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Cakradatta Originally Known Cikitsa Sangraha

Cakradatta Originally Known Cikitsa Sangraha
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Item Code: NAD341
Author: Dr. Madham Shetty Suresh Babu
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: English Translation With Sanskrit Text and Notes)
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788121803229
Pages: 660
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch x 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 1.140 kg

A series of books on Ayurveda therapeutics started with ‘Siddhayoga’ by vrnda in the gth century and followed by ‘Cakradatta’, Gada Nigraha, Sarangadhara sanihita, Bhavaprakasa, Yogaratnakara and Bhaisajyaratnavali. These works incorporated many new concepts, thoughts and therapeutics and further enriched Ayurveda as result of exchange and sharing of different medical thoughts entered in to India along with foreign rulers.

Cakradatta is one such great treatise composed by Sri Cakrapanidatta, the well known Tika karta of caraka samhita. Actually this book was named as Cikitsa Sangraha by the author, but because of immense popularity it gained and also due to towering personality of Sri Cakrapani datta, in later times it is transformed as “Chakra datta”. This shows the authority, popularity of Cakrapani.

The principle source of this book, as stated by the author himself at the end of the work is vrnda’s siddhayoga and cakrapani datta made a number of additions there to these inputs were necessary in tune with the changing medical scenario like genesis of Rasa cikitsa etc. Cakrapani datta’s main aim was to present it as an up to date text of Ayurveda medicine for the benefit of ailing mankind.

Niscala kara, the commentator of Cakradatta (Ratna prabha) has traced the sources of many verses of carakadatta according to him it derived verses from about forty nine sources apart from siddha yoga this shows the tremendous effort he put on this project, that is why Cakradatta, with-stood like a rock against the waves of changing times and situations and even today it is admired followed by many scholars, physicians and Teachers of Ayurveda. While translating an effort has been made to make it simple and short in a scholar-friendly language, where-ever necessary an explanatory note is also added.

Some of the yogas (formulations) of this classic, are taken up for clinical research under post graduation study program at Hyderabad and Gadag inputs of these studies are also incorporated in the relevant context. Few appendixes are also added on drug formulation - index, technical terms and ingredients etc. for ready reference.



Finally, there are many people who helped me in completing this task. Sri Brij Mohanadas Gupta, Kamlesh Gupta and Sachin Gupta of M/S Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy, Varanasi who made me to complete this through constant reminders as such I am very much thankful to them. My family members also helped enormously in this work, expecially my son Naveen Shetti who typed the manuscript, designed the cover page, Smt. Kalavathi my wife, who made me comfortable enough to complete the project. My heart felt thanks for their coopperation. I am also thankful to Post graduate scholars of DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag for helping me directly or indirectly in the process of writing.



Chapter-1 Jvara Chikitsa 1-39.
Chapter-2 Jwaratisara- Chiktsa (Treatment of Diarrhoea Associated with fever) 39-42.
Chapter-3 Atisara-Chikitsa(Treatment of Diarrhoea) 43-56.
Chapter-4 Grahani- Chikitsa(Treatment of Grahani) 56-66
Chapter-5 Arsha Chikitsa(Treatment of Arsas Piles) 67-84
Chapter-6 Agnimandya- Chikitsa(Treatment of Agnimandya (Sluggish digestion)) 85-95
Chapter-7 Krimi- Chikitsa(Treatment of Worms) 95-97
Chapter-8 Pandu Roga Chikitsa(Treatment of Pnadu Roga (Anaemia)) 98-104
Chapter-9 Rakta Pitta Chikitsa 105-114
Chapter-10 Rajayaksma Chikitsa(Treatment of Tuberculosis) 115-124
Chapter-11 Kasa Chikitsa(Treatment of Cough) 125-132
Chapter-12 Hikkaswasa Chikitsa(Treatment of Hiccough & Ashthma) 133-137
Chapter-13 Svarabheda Chikitsa(Management of Hoarseness of Voice) 137-139
Chapter-14 Arocka Chikitsa(Treatment of Anorexia) 140-142
Chapter-15 Chardi Chikitsa(Treatment of Vomiting) 142-143
Chapter-16 Trsna Chikitsa(Treatment of Thirst) 147-150
Chapter-17 Murcha Chikitsa(Treatment of Fainting) 151-152
Chapter-18 Madhatyaya Chikitsa(Treatment of Alcoholism) 152-155
Chapter-19 Daha Chikitsa(Treatment of Daha (Burning Senstion)) 155-156
Chapter-20 Unmada Chikitsa(Treatment of Unmada (Insanity)) 157-162
Chapter-21 Apasmara Chikitsa(Treatment of Epilepsy) 162-166
Chapter-22 Vatavyadhi Chikitsa(Treatment of Specific Vataja diseases) 166-196
Chapter-23 Vata Rakta Chikitsa(Treatment of Vatarakta (Gout)) 196-204
Chapter-24 Treatment of Urusthambha 205-206
Chapter-25 Treatment of Amavata 207-215
Chapter-26 Sula Chikitsa(Treatment of Abdominal Colic) 215-226
Chapter-27 Parinama Sula Chikitsa (Treatment of Colic Occuring during or after digestion of foor) 226-235
Chapter-28 Udavarta Chikitsa(Treatment of Udavarta (Upward movement of vayu)) 235-239
Chapter-29 Anaha Chikitsa(Treatment of Anaha) 239-241
Chapter-30 Gulma Chikitsa(Treatment of Gulma (abd.lump)) 242-253
Chapter-31 Hrdroga Chikitsa(Treatment of Heart-diseases) 253-257
Chapter-32 Mutra Krccha Chikitsa(Treatment of Dysuria) 257-262
Chapter-33 Mutraghata- Chikitsa(Treatment of Retention & Suppression of Urine) 263-265
Chapter-34 Asmari Chikitsa(Treatment of Calculus) 266-272
Chapter-35 Prameha Chikitsa(Treatment of Prameha )(Urinary disorders) 272-279
Chapter-36 Sthaulya Chikitsa(Treatment of Obesity) 280-284
Chapter-37 Udara Chikitsa(Treatment of abdominal diseeases) 285-293
Chapter-38 Pliha-Yakrt Chikitsa (Treatment of Liver and Spleen diseases) 293-298
Chapter-39 Sotha Chikitsa(Treatment of Oedema) 299-306
Chapter-40 Vrddhi- Bradhna Chikitsa(Treatment of scrotal enlargement) 307-311
Chapter-41 Gala ,Ganda, Gandmala, Apaci, Granthi and Arbuda (Treatment of Goitre, Cervical adentitis, scrofla, cysts of tumour) 311-320
Chapter-42 Slipada Chikitsa(Treatment of Slipada (Filaria)) 320-324
Chapter-43 Vidradhi Chikitsa(Treatment of Vidradhi (abscess)) 324-327
Chapter-44 Vrana Sotha Chikitsa(Treatment of inflammation) 327-340
Chapter-45 Nadivarana Chiktsa(Sinus- Treatment) 340-343
Chapter-46 Bhagandara Chikitsa(Treatment of Fistula in ano) 344-347
Chapter-47 Upadamsa Chikitsa(Treatment of Upadmsa) 347-349
Chapter-48 Suka Dosa Chikitsa(Treatment of Suka Dosa) 350-351
Chapter-49 Bhagna Chikitsa(Treatment of Fractures) 352-355
Chapter-50 Kustha Chikitsa(Treatment of Leprosy & Skin diseases) 355-375
Chapter-51 Udarda, Kotha and Sitapitta Chikitsa(Treatment of Urticaria and allied allergic conditions) 376-377
Chapter-52 Amlapitta Chikitsa(Treatment of Acidity) 378-384
Chapter-53 Visharpa- Visphota Chikitsa (Treatment of Erysipelas and Eruptions) 385-390
Chapter-54 Masurika Chikitsa (Treatment of Chicken - Pox) 391-397
Chapter-55 Ksudra Roga-Chiktsa (Treatment of Minor diseases) 397-415
Chapter-56 Mukharoga Chikitsa(Treatment of diseases of mouth) 415-431
Chapter-57 Karna Roga Chikitsa (Management of Ear Diseases) 432-440
Chapter-58 Nasa Roga Chikitsa(Treatment of diseases of Nose) 441-445
Chapter-59 Netra Roga Chikitsa(Treatment of Eye diseases) 445-475
Chapter-60 Siro Roga Chikitsa(Treatment of Head diseases) 476-483
Chapter-61 Asrgdara Chikitsa(Treatment of Menorrhagia) 484-486
Chapter-62 Yoni Vyapad Chikitsa(Diseeases of female genital tract) 487-494
Chapter-63 Striroga Chikitsa(Treatment of Women's diseases during pregnency etc) 495-503
Chapter-64 Balaroga Chikitsa(Pediatrics)(Treatment of Children's Diseases) 504-526
Chapter-65 Visa Chikitsa(Treatment of Poisoning) 522-526
Chapter-66 Rasayana Therapy(Health Promotives) 527-550
Chapter-67 Vrsya Therapy(Aphrodisiacs) 551-557
Chapter-68 Sneha Therapy(Oleation) 557-562
Chapter-69 Sveda(Sudation) 562-564
Chapter-70 Vamana(Emesis) 565-568
Chapter-71 Virecana (Purgation) 568-572
Chapter-72 Anuvasana Vasti(Unctuous Vasti) 572-577
Chapter-73 Niruha Basti(Non-unctuous Type) 578-582
Chapter-74 Nasya Karma(Nasal Evacuation) 582-585
Chapter-75 Dhuma Pana(Medicated Smoking) 586
Chapter-76 Kavala & Gandusa(Gargles) 587-588
Chapter-77 Ascyotana Anjana Tarpana and Putapaka(Eyedrops, collyrium, Saturation and putapaka) 588-592
Chapter-78 Siravyadha(Venesection) 593-595
Chapter-79 Susthadhikara(The Routine for Healthy) 596-603
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