into the lives of all who read and experience it. This book is a powerful source of daily divine guidance, as well as an oracle book of guidance for specific situations of life that may need to be transcended.

Angels Speak will help you heal and find joy, peace and love within and with everyone and everything around you. It awakens you to not just stay positive, but attract positive energies into your life, just as Roshani's channelled prayers, messages and affirmations have done to all who bear testimony in the book.

About the Author

Roshani (Shenazz Nadirshah), was born in Mumbai, India. The only child of a Parsi couple, she was raised a Zoroastrian and had a very strict upbringing. In 1990 she decided to venture into what her community then considered an unconventional career in advertising and films. She studied commercial arts and during her college years danced with the well- known Shiamak Davar Dance Troupe before moving on to advertising and media. She began her career in advertising and films as Studio Manager and made her way up to being a Director, Executive Creative Producer to Director Casting and Head of Films in the Indian film industry, better known as 'Bollywood'.

During the 2005 floods in Mumbai she contracted leptospirosis and had a close brush with death. She was immobilized from the waist down and suffered a prolonged illness for over a year. It was during this time that she first carne in contact with two faith healers. She attributes this period to have awakened her to the mystic and the divine. In 2009, on the recommendation of a friend she picked up a book on Angels and with time became more aware of the intervention of powerful beings in her life and the lives of those around her. She would receive very clear and accurate messages that manifested exactly as perceived. She felt these divine beings were nudging her to give up her dream job as Associate Vice President in a film production company. Despite it being financial suicide to do so, she woke up one morning in May 2010 with a deep conviction that a Higher Power was guiding her. After 23 years of being a media and films professional she gave up her job and embraced her spiritual calling, and in doing so began her journey towards what she calls her 'life purpose'.

Roshani is now the founder of 'Sparkling Angels Wholestic Living and Holistic Healing' and the 'Meher Roshani Foundation' in Mumbai. She is a Wholestic Living Empowerist, a Transformational Leadership Mentor, a Spiritual Medium, and now an Author. She blends spiritual guidance, healing, counselling and coaching with not just intellect, and practical application in life, but with great love, compassion and an inner drive to abide by her calling to assist in the transformation of as many lives as possible. She strives to make people 'spiritually independent' by taking them through the journey of recognizing their inner potential, unveiling and embracing their own divinity, and that of others, and all of creation.

More about Roshani's work is given at the end the book.


This affectionate book is the first ever Indian book of oracle messages and affirmations. For those unfamiliar with the term 'Oracle', it means guidance, advice or a prophecy believed to have come directly from a divine source. This book has thus been christened 'Angels Speak'. A name that was channelled way back in 2011 when Angels first started' downloading' their caring wisdom to me. An apt name I believe, as it is the Angels and divine beings that have in true essence spoken these words of God through my heart and higher consciousness, which in worldly terms can be called 'channelling'. This book is their Angelic gift to me, and through me, to the world. It is a book filled with immense universal love and the healing light of God and the Angels. A benevolent piece of work from the heavens filled with potent, poignant and yet tender energy in each and every word and part of the book - messages, affirmations and the fifteen Archangel illustrations.

To help even the most nascent beginners in the world of spirituality, Angels and affirmations, I was guided to include introductory chapters with a glimpse into the world of Angels and divine guidance, and how messages and affirmations can help in your everyday life, how it works on the mind, body and spirit and how you can make Angels and their guidance your companions and divine tools to help manifest the life you want, while also becoming a beacon of light for the world.

Throughout the book you will find some heartfelt testimonials. These are from students, clients and friends who have experienced the transformation of becoming what they want, and that which they can become; for themselves and the world. This is not done to spruce up the book, but has been included as guided by the Angels, to give your true inner spirit a conscious boost, to help you kindle that inner inspiration that may be waiting to become a flame.

Most of the transformations in the world begin by hearing stories of high disposition, exemplary demonstration of courage, faith and determination laced with great patience and perseverance, which finally created for people, unfathomable transformations and mystical miracles. When another soul reads, sees or hears about these, the soul starts to feel that it is not alone on this long seemingly strenuous journey and that it also has the same innate power to turn things around.

With that innermost desire to make a difference in your life, I share some affectionate genuine words of all such committed, self-determined souls who have seen, felt, experienced and lived through their wonderful transformations; no matter how small or big, as nothing truly is small or big in the eyes of God. I thank them all and truly appreciate their determination, patience and implicit faith with total conviction, to hold onto divinity during the seeming trials of their lives, by adhering to the Divine Guidance and performing their due human actions, through healing prayers and affirmations to further their spiritual and earthly growth.

As you move from one message to another these words shall be like compassionate reminders to reaffirm to the soul, helping you feel, believe and say, 'I Can Do It Too!'.

There were many interesting episodes that took place while bringing this book together. Divine humour, which is an integral part of divinity, never fails to amuse me. I was given just a few days to submit this piece of work to my publisher, and I prayed that I would be able to channel all this work in time. It was then that I came across an old file in my computer, which my physical mind had apparently erased from my earthly head. And voila! the file contained all 365 days of oracle messages and affirmations. I excitedly sent a snapshot of the file to my editor, considering it a miraculous finding, and told her that I would be able to send her the messages and affirmations well in time, and that I only needed to do a bit of editing which the Angels were guiding me to do.


On the Wings of an Angel
The power of visualisation and affirmations is as ancient as mankind. May be even earlier. Every being has wants, aspirations, desires, dreams, cravings, name it what you want to, there is a need for that ideal moment, present, future....the ideal existence.

Every now and then we get our noses rubbed into the ground by the chap in charge of the Karmic Balance Sheet. Those with a keen sense of humour call it karmic cleansing. Some call it paying for our sins. A few say these unpleasant experiences are for our good as Karma eventually catches up even with Gods.

I believe, and I may be completely wrong, that when we began our journey, as a spark come forth from the Great Fire, we possessed only freewill. There was no Karma involved as we were in our pristine form. To put it mildly, like one sage told the other, 'at the start only freewill existed as we still had not got the time to fug up Swamiji'. So time went by and we used our freewill, and most often we used our freewill in a manner where there were reactions....some good, most often not so good....some filled with compassion while others mainly pregnant with self-centredness. As we passed various physical shells, our freewill was used more and more, till eventually very little freewill existed and the other side of the scale became heavy....the scale of Karma.

All the while, those who had spent a little time in self-introspection, wanting to walk The Path, realized that there was an army of Helpers, Guides, Guardians, Angels, if you must call them, who were waiting to be called out to, to lend a helping hand, whisper words of wisdom, console the broken heart, show the path to those lost, just play the role of friend, guide, counselor and guardian.

We call them by various names depending on which Sacred Texts one pursues or has been brought up on, but the fact is this, every religion mentions them with love and reverence.

They are Friends. They are always ready to step in and lend a helping hand. They will be with you till you want them to envelope you. They may have wings or they may not but they have tender hearts with the sigh of The Creator coming forth from them.

We call them Archangels or Guardian Angels, and Guides. In the Zoroastrian Scripture called The Avesta, we call Archangels, Haft Ameshspands, The Seven Arch Angels and our Angels are called Yazatas or Yazads. Guides are called Fravashis, who lived their lives on Earth, and when they passed over, they became guides to those still in the physical shell.

Zoroastrians pray to Archangels and Angels, while I have been told that in many other religions, one does not pray to them. One just calls on to them, as they are helpers of the One. To help but not to be prayed to. But what is a prayer? A call for help, to most people. Then one can suffice to say that all, knowingly or not, pray to Archangels too. We call on them to heal, guide, guard. If that is not a prayer then what is?

So Angels and Archangels have always existed. They are helpers, The Ones who go about doing The Lord's work. Each one of us has been helped by them, whether we know it or not. According to me, when one calls out to God, for help, S(H)e, sends The Angels.

This book written by Roshani Shenazz Nadirshah, has been channelled and she rightfully believes it has come forth from a divine source, that One divine source. All through history, we have been told, that Divinity through words comes forth from The Lord's vision through Angels to all those who care to listen.

The book has affirmations which spread a divine fragrance of positivity. Though everybody seems to be of the opinion that first came The Word, I would like to believe that God knew what S(H)e was creating, thus first came The Thought, then that thought was verbalized through The Word, which then materialized all of Creation. Thus, as Prophet Zarathustra, has so simply laid the foundations of Zoroastrianism as 'Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.'

Affirmations are important as they lend words to one's hopes and aspirations and visualisations. Roshani has channelled each message and affirmation for every day of the year and I think that is sensible as each day is the beginning of one's life from that day forth.

We are bombarded with negativity through every avenue. Be it the media or movies or the net or reality, we have become an aggressive, megalomaniac, masochistic, self-centred, self-destructive tribe, called humanity.

A positive affirmation, visualisation, prayer, for each day, would be a good way to start one's new life. Imagine we have an opportunity to live a new life every day and thus each day has a new message and affirmation of hope and positivity. Call upon the Angels. They await our call. Believe in them. They are real. Make them your friends, guides, councillors for they are all rolled into one.


  Dedication 7
  About the Author 9
  Prologue 11
  Foreword 20
1 Angels and Angel Soul Therapy 24
2 Divine Synergy of Mind, Body and Spirit 38
3 Affirmations and their Power 47
4 How to use this book 62
5 365 DAYS of Angel Messages and Affirmation 71
6 Glossary of Terms 493
7 Acknowledgements and Gratitude 495
8 Author Biography and Endorsements 498


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