The Art of Meditation
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The Art of Meditation

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Item Code: NAU715
Author: Dr. Pratibha Anand
Publisher: Tat Baba Foundation Publication, Vrindavan
Language: English
Edition: 2014
Pages: 129
Other Details 5.50 X 4.50 inch
Weight 60 gm

Kirpa Prasad' in Hindi is one of the Jewels in the neck-lace of books written & published by Anand Foundation under Sadguru Tat Baba's direction and supervision for benefit of mankind.

This book was so popular, that there arose a need for an English translation for the benefit of people interested in English literature and for people liVing abroad.

Sri Rasik Dev has devoted much time, energy, knowledge & efforts to bring out the English translation-`The Grace'.

As admitted by Sri Rasik Dev, a translation is not same as the original. The flow of ideas language & spirit in the original is difficult to produce in the translation. Guru Dev Tat Baba is a genuis, + gifted writer of HINDI religious literature. It is difficult to reproduce his flow of language, & ideas, in a translation.

But Sri Rasik Dev: has done a commendable job with blessings of Tat Baba. We congratulate him. The English Edition ',The Grace' was so much in demand that all copies were sold out. Therefore a need to publish a revised edition became necessary. This seva was entrusted to me by Guru Dev.

I have done by best to remove some of the printing mistakes, change some sentences, some words and some ideas. I have been greatly helped by Prof. Dr. Usa Uppal Ph.D. (well versed in Hindi & English) in correcting the original edition and adding new phrases, words & 'Ideas. I express my gratitude to this formed scholar.

Sri Sushila Ram BASS a devotee has helped me in correcting typed papers and arranging them. I would like to thank her. I would also like to thank the publisher for his devoted efforts to bring out this 2nd Edition.

Inspite of all efforts, this publicatiorr is still not perfect and may have mistakes. I am sure the next edition will be better. May Sad Guru bless us.

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