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अनिरुद्धचम्पूकाव्यम् - Anirudh Champu Kavyam

DvarakadasaVaisuava was the one disciple among disciples of Guru Nanaka Deva. He was Sanskrit scholar and he got longevity of 250 years (see Nanaka candrodaya mahakavyam (21, 2008) -

as Vaisuavah sardhagatadvayisama-vayah samasaditamantrasadhanah abhat samagreua janena vandito gurustu tasyasana asta nirbhayaha

He remained up to the time of Guru Govind Singh (1666-1708). Guru Nanaka Deva when reached Varanasi, one Brahmaua of Sandilya clan had donated him one piece of the land there. On the same land Guru-dvard was established in the area of Gurubagh, Varanasi. Pandit Devaraja Sharma was born in the same family of the Brahmaua who donated the land to Guru Nanaka Deva. Pandit Raghupati was his father and the name of Sanskrit teacher was Shivalal Sharma. Devaraja Sharma was contemporary to Guru Govind Singh. He took initiation of udasi sect from Dvarakadasa Vaisuava. After a few years of inititation accomplishment and study became fruit-ful. Extraordinary prudence, genius and poetic power enhanced in him. Devaraja ;iharma explained his prudential power by himself in Nanakacandrodaya : 'tatrasia devarajah parama-kavayita dharauasaktigalr(4.21)

He used his poetical power in twenty one canto epic named 'Nanaka-candrodaya' to explain life and philosophy of Guru Nanakadeva, where he composed 3276 verses in Sanskrit. This epic was published in my chief editorship from Sampurnanand Sanskrit University during 1979.

The heart of Devaraja filled with love after the composition of this epie Nanakacandroday. Sfngara is chief among all the Rasas (Relish), He deter-mined to draw this overflowing stream of love through a poetic work. He composed this Aniruddha campa on the basis of love between Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krsua, and t4a the daughter of the demon Bahasura. Devaraja showed here his talent to associate poetic prose with poems. Here he used two kinds of prose : utkalikapraya and caruaka. The sentence which is full of long compounded words, called utkalikapraya. Curuaka is that prose which is not ponderous with long compounds. It's speciality is the perfor-mance of samallcompounded words.

This is the first poetic work where Usa a princess kidnapped Aniruddha, a prince staying very far from her place. She was living in Sonitapura (mod-em Tejapur) of Assam in the eastern part of India and Aniruddha was staying in Dvaraka on the western coast of the ocean. There are many examples belonging to kidnap princess by kings in Indian history, but this is the unique example where a princess kidnapped a prince.

The source of the story of Aniruddha Camp

Usa met Aniruddha in dream and she was arrested in his love. She could not forget him even after her awakening. Day by day she was confined in depression. Her friend Chitralekhd asked its reason. After her explaination Chitralekhd drew photographs of the most famous princes. On the choice of Usd Chitralekhd went flying way with her yogic power to Dvdrakd and hav-ing kidnapped Aniruddha presented him to Up in her herem. Chitralekhd married them by Gandharva sort. After four months Bandsura became aware of the presence of Aniruddha in his daughter's herem. He arrested him after fighting. After a few months Narada informed Lord Krsna that Aniruddha was put in jail by Bandsura. He had on him the protective hand of Kotavi and Lord Siva. Bandsura was very proud of his one thousand arms. He had itch-ing on them that someone should fight with him. He prayed to Siva to fulfil this desire. Siva blessed him somebody will come to fight with you and will defeat you.

Marriage of Usä with Aniruddha

In the war between Lord Krsna and Bandsura, Siva helped Bfindsura. He was fighting with Kona on behalf of Bandsura. Kotavi (the nude god-dess) also jumped in war on bahalf of Bdnfisura. But after both left the ground. Lord Krsna cut 998 arms of Bandsura. Later the marriage of Aniruddha and Usd took place.

Kumbhanda, the minister of Bandsura had given hand of Usä to Aniruddha. The source of this story is found in Padma Purina, Siva Purina and Srimadbhagavata Purina. Detailed explaination exists in Bhigavata Purina as a Vaisnava treaty. Aniruddha was a disciple of Vaisnava Dvdrakadasa. So he choose this Purina which is belonging to Krsna and this story concerned direct to him.

Nature of Language

Devaraja the poet filled up poetical colours in this love story. Here Vira Rasa is inserted in the Srfigara Rasa. He explained six seasons, many metres, alankdras and Natural description in this containing nine ucchvasa (chapters) treaty.

The Manuscript

I searched the manuscript of Aniruddha Camp in the Sarasvai Bhavana library of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. Other manuscript exists in Rajashahi library of Bangla Desh. I did not receive any reply after many correspondences. The available manuscripts letters are attractive like pearl drops. But inside it was full of mistakes. There were a lot of different readings.•I attached a chapter of these at the end of this book as an appendix. Readers may enjoy reading juicy and poetical Language of the prose and poem. You may feel reading prose with delight as of poem. This treaty is equal to any great epic.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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