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Care of the Teeth & Mouth

Care of the Teeth & Mouth
Item Code: NAX837
Author: C.N. Burchett
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: Egnlish
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177691306
Pages: 69
Other Details: 6.00 X 4.00 inch

"The mouth is the gateway to the body?" This statement in itself gives us an idea of the importance of the function of the oral cavity. It is through the mouth that we are able to ingest the body's necessities and so it is of vital importance that it should be as free from infection as is humanly possible. Clean teeth and pure breath are the first impression that we make when we meet anybody. Toothpaste companies usually spend millions just to impress on us how clean their products make our teeth, and how fresh they make our breath. Multimillion industries have evolved around the necessity to keep our mouths anti-septic.

This book will give you a few tips on how to keep your mouth and your teeth safe by using simple and very inexpensive methods. Obviously it becomes absolutely essential that we learn something of the working of the oral cavity before we can honestly say that we know how to look after it. This book gives us a de-tailed description of the construction of the teeth.

As with the birth of a child it may surprise you to know that our teeth actually begin their development in the womb. There are many opinions as to how to develop strong teeth but most seem to concur that in the initial stages of life breast-feed babies develop stronger teeth than those which are bottle fed.The choice of basic foodstuffs too plays a major role in the development of sound teeth. It is also true that the surroundings and environment in which we grow up as well as hereditary factors also play a decisive role in the development of a sound and healthy mouth.

The life styles that people adopt and their choice of food often relate to their position in life. It is all too easy to sermonise and tell others not to do this or that, but we do have to consider their financial and personal situations. It would be unfair to castigate persons for not adopting the same beliefs that we have with-out truly understanding their problems also. This book basically deals with the do's anddon'ts involved when we talk about preserving our teeth and our health in general.

By realising that the mouth is a source of infection for the whole body it becomes patently clear that the more careful we are about its cleanliness the less chances arise for succumbing to disease. This book points out that the right selection of food and proper attention paid to oral hygiene are an essential part of our everyday life. Looking after one's teeth should always be a priority, for healthy teeth pave the way for a healthy body, and progressively from a healthy body to a healthy mind.

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