Bhavishya Purana (Chapter 151 - 183)
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Bhavishya Purana (Chapter 151 - 183)

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Author: Sri Krsna Dvaipayana Vedavyasa
Publisher: Ras Bihari Lal and Sons
Language: Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788184030310
Pages: 446
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
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About the Book

The Bhavisya Purana is one of the eighteen major Puranas. The specific appeal of This Purana is that it narrates incidents that will occur in the future , as well as accounts that happened in the distant Past.

In the first volume of Bhavisya Purana there are no future predictions, but as in all the Puranas, there is much of great interest.

In this Volume there is an elaborate exposition of the auspicious and inauspicious characteristics of men and women,

and in the course of this Description, there is much information on Vedic physiognomy.

This Volume also contains the beginning of an elaborate description of the significance of each of the days of the fortnight, beginning with the first, or pratipada. And, of course, there are stories to illustrate whatever is being explained and in this volume, there is the very interesting story of how lord Brahma's fifth head was severed, and for what reason.

The vedic understanding is that the gross body of a living entity is manifested according to the condition of the subtle body, or mind.

Thus, the condition of one's gross body indicates the previous mentality of a person, and this Process is carried on forms one moment to the next. Why does someone have particular bodily features, and what to do they indicate?

This is the subtle science that is explained in this volume of the Bhavisya Purana.


Chapter 151Sarya's form as Vyoma.11
Chapter 152Surya instructs Brahma, Visnu, and Siva, and awards them benedictions.24
Chapter 153Surya benedicts Lord Visnu at Salagrama.43
Chapter 154Inquiries by Satanika to Sumantu .52
Chapter 155How Surya appeared as the son of Kasyapa and Aditi.64
Chapter 156Further description of Sarya's appearance.75
Chapter 157Brahma and Lord Visnu go to visit Lord Siva. Surya appears before them, being pleased by their penance, and displays their universal form.82
Chapter 158The glories of Surya.96
Chapter 159The benefits obtained by worshiping Surya.100
Chapter 160Procedures for worshiping Surya.118
Chapter 161Further description of the benefits obtained by worshiping Surya.146
Chapter 162Performing the nakta-vrata for the satisfaction of Surya.176
Chapter 163Performing the niksubharka-vrata.188
Chapter 164How a woman should worship Surya.194
Chapter 165Further description of how a woman should worship Surya.200
Chapter 166Further prescriptions for worshiping Surya.211
Chapter 167The benefit of donating cows to Surya.217
Chapter 168The duties of the Maga. or bhojaka. devotees of Surya.219
Chapter 169The benefit of serving the devotees of Sarya.236
Chapter 170The conversation of Garuda and Aruna.253
Chapter 171Aruna glorifies the worship of Surya.261
Chapter 172Aruna worships Surya so that Garuda can regain the use of his limbs.274
Chapter 173Continuation of Aruna's worship of Surya.287
Chapter 174Further continuation of Arunc's worship of Surya.290
Chapter 175Conclusion of Aruna's worship of Surya.297
Chapter 176Aruna invokes the demigods for attaining peace.311
Chapter 177Further invocations for peace.324
Chapter 178Description of the smarta religion.340
Chapter 179Description of the samskaras. The classification of unmarried girls.352
Chapter 180Description of the various sraddha ceremonies.376
Chapter 181The duties of a brahmana.387
Chapter 182Further description of the sraddha ceremonies.407
Chapter 183The importance of faith. The importance of the spiritual master. The importance of cows.416

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