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Complete Beautician Course (Specially Useful For Running Beauty Parlours At Home)

Complete Beautician Course (Specially Useful For Running Beauty Parlours At Home)
Item Code: NAD531
Author: Dr. Renu Gupta
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788171822461
Pages: 112 (18 color & 11 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 294 gms

There has been a growing trend among the ladies, particularly in the big cities, to visit a Beauty Parlour, at least once in a week and dole out their husbands’ hard- earned money rather generously. Whether these visits enhance their charms or accentuates their comely looks is quite a moot point but this much is certain that such visits make them economically poorer. Because what these parlours give to them is what you can have with little care and learning at your home itself. It is to help them learn all that they need to learn about how to maintain and improve their physical charms that this book has been devised. Enough emphasis has been laid on the mental part of this whole exercise as well. For, only when you are mentally at peace with yourself that your beauty can truly blossom.

This course has been divided broadly into three curriculums:

(1) General care
(2) Skin care
(3) Haircare

The first curriculum concentrates on general body-care that includes hints and suggestions for keeping your various body limits, in good trim. This section covers entire body-care, treating the whole body as one entity. The second deals with particular care of your skin care section that is the mirror which truly reflects your physical beauty and charms. The use of herbal products to accentuate your charms has been especially concentrated on in the third section. As the name suggests, it focuses on your hair which is a vital factor to add to your beauty. Of course, there is no watertight compartmentalization about these sections and they would frequently overlap as and when the need is felt to drive the point home. In fact the whole emphasis has been on comprehensively coverage of the entire course. it is hoped that this book will give to our readers enough knowledge about not only how they should remain beautiful but also guide others as well run their own beauty parlours.




1 Course I 9
  General Body Care  
  Course II (Skin Care)  
1 Skin Care 31
2 How to Take Care of Your Skin 38
3 Skincare and Aromatherpy 74
4 Make-up Guidelines for Complexion Perfection 84
5 Question-Answers Concerning Your Skin Problems 94
  Course III (Hair Care)  
1 Hair the Crown of the Beautiful General Care 101
2 Identify the Type of Hair you Have 111
3 How to Condition your Hair 116
4 Hair Problems 121
5 Some More Solutions to the Hair Problems 138
6 Dyeing or Coloring your Hair 147
7 Shape & Style of the Hair 155
8 Clever Hair Cutting Techniques 169
9 Permanent Solutions 175
10 General instruct to for Good Headrace 179
11 How to get Rid of the Unwanted Hair 183
12 Yoga and Haircare 188
  Your Diet in Haircare 195
  Appendix 202
  Glossary 200

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