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Astro System for Fame, Richness and Power- Vol-I

Astro System for Fame, Richness and Power- Vol-I
Item Code: NAY545
Author: M.K. Viswanath
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 97898392807294
Pages: 260
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.2 kg
Om uchishta Mahaganapthaye namah

Many astrologers are proclaiming about the rules that tally for one to become a billionaire. But it is felt that the charts of billionaires are put to test with reference to the rules framed.

This book covers few specific topics such as name, fame, richness, power, etc. But there are so many persons who are deprived of these events in their life. There are so many citizens who are ordinary people. Astrology teaches that everything is because of karma or the result of one's deeds. One is required to do good karma for achieving something in life. Astrology is one of the few genuine, wonderful and immaculate tools available to mankind to read the life events and to predict the future.

Many people ask as to why a prediction made based on Astrology fails. Every student should understand that astrology is a science, but prediction is nothing but skill of an individual, also, the predictive skill varies from person to person, as talent varies from person to person. The subject shall not fail, but a predictor may. Let an astrologer do not pass the buck. The buck should stop at his table. Person with same horoscope may not have the same parents or spouse.

Mankind born shall be supposed to be in three different ranges viz. adhama, madhyama and uthama, meaning lower, middle and upper. Where there is honey, there shall be honey-bees too. If one is blessed with money, power or position, there shall be so many people around that person. Once these possessions are left or lost, there shall be no fans and followers.

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