भास्करीय बीजगणितम् - Bhaskariya Bijaganitam (With Introduction, English Translation, Explanation And Notes By Venugopal. D Heroor)
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भास्करीय बीजगणितम् - Bhaskariya Bijaganitam (With Introduction, English Translation, Explanation And Notes By Venugopal. D Heroor)

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Author: Venugopal. D Heroor
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation, Notes and Introduction
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788193764817
Pages: 427
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About The Book

The use of symbols - letters of the alphabet to denote unknowns - and equations are the foundations of the science of algebra. The Hindus were the first to make systematic use of the letters of the alphabet to denote unknowns. They were also the first to classify and make a detailed study of equations, Thus they may be said to have given birth to the modem science of algebra.

There are only two extant famous Hindu works on bijaganita, viz.; Bijaganita of Bhaskaracarya (1150 A.D.) or Bhaskriya-Bijaganitam and Bijaganitavatamsa of Narayana Pandita (1356 A.D). As the Bijaganitavatatmsa available now is incomplete, importance of the Bhaskriya Bijaganitam, the only available work in its complete I'm, is obvious.

The present work, Bhaskriya Bijaganitam with Introduction, English translation exposition, notes, and complete solution of illustrative examples according to the methods of Bhaskara using modem symbols by Er. Venugopal D Heroor, is reader friendly, and will reveal to the reader the remarkable progress in algebra made by the Hindus at an early date. It will also show that we are indebted to the Hindus for the technique and fundamental results of algebra just as we owe to them the place-value system in arithmetic, and invention of the basic function 'sine' in Trigonometry.

About the Author

Er. Venugopal D. Heroor, a Chartered Engineer by profession, is a keen and enthusiastic scholar of Ancient Indian Mathematics. His books: (i) The History of Mathematics & Mathematicians ,of India, and (ii) Bharatiya Trikonamiti Sastra (in both Kannada and English) are fascinating and significant. They are definite contribution in the study of the history of Indian mathematics.

He has brought out fourteen books related to Indian mathematics, which include translation of the Sanskrit works : Sridharacarya's Trisatika or Pali Ganita Sara, Bhaskaracarya's Jyotpatti, and Ganitadhyaya of Brahmagupta's Brahma-sphuta-siddhanta into both Kannada and English. The works: 'Development Of Combinatorics From The Pratyayas In Sanskrit Prosody' in English, AnkapaSa: Chandahsastradimda Vikalpa-Ganitada Vikasa in Kannada and its Hindi translation: Chandahsastra Se Vikalpa-Ganita Ka Vikasa are of inter-disciplinary nature.

He has translated Sridharacarya's Pali Ganita, Bhaskaracarya's Lilavati, and Bhaskriya-Bijaganitam, Sripati's Ganitatilakam, Narayana Pandita's Ganita Kaumudi and Citrabhanu's Ekavimsati Prasnottara into Kannada. Also, Bijaganitavatama of Narayana Pandita is translated by him into both English and Kannada which are yet to be published.

He has translated many articles and research papers and has also contributed original articles. He has conducted classes for teachers and research scholars; presented papers at various universities, National and International Seminars.

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