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Brave and Honest Children

Brave and Honest Children
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Item Code: IDH006
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: English
Edition: 2004
Pages: 138(Color Illus: 50)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8" X 5"
weight of book 126 gms


Bravery and honesty are the invaluable possessions of human life. They are part and parcel of a person's character and make his/her life successful and blissful.

This book consisting of 42 stories is the combined English version of the two Hindi story Books 'Vira Balaka' (Brave Boys) and 'Sacce Aura Imanadara Balaka' (True and Honest Children).

We hope that this book will prove immensely useful for our young generation in making them brave and honest. Children are requested to read these stories and draw inspiration from them




  Story Page No.
1 Brave Boys, Lava-Kusa 1
2 Brave Prince, Kuvalayasva 12
3 Brave Demon-boy, Barbarika 15
4 Brave Boy, Abhimanyu 27
5 Brave Boys, Bharata 32
6 Brave Boys, Skandagupta 34
7 Brave Boys, Canda 37
8 Brave Boys, Pratapa Who Kept Promise 41
9 Brave Boys, Badala 44
10 Brave Boys, Pratapa 47
11 Brave, Boy Rama Singh 51
12 Brave Fearless Boy, Sivaji 54
13 Brave Boy, Chatrasala 58
14 Brave Boys, Durgadasa Rathore 62
15 Brave Boys, Putta 65
16 Brave Boys, Ajita Singh and Jujhara Singh 67
17 Brave Boys, Prthvi Singh 70
18 Brave Boys, Jalima Singh 73
19 Brave Boys, King of Jerapur State 77
20 Boy, Socrates in Search of Truth 79
21 Truthful Napoleon Who Shared
Others' Sufferings
22 Honesty of the Boy, Gokhale 87
23 Honesty of the Boy, Ranade in the Game 89
24 Truth of the Girl,Victoria 91
25 The Girl, Helena Walker's Fidelity to Truth 94
26 Viresvara Mukhopadhyaya's Honesty 97
27 A True Boy who Saved an Innocent Boy from Punishment 100
28 George Washington's Benevolence and Truth in Boyhood 102
29 Truth of the Boy, Charley 105
30 The Boy Who Handed over Necklace to Its Owner 107
31 The Boy Who Reformed Other with His Truth 109
32 An Honest Poor Boy 111
33 Abdul Kadir, a True Boy 114
34 Honesty of a Beggar-boy 117
35 Honesty of a Boy 119
36 The Shepherd-boy who Kept His Promise 121
37 A Labour-boy's Honesty 125
38 Truth of a small Boy 128
39 An Honest Poor Boy 130
40 an Honest Boy, the Son to the Hotel-Owner 133
41 Truthfulness of the Vegetable-seller Boy 135
42 Truthfulness of a Boy-Scout 137


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