Baba’s Vaani (His Sayings and Teachings)

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Author: Vinny chitluri
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788120738591
Pages: 176 (46 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 250 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Back of the Book

This book is a collection of the saying and teachings of Baba that are highlighted in the experiences of the devotees as they interacted with Him. Thought direct intervention in their lives, and the use of parables, He led them to spiritual growth. Like the caring aren’t that He is, He used love and humors to help His devotees understand profound philosophical and spiritual ideas.

These id3eas were expressed in simple language, and often seen in practice in their ordinary day-to-day experiences, so that devotees were unaware that they were acquiring Buddha pathetic. Buddha is instruction, or perception, and pathetic is protocol or steps of a ritual.

About The Author

Vinny Chitluri was born in Aruvankadu (Nigeria), but was educated in ablaut (Madhya Pradesh). She did her postproduction in Pediatrics from Kawaka saran Hospital, Delhi. Then she went to the U. S, passed the board examination and was conferred the ‘Diplomat of the American Academy of Pediatrics’.

While in the U. S., she started thinking seriously about her karmic bonds with her family. As her father worshipped Baba, she was also able to do the same from a very young age. She has been worshipping Baba for sixty years. Her relationship with Baba is that of a ‘best friends’ as He loves her no matter what she does.

She retired from the medical profession at the age of fifty and came to Shirdi in 1994 and settled there. Then she set about trying to know more about Baba. She soon realized that ‘the more she learned about Him, the more ignorant she was’. Alas, it would take her many lives to know a little about this inscrutable God. But her quest is ongoing.


Hari Sitaram Dixit or Kaka Sahib as Baba called him had a wonderful habit of keeping a diary. Many of the other devotees also did the same. Meticulously he wrote Baba’s lee/as as they unfolded before him. Every letter, every note that he received from the devotees he preserved. Most importantly, he wrote Baba’s words and sayings. For they give a great deal of insights into Baba’s moods, like sham rage which in actuality was a blessing in disguise, and Baba’s teachings.

Unfortunately, unlike Ganesh Shriknishna Khaparde he has not mentioned the dates. Nonetheless, the diary is a gem and is priceless. The leelas from his diary were published in the Sal Leela Magaine in the early I 920s. Most of the leelas given below are from his diary.

I for one thank Kaka Sahib, for enriching the lives of many devotees of Baba by his contribution of ‘The Dixit Diary’.

Especially in the parables, Baba flits from one topic to another. The English translation is nearly impossible. Since this book is about Baba’s Vaani, it has been translated verbatim. Therefore, it is impossible for the English translation to do justice to the ‘sayings’. No translation can bring out the nuances of the original, and therefore the reader may find that the language does not flow naturally.

Baba when he spoke Marathi or Hindi it was colloquial, so it’s even harder to write it in English. He used words like are, re and kyako, just to mention a few.

This book is a kaleidoscope of Baba’s lee/as, some parables, his sayings and his bodhapaddhati. Baba had an unique way of teaching, by way of dakshina, parables and even directly.

This book is Baba’s, but the imperfections are definitely mine.


Baba gave me many gifts in my life, and some of them were in the form of guardian angels. These angels helped me in many ways. Most importantly they helped me when I was writing this book. I take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

To Sada S Ghode, I owe a debt of gratitude for doing everything that was required to be done in this book, from searching for the descendants of Baba’s bhaktas to learning the intricate computer.

Sandeep E Gondkar of Shirdi, an advocate by profession but a computer wizard, and god sent for me.

Neeta Shebde of Pune, for sending me photographs of the devotees residing in Pune so I did not have to make the trips to Pune. Sri Krishna Kapur, New Delhi whose rinanubandhic ties with me made this book possible. He helped me in innumerable ways, they are far too many to mention.

S K .Ghai of Sterling Publishers, New Delhi who treated me like a family member, and most importantly for publishing my book. I owe a debt of gratitude to Manjula S of Bangaluru, my spiritual guru. Thank you Manjula for interpreting all these difficult Sanskrit words, and parables for me.


Introduction V
Acknowledgement Vi
Leela 1:Padmanabandra Swami from Alandi 1
Leela 2:Nana’s offering of puran polis to Baba 2
leela 3:Baba teaches Nana the impact of speech 3
leela 4:Baba comes in the form of a dog 4
leela 5:Kaka drives away a dog and repents 5
leela 6:Hansraj beats the cat and welts appear on Baba’s back 6
leela 7:Kaka Sahib prepares shira prasad for Baba 7
leela 8:Bapuji Shastri Gulvi 10
leela 9:Baba changes the creditor’s mind 10
leela 10:Baba smells the mogra 11
leela 11:Shanti Kirwandikar falls in the well 12
leela 12:Chidambar Keshav Gadgil pines for Baba’s darshan 12
leela 13:Kirtankar deserts Nana 14
leela 14:Bapu Sahib Jog performs the last rites of his mother at Shirdi 15
Leela 15Shankar Rao Ksheersagar gives all his money as dakshina 16
Leela 16Baba reads his thoughts 16
Leela 17:The yellow pitambar for his samadhi 17
Leela 18:The 30th day of his mahasamadhi 17
Leela 19:Ganesh Govind Narke’s letter to Kaka Dixit 18
Leela 20:Ya Ramdas (Come Ramdas) 18
Leela 21:AppaKulkarni is charged with embezzling 20
Leela 22:Kondaji Sutar’s hay stack catches fire 21
Leela 23:Nana Sahib Bere escapes being attacked by dacoits 23
Leela 24:This devotee sends dakshina to Baba along with penalty 25
Leela 25:Lakshman K Nulkar is relieved of his eye disease 27
Leela 26: Mr Curtis visits Shirdi27
Leela 27:Baba asks Nana Sahib Dengle what the birds are saying 29
Leela 28:Vasudev Sadashiv Joshi sees Lord Narasimha in Baba’s photograph 30
Leela 29:M B Rege meets his master 34
Leela 30:Rege meets the divine mother Radha Krishna Mai 35
Leela 31:Baba hai Dattache aayhe (Baba is Lord Dattatreya)41
Leela 32:Shantaram, Baiwant Nachne and the tiger 42
Leela 33:Vishnupanth Pithale makes a pilgrimage to Shirdi 43
Leela 34:The atheist ‘Keshev R Pradhan’ 46
Leela 35:Dev Baba alias Ananth Prabhu Walvalkar 49
Leela 36:Dattatreya Deshpande Nimonkar 50
Leela 37:Chottu Bhaya Parulkar receives a portrait and’ padukas of Baba51
Leela 38:‘The Locket 52
Leela 39:Scetadevi Ramchandra Tarkhad 53
Leela 40:Baba saves Jyotindra’s life in a ‘cloud burst’ 56
Leela 41:Baba comes in the form of a photograph to stay in the Tarkhad home 58
Leela 42:Baba gives life to Malanbai 60
Leela 43:Rinanubandh of a Muslim gentleman 62
Leela 44:Baba comes to her home and fills her box with udi 64
Leela 45:Baba Dixit and Babu Bhate were good friends 66
Leela 46:Nana looks at a Muslim lady 67
Leela 47:Govindpanth N Chandorkar forbids his family to have any contact with Muslims 69
Leela 48:These people are walking all over me 71
Leela 49:He calls Baba to save his staff from a catastrophe at work 72
Leela 50:Captain Vir Hate gets his rupee blessed by Baba 73
Leela 51:Baba rescues Captain Daruwalla from the enemy attack 75
Leela 52:This lady from Poona wishes to get a coconut from Baba 76
Leela 53:Baba restores the eye sight of Vitthal’s grandfather 77
Leela 54:Chandrabai Borker was devoted to Baba 80
Leela 55:She was a sister of mine for seven births 83
Leela 56:Nana Sahib Chandorkar’s son’s wedding in Gwalior 84
Leela 57:Kaka Dint extends monetary help to a friend 85
Leela 58:The ‘bhils’ are afraid of the fakir 86
Leela 59:The avaricious bhajan mandali from Madras 87
Leela 60:Baba appears in the glass of alcohol as a warning 88
Leela 61:Baba’s udi saves the life of both mother and child 90
Leela 62:Dr Talvalkar treats a fatal disease with udi and plain water 91
Leela 63:Kavaji Patil does not heed Baba’s advice and disaster strikes 93
Leela 64:Baba makes Agul Karim Khan stay at Shirdi for 10 days 94
Leela 65:Ganpat Rao Bodas of the kirloskar natak mandali visits Shirdi 96
Leela 66:Bai Sahib of Baroda visits Shirdi 98
Leela 67:Some insights on Baba given by M B Rege 98
Leela 68:Shyamrao Jayker’s portrait of Baba in Dwaraka Mai100
Leela 69:Dr Keshev B Gavankar gives interesting insights on Baba 101
Leela 70:Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandhare 107
Leela 71:Baba’s ‘rahem nazar’ breathes life into a dead man111
Leela 72:Shri Sai Baba Mandir Trust — Kohrale 113
Leela 73:Madhavnath Maharaj 115
Leela 74:The packet of udi turns into bhukka of Pandharpur 116
Leela 75:Mahali loved Baba passionately 120
Leela 76:Baba chi Vaishvadev chi shikvan (Baba teaches appeasement of Vaishvadev or agm or fire) 122
Leela 77:A devotee named Prabhu takes a photograph of Baba
Leela 78:Drop the wall, and that’s enough 122
Leela 79:Baba asks Ghaisis for bhiksha of 53 rupees 123
Leela 80:Vakthirek Gyan 124
Leela 81:Sagunmeru Naik 125
Leela 82:Vaman Chintaman Mukhe 128
Leela 83:Baba goes to Ruigaon occasionally 131
Leela 84:Parables 131
Leela 85:Baba asks Butti to get 161/2 rupees as dakshina from Dixit 142
Leela 86:Dinkar Mahadev Sapatnekar 144
Leela 87:Dr Keshev Bhagvan Gavankar 146
Leela 88:The experiences of Krishna Rao Naryana Parulkar 152
Leela 89:Sadashiv Naik’s mother attends Bapu’s wedding 153
Leela 90:Baba sends a photograph of his to Sadu Bhayia 154
Leela 91:There is an epidemic of plague in Harda 155
Leela 92:Nana Sahib Chandorkar’s udi box 156
Leela 93:Silver padukas 157
Leela 94:Silver padukas with chatri 157
Leela 95:Baha’s leelas on death and resurrection 158
Leela 96:Let the boy depart, don’t stand in his way 160
Leela 97:Shri Bapu Vaidya offers unripe green Alfanso mangoes to Baba 162
Leela 98: Baba sends Balaram to Machindragad163
Conclusion 164
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