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Bhagavata Purana: With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)

Bhagavata Purana: With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)
Item Code: IDE823
Author: Prof. J.L. Shastri
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: sanskrit
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8120805143
Pages: 829
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.3" X 9.2"
From the Jacket:

The present Purana is third in the series of the Purana Texts. The text, based on the Venkatesvara edition, is accompanied by the Commentary Bhavarthabodhini of Sridhara Svamin who interprets it on the lines of the Advaita School of Sankara. To the text is added a critical Introduction (both in English and Sanskrit), a Table of Contents in the beginning and an Index of Verses at the end.

This Purana has a great attraction for Vaisnavas. It is called Bhagavata because it describes the nine fold devotion of the devotee for the illustrious Lord Krsna.

The Purana is divided into twelve Skandhas. Skandha I is introductory. It opens with the Dialogue between Suta and Saunaka in hte Naimisa Forest. The pivot is Lord Krsna, though, as his associates, the Pandavas are also introduced. Skandha II is related to Devotion as the path of liberation but it also contains Catuhsloki Bhagavata-the original text which in it essence was philosophical rather than devotional. Skandha III describes creation, Astanga and Bhakti yogas. Skandha IV narrates the story of Dhruva, Vena, Prthu, Puranjana, Pracetas and others. Skandha V contains the history of Priyavrata, Agnidhra, Nabhi, Rsabha and Bharata. It includes a dialogue between Rahugana and Bharata on the Spiritual Knowledge. It deals with the Geography of the Terrestrial Globe too. Skandha VI is an exposition of Bhagavata Dharma, it illustrates the efficacy of Lord's name and his glory. It narrates the story of Ajamila, history of Daksa, his progeny and Indra-Vrtru fight. Skandha VII describes the Virtue of Devotion by the story of Hiranyakasipu and his son Prahlada. Skandha VIII narrates the churning of the sea for nectar, manifestation of Mohini and Siva's fascination for her. It also contains the story of Lord Vamana and King Bali. Skandha IX records the history of Kings of Solar and Lunar race. Skandha X presents a detailed account of the life of Lord Krsna and his wondrous exploits. Skandha XI elucidates Karma, Jnana and Bhakti yogas. Skandha XII concludes with the description of Dissolution, Suka's precepts concerning Brahman, death of Pariksit and Janamejaya's serpent sacrifice.

This Purana is an excellent contribution to the study of Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology.


2.Glory of the Bhagavata Purana1-12
1.Dialogue between Suta and Saunaka in the Naimisa Forest13-15
2.Merits of Devotion to Hari16-18
3.Twenty four incarnations of Lord Visnu18-20
4.Arrival of Narada20-22
5-6.Dialogue between Vyasa and Narada22-27
7.Punishment to Asvatthaman27-30
8.Kunti's Eulogy of Krsna; Yudhisthira's Remorse30-33
9.Yudhisthira's Acquisition of Kingdom33-35
10.Krsna's Departure to Dvaraka35-37
11.Krsna's Entrance into Dvaraka38-40
12.Birth of Pariksit40-41
13.Discourse of Narada42-44
14.Conjectures of Yudhisthira44-46
15.Pandava's Ascent to Heaven46-50
16.Dialogue between Earth and Dharma50-52
17.Punishment and Control of Kali52-54
18.Curse of Brahmana54-56
19.Arrival of Suka56-59
1.Discourse of Suka, Cosmic Form of the Lord60-62
2.Liberation by the Yogic Path : Instantaneous and Gradual Liberation62-65
3.Devotion to Hari-the only path of Liberation65-66
4.Creation of the Universe-Prayers to Hari66-68
5.Creation of the Universe-Dialogue between Narada and Brahmadeva68-70
6.Descriptions of Virat Purusa-exposition of Purusa Sukta70-73
7.Some Lilavataras and their exploits73-78
8.Relation among Body, Soul and God78-79
9.Suka's discourse, Catuhsloki Bhagavata80-82
10.Ten characteristics of the Bhagavata Purana82-85
1.Meeting of Vidura and Uddhava86-89
2.Dialogue between Uddhava and Vidura89-91
3.Dialogue between Vidura and Uddhava Glorious deeds of Krsna91-92
4.Dialogue between Vidura and Uddhava-Destruction of Yadavas, Krsna's Message92-94
5.Dialogue between Vidura and Maitreya-Tattvas and their Deities94-97
6.Cosmology : Creation of the Universe97-99
7.Vidura's Queries99-101
8.Creation of Brahma-His vision of Narayana101-103
9.Brahma's Prayer and Visnu's Boon103-106
10.Brahma's Penance and generation of Ten-fold Creation106-108
11.The Concept of time: manvantaras and life-span of men and gods108-110
12.Creation of Rudra, the mind-Born Sons of Manu and Satarupa110-112
13.Boar Incarnation112-115
14.Diti's conception115-117
15.Sanaka etc. curse Jaya and Vijaya117-121
16.Fall of Jaya and Vijaya121-124
17.Birth of Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu Hiranyaksa's Victories124-125
18.Hiranyaksa's Fight with Visnu125-127
19.Varaha kills Hiranyaksa127-128
20.Various creations of Brahma129-131
21.Kardama's Penance-Visnu's Boon131-134
22.Marriage of Kardama and Devahuti134-135
23.Marriage of Kardama and Devahuti (continued)135-138
24.Kapila Incarnation138-140
25.Dialogue between Kapila and Devahuti Importance of Bhakti-yoga140-142
26.Kapila's description of Creation-Samkhya Cosmology142-146
27.Samkhya Philosophy-Prakrti and Purusa146-147
28.Exposition of Astangayoga (the eight-fold path of Yoga)147-150
29.Path of Bhakti (Bhaktiyoga) and the Power of Time150-152
30.Samsara and Suffering in Hell152-153
31.Sufferings of Jiva-Rajasi gati153-156
32.Excellence of Bhaktiyoga156-158
33.Devahuti's Enlightenment and Liberation158-160
1.Progeny of Svayambhuva Manu's Daughters161-162
2.Rift between Siva and Daksa163-165
3.Siva dissuades Sati from attendance at Daksa-yajna165-166
4.Sati's Self-immolation by Yoga167-169
5.Destruction of Daksa's Sacrifice169-170
6.Appeasement of Rudra-Revival of Daksa's Sacrifice170-173
7.Completion of Daksa's Sacrifice173-176
8.Story of Dhruva177-180
9.Visnu's boon and Dhruva's Coronation180-183
10.Dhruva invades Alaka183-184
11.Svayambhuva Manu dissuades Dhruva from fighting184-186
12.Kubera's Boon and Dhruva's attainment of Visnu's realm186-188
13.Dhruva's descendants : King Anga's abdication188-190
14.Story of Vena : Prthu's Birth190-191
15.Birth of Prthu and his Coronation192-193
16.Eulogy of Prthu by Bards193-194
17.Prthu subjugates of the Earth194-195
18.Milking of the Earth196-197
19.Prthu's Conquest : His Horse sacrifice and Conflict with Indra197-198
20.Prthu initiated by Visnu198-200
21.Prthu explains Dharma to his subjects200-203
22.Sanatkumara's Sermon to Prthu203-206
23.Prthu's penance and ascension to Heaven206-208
24.Prthu's Descendants and the Hymn of Rudra208-212
25.Story of Puranjana-Introduction212-215
26.Puranjana's Hunting Expeditions and his queen's wrath pacified215-216
27.Invsion of Candavega-the Episode of Kala-kanya216-217
28.Puranjana's Rebirth as a woman and attainment of Liberation218-220
29.Puranjana allegory explained220-225
30.Story of Pracetas, marriage with Marisa; birth of Daksa225-227
31.Story of Pracetasas : Their Renunciation and Liberation227-228
1.Life of Priyavrata229-232
2.History of Agnidhra232-234
3.History of Nabhi-Incarnation of Rsabha234-235
4.History of Rsabha235-236
5.Rsabha's discourse of the Path of Liberation236-239
6.Rsabha quits his body239-240
7.Life of Bharata240-242
8.Bharata reborn as a deer242-244
9.Bharata reborn as a Brahmana, saved by Bhadrakali244-246
10.Bharata's Life: King Rahugana accepts discipleship246-247
11.Bharata imparts spiritual knowledge Rahugana247-249
12.Dialogue between Bharata and Rahugana249-250
13.The Samsara-a forest : An allegory250-252
14.Allegory of Samsara-Forest253-255
15.Bharata's Dynasty255-256
16.Mythological Geography-Terrestrial Globe256-258
17.Descent of the Ganga258-260
18.Continents, Jambudvipa261-263
19.Kimpurusa and Bharata Varsas263-265
20.Remaining six Dvipas265-268
21.Stellar Region268-270
22.Moon and other Planets270-271
23.Visnupada-the position of Dhruva and Sisumara Cakra271-272
24.Rahu's Position and Subterranean Regions272-274
25.Sankarasana-the Serpent Sesa274-275
1.Story of Ajamila279-282
2.Exposition of Bhagavata Dharma : Efficacy of the lord's name and Ajamila's Ascension to Visnu-loka282-284
3.Yama explains Visnu's glory284-286
4.History of Daksa, Son of Pracetas286-289
5.Daksa curses Narada289-291
6.Progeny of Daksa's Daughters291-293
7.Brhaspati's insult and his abandonment of Preceptorship293-294
9.Slaying of Visvarupa. Approach of Gods to Dadhici296-300
10.Indra-Vrtra fight300-301
11.Indra-Vrtra fight302-303
12.Vrtra slain by Indra303-304
13.Indra's Triumph304-305
14.Previous Birth of Vrtra-King Citraketu305-308
15.Consolation of Citraketu308-309
16.Citraketu's Realization of Lord Ananta310-312
17.Citraketu cursed by Parvati313-314
18.Birth of Maruts314-317
19.Details of the Vow Pumsavana317-318
1.Conversation between Yudhisthira and Narada, Jaya and Vijaya cursed319-321
2.Hiranyakasipu consoles his mother and Kinsmen321-324
3.Hiranyakasipu's Penance-Brahma grants Boons324-326
4.Oppression of Hiranyakasipu and Description of Prahlada's Devotion326-328
5.Life of Prahlada. Hiranyakasipu attempts to kill Prahlada328-330
6.Prahlada's teaching330-332
7.Prahlada, enlightened in mother's womb332-335
8.Death of Hiranyakasipu. Praise of Nrsimha335-338
9.Prahlada eulogises Nrsimha339-343
10.Prahlada enthroned. Conquest of Tripura 343-346
11.Eternal path of Religion346-348
12.Inquiry into the right conduct (Duties of Brahmacarins and Vanaprasthas)348-349
13.Code of conduct for Samnyasins and a dialogue between Avadhuta and Prahlada349-351
14.Duties of a householder352-353
15.Exposition of right conduct353-357
2.An Elephant leader seized by an Alligator359-360
3-4.Liberation of the Mighty Elephant361-363
5.The Fifth and Sixth Manvantaras - Brahma eulogizes the Lord363-366
6.Mount Mandara transported for churning the Ocean366-368
7.Churning of the Sea for Nectar368-370
8.Lord manifested as Mohini370-372
9.Distribution of Nectar by Mohini372-373
10.A battle between Gods and Asura-s373-375
11.End of the Battle between Gods and Asura-s at Narada's Meditation375-376
12.Lord Siva fascinated by Mohini376-378
13.Future Manvantaras379-380
14.Duties of Manu-s and their functionaries380-380
15.Bali's Conquest of the Svarga (celestial Region)380-382
16.Instruction to Aditi for the observance of Payovrata382-384
17.Manifestation of the Lord as Vamana384-385
18.Lord incarnates as Vamana. Visit to Bali's Sacrifice385-386
19.Vamana's request to Bali for three paces of land-Sukra's opposition386-388
20.Visnu manifests his Cosmic form388-390
21.Bali bound down390-391
22.A Dialogue between Bali and Vamana391-393
23.Bali free from bonds, enters Sutala393-394
24.Fish Incarnation of Lord Visnu394-397
1.King Sudyumna398-399
2.History of Karusa and other sons of Manu399-400
3.Story of Cyavana and Sukany400-401
4.Account of Nabhaga Ambarisa401-404
5.Protection of Durvasas; Story of Ambarisa (concluded)404-405
6.History of Iksvaku's posterity405-407
7.Story of King Hariscandra408-409
8.Story of King Sagara409-410
9.Descent of Ganga ; Story of Kalmasapada410-412
10.Story of Rama412-414
11.Story of Rama (Concluded)415-416
12.Iksaku's Race (Concluded)416-416
13.Race of Nimi416-417
14.Lunar Race417-419
15.Story of Parasurama; Sahasrarjuna slain (concluded)419-421
16.Story of Parasurama (concluded)421-422
17.Lunar Dynasty. Descendants of Ayu, Son of Pururavas422-423
18.History of Nahusa's Line ; Story of Yayati423-425
19.Yayati's Retirement and Final Emancipation425-426
20.History of Puru's race-Birth of Bharata426-427
21.History of Bharata-History of Rantideva427-429
22.History of Lunar Race-Royal Dynasties of Pancala, Magadha and Kuru429-430
23.History of the Dynasties of Anu, Druhyu, Turvasu and Yadu430-432
24.History of the Race of Yadu432-434
1.Vasudeva marries Devaki435-438
2.Lord's descent in Devaki's Womb438-441
3.Birth of Srikrsna441-444
4.Yoga-maya's prophecy and Kamsa's Order to slaughter all children444-445
5.Celebration of Krsna's Birth; Meeting of Nanda and Vasudeva446-447
6.Putana emancipated447-449
7.Destruction of Asuras : Sakata and Trnavarta449-450
8.Krsna's Sprots; Display of Visvarupa450-453
9.Grace upon the Gopi (Yasoda); Krsna tied to the mortar453-454
10.Uprooting of Arjuna Trees-Redemption of Nala Kubara and Manigriva454-456
11.Exodus from Gokula-Destruction of asuras Vatsa and Baka456-458
12.Slaying of Aghasura458-461
13.Infatuation of Brahma461-464
14.God Brahma eulogizes Krsna464-469
15.Slaying the Asura Dhenuka469-471
16.Subjugation of Kaliya471-475
17.Rescue from the Forest Conflagration475-475
18.Slaying of Pralamba476-477
19.Swallowing up of Forest-Conflagration477-477
20.Description of the Rainy Season and the Autumn477-479
21.Song of Gopis (cowherd-women)479-481
22.Cowherd maids pray to Katyayani - Krsna's carrying away their garments481-483
23.Spiritual emancipation of the wives of Brahmana Sacrificers483-485
24.Prevention of Sacrifice to Indra485-486
25.Lifting up of Mount Govardhana487-488
26.Conversation between Nanda and cowherds488-489
27.Indra Coronates Krsna489-490
28.Nanda rescued from Varuna491-491
29.Lord Krsna's Rasa with Gopis491-494
30.Search after Krsna494-496
31.Gopi's Song (prayer for Krsna's Return)496-497
32.Krsna comforts Gopis498-499
33.Description of Rasa Krida499-501
34.Sudarsana emancipated and slaying of Sankhacuda501-502
35.Gopi's song in pairs of Verses502-504
36.Akrura deputed to bring Krsna and Balarama to Mathura504-506
37.Slaying of Asuras Kesin and Vyoma506-508
38.Arrival of Akrura to Gokula508-510
39.Akrura returns with Krsna and Balarama510-513
40.Akrura's Hymn (in praise of the lord)513-515
41.Krsna's arrival at Mathura515-517
42.Description of the wrestling arena517-518
43.Killing of the elephant Kuvalayapida518-520
44.Slaying of Kamsa520-522
45.Restoration of preceptor Sandipani's son522-524
46.Uddhava deputed for consoling Nanda524-526
47.Uddhava's discourse on the real nature of the Lord526-530
48.Visit to the Houses of Trivakra and Akrura530-532
49.Akrura's mission to Hastinapura532-533
50.Settlement at the Fort of Dvaraka534-536
51.Mucukunda's Eulogy of the lord536-539
52.Krsna and Balarama escape to Dvaraka Balarama's marriage. Rukmini's letter to Krsna539-541
53.Rukmini's marriage. Rukmini carried away by Krsna541-543
54.Celebration of Rukmini's marriage543-545
55.Story of Pradyumna's Birth545-547
56.Story of Syamantaka Jewel547-549
57.Story of Syamantaka Jewel, Murder of Satrajit. Akrura allowed to retain the jewel.549-550
58.Espousal of Lord Krsna550-552
59.Narakasura slain552-554
60.Conversation between Krsna and Rukmini (A sweet quarrel)554-558
61.Aniruddha's marriage558-560
62.Aniruddha taken captive by Banasura560-561
63.Bana Vanquished. Aniruddha brought to Dvaraka561-563
64.Story of Nrga563-565
65.Balarama's visit to Gokula-the course of Yamuna diverted565-566
66.Slaying of Pundraka and others566-568
67.Balarama slays Dvivida568-569
68.Hastinapura dragged by Balarama569-570
69.Srikrsna's household life571-572
70.Krsna's Daily observances; Deputation from captive Kings of Jarasandha572-575
71.Srikrsna's Visit to Indraprastha575-577
72.Jarasandha slain577-579
73.Return of Krsna and others to Indraprastha579-580
74.Yudhisthira's Rajasuya: Sisupala slain581-583
75.Discomfiture of Duryodhana583-584
76.Fight with Salva584-585
77.Slaying of Salva585-587
78.Dantavakra and Viduratha slain : Balarama's Pilgrimage587-588
79.Balvala killed : Balarama's Pilgrimage589-590
80.Story of the Brahmana Sridaman590-591
81.Story of the Parched Rice (Story of Sridaman continued)591-593
82.Meeting of Vrsnis and Gopis of Vrndavana594-595
83.Narration of their Marriage. Episodes by Krsna's Consorts595-598
84.Vasudeva's Sacrifice598-601
85.Restoration of his Elder Borthers by Krsna form the Realm of Death601-604
86.Elopement of Subhadra; The lord's Grace on Srutadeva604-606
87.Hymn of praise by the Vedas607-617
88.God Rudra saved617-619
89.Supermacy of Visnu Vindicated619-621
90.Song of Queens : Resume of Krsna's Sports621-623
1.Sages' curse : Imprecating the annihilation of Yadu's Race624-625
2.Bhagavata Dharma; Narada Narrates King Nimi's Dialogue with Jayanteya and others625-629
3.Discourses on Maya, Means to transcend it. Brahman and the Path of Action629-632
4.Lord's Incarnations, their description by Durmila633-634
5.Nature and Fate of non-Devotees. Yuga-wise methods of worshipping the Lord634-637
6.Lord Krsna requested to return to Vaikuntha Uddhava's desire to follow him637-640
7.Krsna's Spiritual guidance to Uddhava. The Legend of Avadhuta and his preceptors640-644
8.What the Avadhuta learnt from the nine Preceptors, from the Boa-Constrictor to Pingala644-646
9.Discourse of Avadhuta Concluded646-648
10.How Jiva is ensnared is Samsara648-650
11.Characteristics of Bondage and Liberation and Devotion650-653
12.Association with Saints. Performance and Renunciation of prescribed Karmas653-655
13.Spiritual knowledge imparted by Hamsa655-658
14.Path of Devotion and the Method of Meditation658-661
15.Super-normal powers attained by Yoga661-663
16.Visnu's glorious manifestations663-665
17.Sacred duties of a Celibate and a Householder665-668
18.Duties of Hermits (Vanaprastha and Sannyasins)668-670
19.Exposition of Spiritual Knowledge, its Realization and Yogic Disciplines670-672
20.Elucidation of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yogas672-675
21.Criteria for determining the good and evil675-678
22.Principles (Tattvas); Distinction between Prakrti and Purusa678-682
23.Song of a Recluse (Bhiksu Gita)682-686
25.Guna-s (sattva, rajas and tamas) and their working688-690
26.Song of Aila (Pururavas)690-691
27.Yoga of Active Service691-694
28.Path of Knowledge (Jnana-yoga)694-697
29.Bhakti-yoga Departure of Uddhava to Badarikasrama697-700
30.Extermination of the Race of Yadavs701-702
31.Lord Krsna's Return to Vaikunthaa702-704
1.Dynasties of the Kali Age705-706
2.Evils of the Kali Age706-708
3.Dharma in every Yuga; Efficacy of God's Name708-711
4.Four-fold Dissolution711-713
5.Suka's concluding precept concerning Brahman713-714
6.Taksaka bites Pariksit : Janmejaya's Serpent Sacrifice. Classification of Vedas in different recensions714-718
7.Recensions of the Atharva Veda. Characteristics of the Puranas718-719
8.Markandeya's Penance and Praise of Lord Narayana719-722
9.Lord exhibits his Maya722-723
10.God Siva's Boon to Markandeya723-725
11.Significance of Various parts of Lord's image. The Retinue of Sun-God every month725-727
12.Twelve Skandhas of Srimad Bhagavata- A review728-730
13.Eighteen Puranas, their extent; Glory of the Bhagavata Purana730-731

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