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Bed Time Stories - 9 (Sikh Warriors)

Bed Time Stories - 9 (Sikh Warriors)
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Item Code: IDK615
Author: Santokh Singh Jagdev
Publisher: Sikh Missionary Resource Centre
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 1872580289
Pages: 74 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5" X 7.3"


Sikh history is replete with tales of valour and devotion, of fight against tyranny, help of the weak and downtrodden and a deep faith in the teachings of the Gurus. The Sikhs did not hesitate to challenge the might of a great empire and reckless invaders and fought against heavy odds.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his companions were taken prisoner from the fortress of Gurdas Nangal in December 1715 AD. Following his martyrdom, every governor of Lahore made the life of Singhs in his territory very difficult. They continued deploying army patrols to finish off the Singhs and even offered rewards for Singhs' heads. At the time of need they recruited Singhs in their army but when their purpose was served, they turned after their lives with all the force. The Singhs were subjected to this type of tyranny for fifty years.

In those days of tyranny, the Singhs looted Nadir Shah on his way back from Delhi with his booty in May 1739 AD. On reaching Lahore, he asked Governer Zakria Khan, "Who are these men who had harassed my army by their ambushes and raids. I want to destroy their hearths and homes." Zakria Khan replied, "Your honour, those who looted your army are called Singhs. Their homes are on horseback. They are underfed and underclothed but they are so brave that a Singh is always ready to take on the lakh. They prefer martyrdom fighting than concede defeat. They say that their Guru had bestowed upon them the rule of this county. The Guru's words must be fulfilled." On hearing this reply, Nadir Shah said, "If the Singhs are such, they are sure to get the rule of the country."

The stories of victories and sacrifices of those brave Sikh chiefs who organized and led the Khalsa in those painful times and propagated Sikh religion simultaneously are described in this book, the ninth in series. It was due to struggles and sacrifices of these brave men that Khalsa rule was established in 1965 AD. They turned their belief into reality for a second time.




1 Diwan Darbara Singh 11
2 Outcome of the Resolution 14
3 Kapoor Singh installed as Nawab 17
4 Encounters during Oppression 20
5 Release of Captives from Nadir Shah 23
6 Inheritance of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia 26
7 Leadership of the Panth 29
8 Title of King of Nation 32
9 Abdali's Defeat 35
10 Misls became Sovereign 38
11 Sukha Singh's Devotion of Sikhism 41
12 Adventures of Sukha Singh 44
13 Jassa Singh Ramgarhia as Landlord 47
14 As General of Adina Beg 50
15 Jassa Singh Ramgarhia as Maharaja 53
16 Jassa Singh Ramgarhia at Delhi 56
17 Sardar Baghel Singh 59
18 Sardar Baghel Singh-An Authority at Delhi 62
19 Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa 65
20 The Farsighted Administrator 68
21 Akali Phoola Singh 71
22 Importance of Panthic Resolution 74

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