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Care of the Nose

Care of the Nose
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Item Code: NAX839
Author: C.N. Burchett
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177691290
Pages: 56
Other Details: 6.00 X 4.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.06 kg

The almost insignificant protuberance that we find exactly in the center of our faces, commonly known as the nose, is one of the most important parts of our respiratory system. It is through the nose that we are able to imbibe almost fresh and pure air into the lungs. By pure and fresh air we mean what we are told is pure and fresh. With the increase in pollution that we now have to face it is no longer safe to assume that we are really able to get pure and breathable air. Even so the nose has been designed to filter out much of the foreign matter that attempts to enter the body. How important this is we can only come to realise when we actually study its function from close range.

It is only through the nose that our olfactory capacity is actually able to work. Therefore our nose, we can assume, is there to warn us if we are breathing in air that may be considered unsuitable to our system, especially theputrid air of rubbish dumps etc. It is the nose, which filters out all the foreign bodies, which may try and enter through the nasal passage. It is the facilities provided by the nose, which warms the air and makes it suitable for the lungs. When we come to realise how much our nose does for us it becomes quite incomprehensible when we look at the way we mistreat it. For mistreat it we do. How? You may ask!

This becomes more obvious when we are able to understand how misunderstood the function of the nose is. We seem to put our noses through all kinds of trials and tribulations by smoking, taking in snuff and other foreign bodies, sniffing at powerful scents or simply by taking in the noxious fumes that surround us as a matter of course. We trim off the fine hairs, which line the nostrils because we think of them as being ungainly never trying to understand their use. Never once do we stop to think that the nose plays such an important part in our everyday life. So important in fact we should most probably find it almost impossible to exist without it.

If you don't believe this just ask someone who has had the misfortune to have damaged his or her nose irreparably in an accident or in war. If we do not or cannot use our noses for breathing and resort to breathing through our mouths we simply open ourselves up to all kinds of unnecessary suffering. It means inviting all kinds of unwanted and dangerous guests into our bodies. Therefore it becomes most essential that we should know how to care for and treat all the simple ailments, which at times afflict our noses. This booklet does much to put us on the right course with simple and concise explanations of what to do and what not to do and when to do it. It provides us with much information that hitherto was either un-known or definitely ignored by the public in general.

This book is in fact a complete handbook for the proper care of our nasal tracts. Briefly it tells us the function and the proper use of the nose. It also tells us how we may deal with certain conditions easily at home using the simplest and most common of medicines. This book will prove most useful to those who are often afflicted by colds and other such com-mon ailments and will provide them with the simplest and inexpensive ways to get relief.

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