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Arabic Grammar of The Written Language (With Arabic-English and English-Arabic Vocabulary)

Arabic Grammar of The Written Language (With Arabic-English and English-Arabic Vocabulary)
Item Code: NAH087
Author: Rev. G.W. Thatcher
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: Arabic Text with English Translation
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 8171512305
Pages: 472
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch x 4.5 inch
weight of the book: 400 gms
About The Book

'Arabic Grammar of The Written Language' earned its name in teaching the Arabic Language correctly by means of English. Being a teacher, the author of this book felt difficulties of students and he solved the problems in it. As Arabic is not an easy and easily comprehensive language to those who are non-Muslim or also Muslim unknown to Arabic, the author tried his level best to put lessons serially as in English Grammar. In Arabic much attention is paid to pronunciation like Zebr, Zer etc. In English they are also symbolized and taught how to pronounce them. In supplement a few extracts from Qur'an and other works of this class are given to exercise the learners. Vocabularies of Arabic-English and English-Arabic meet the basic problems of readers. Index of the same languages is also very useful to them.


During the last ten years of my teaching of Arabic I have often found that my pupils had received much help from Harder's Arabic Grammar', and have been asked whether there was a similar work in English. When I was asked by the firm of Julius Groos to write such a work using Harder to any extent, I gladly consented, and trust this Grammar may be useful to many students of Arabic, who cannot read German.

The present work is a grammar of Arabic as in has been and is written. The spoken language varies in Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Morocco etc. But the written language is the same for all; the chief difference between the modern and ancient literature consisting in 'the introduction of new words to meet the requirements of advanced knowledge.

Each lesson should be thoroughly mastered before the next is studied. Each exercise should be carefully worked and compared with the key.

In the supplement only a few extracts from older books are given, as the Koran and other works of this class can easily be obtained. Special attention is given on the other hand to selection from modern novels, journals and correspondence.

To those who wish to study the grammar of the classical Arabic further I would recommend the last edition of Wright's Arabic Grammar published by the Cambridge University Press.

The various styles of Arabic handwriting may be studied in the Specimens d'ecritures Arabes (with key) published at the Imprimerie Catholique in Beyrouth.

A handy guide to Arabic literature is M. C. Stuart's "Arabic Literature" London 1903. Sydney (New South Wales), September 1910.


Exercises in reading17
First Part
2Feminine. Collectives25
4Broken Plural33
5Broken Plural36
6Declension. Genitive40
7Genitive (continued)44
8Pronominal Suffixes49
9Demonstrative Pronouns53
12Verb with Suffixes67
14Moods of Imperfect76
16Imperative. Present Participle. Verbal Noun84
17Passive. Particles89
18Derived Forms of Verb94
19II. III. and IV. Forms100
20V. And VI. Forms107
21VII. and VIII. Forms111
22IX. And X. Forms116
23Classification of Verbs. Doubled Verbs121
24Hamazated Verbs129
25Hamazated Verbs136
26Weak Verbs. A. Assimilated Verbs143
27Weak Verbs. B. Hollow Verbs151
28Weak Verbs. C. Defective Verbs167
29Doubly Weak Verbs184
30Quadriliteral Verbs. Verbs of wonder. Optative
The Verbs and its Sisters193
31Relative Sentences202
32Numerals, Dates. Age210
33Numerals (Ordinals)225
Second Part
35Noun of Place and Time, Instrument, Diminutive240
36Relative Adjective. Adjectives244
37Proper Names249
38Feminine. Collectives251
39Number. Broken Plurals256
40Broken Plurals (continued)268
41Declension of Noun274
42Use of Cases. Emphasis, Permutative278
47Conditional Sentences321
49Arabic Verse332
Arabic-English Vocabulary381
English-Arabic Vocabulary347
Arabic Index449
English Index460
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