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छान्दोग्योपनिषद्दीपिका: Chandogya Upanishad with the Commentary of Sayana

About the Book

Sayanacharya was a great Vedic scholar who commented on almast all the important Vedic texts such as all the Samhitas of four Vedas. Numerous Brahmanas and Aranyaks. It was expected that he might have commented atleast on old Upanishads like Chhandogyopanishad, Bruhadaranyakopanishad etc.

In our search for tracing the MSS of missing Sayanabhashya on Upanishads, under the able and worthy guidance of Ananta-shri-vibhushita, Veda-darshanacharya Swami GANGESHWARANANDJI MAHARAJA, UDASIN (Now 108 years old), we could trace two MSS of the commentaty of Sayanacharya on Chhandogyopanishad; one from Bhandarakar Oriental Research Institue, Pune, and other from the Oriental Research Institue, Mysore With the help of these two MSS the critical edition of Chhandogyopanished with Sayanabhashya is published for the first time by Sadguru Gangeshwar International Ved Mission, (Bombay)-an internationally recognized mission working for the cause of Vedic studies.

The editor of this work Dr. Gautam V. Patel is a well-known professor of Sanskrit who has more than fifty works and numerous research papers at his credit, ranging from the works on Vedic literature to the critical edition of Vallabhadeva's commentary on Kumarasambhava of Kadidasa. He has widely travelled in various countries and attended notional and international Sanskrit Conferences. The persent work has grown out of continuous study for seven years.

Hope this publication would be able to atterct the attention of Vedic scholars and satisty their need for the study of Upanishads in general and that of the commentary of Sayanacharya in particular.


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