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A Comprehensive Guide for Jaimini Astrologers (38 Jaimini Dasas Explained with Examples)

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A Comprehensive Guide for Jaimini Astrologers (38 Jaimini Dasas Explained with Examples)
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Author: Dr. K V Pratap Kumar
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788170822899
Pages: 296
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Jaimini maharishi has written the principles of providing the predictions in science of Astrology. Currently, there are 4 Chapters which are available. However, out of these 4, only the 1st two are written by Jaimini Maharishi. 3rd and 4th Chapters are written at a later stage for which there are evidences.

1. In ancient scriptures, it is a practice that while writing in the form of aphorisms (Sutra Shaili/Style of writing), to indicate the end of the scripture, the author repeats the last aphorism twice. In "Brahma Sutra" of Vyasa Maharishi who is the guru of Jaimini Mahrarishi, at the end of this scripture in the last aphorism of 4th Adhyaya he has indicated the completion of the scripture by last Sutra "Anaavrutthihi shabdhath Anaavruthihi shabdhath"

At the end of the Second Adhyaya, Jaimini Maharishi also mentioned the Aphorism "Anyadha Anyadha Siddha Manyath". This signified the end of Second Adhyaya. Hence, Jaimini Sutras ended with the 36th Sutra.

Below is a list of the various ways to signify end of the scripture. 1. Jaimini Gruhya Sutras - "Praashneeyath Praashneeyath". In the commentary to this scripture it has been mentioned "Vaakyaavrutthihi, samaapthi gnaapanaarthda"

2. Panini's Asthdhyaya - a Treatise on Grammar - lacks clarity in me "aa aa ithi" the principle of "K 3. Samna Vidhana Braahmanam - "Thamapnothi shanou prathaman Thamaapnothi" calculating the lifcontext. Due to thi 4. Saankhyayana shroutha Sutram 1" and 2nd Adhyay "Thasyaathaha thasyaathaha" become opposite lc 5. Brahma Sutram - "Anaavruthihi shabdaath - follow the laid dove Anaavruthihi shabdaath" Kakshya hrasaha" In the commentary - the end of scripture is signified by which is also a re! Dwiraavruththi "AAyushyam". hraasas have been mentioned some n Even the Vridhhakaarikas are written only for Two In 2.1.11, it has be Chapters. of kakshya hraasa In the first Sutra, Jaimini Maharishi has used 1-8 mentioned that if S1 letters "U-Maha". Vridhhakaarikas also started with Karaka, then Kak "vu" alphabet in the first kaarika "Ubhayanubhayaha mention about Sh a pasyet" and ended with the last kaarika mentioned chapters is against "samey samaha" with the last letter being "maha" is also gives an i mentioned in the ei 2. The 3rd and 4th Chapters, various sutras are written with inconsistencies in repetition and also grammatical There is also mod errors. There are also words borrowed from other Dwaara and Bahy languages. 26-27 sutras are al Sutra 28 "tathraapi Here are some of the examples. Modification about Repetions - 3rd Adhyaya 1st pada 5th Sutra - (1-3-28) 7th hanni at different sutra (repetition of 1-3-30; 14 (2-4-28); 19- (1-3-22); explained in a sysi 22 (this is not required as it is mentioned previously) modifications in Su 28-29 sutruas. In sutra 31 through In the 3rd Adhyaya 2nd paada - reiterated the maraka have been reduced against the sutra I grahas.

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