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Convergence: Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality

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Convergence: Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality
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Convergence: Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality

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Item Code: NAR211
Author: Radhakrishna Panicker
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781946280602
Pages: 300 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.4 kg
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This book gives scientific answers

Are you not the ‘same internal person’ throughout your life? Of course you are! Considering that, you will be the same ‘unaltered being’ until death. If so, who are you? The answer is: "I am the I-ness in me." If this ‘I-ness’ in you is a steady factor, what will your status be when you leave the physical body?

Convergence is a book of factual findings based on scientific data that supports man’s continuity after death.

Learning about the ‘I-ness’ factor in us, will benefit our daily lives too. Through awareness, such knowledge will generate calmness, tranquility and peace in your internal world ¬- the unsteady monkey mind. It will also empower you to deal with the tribulations of daily life.

What about reincarnation? Is there any truth to this popular belief? Grab a copy and welcome a new perspective to your life and beliefs!

About the Author

Radhakrishna Panicker is an International Educator having thirty-five years of experience in various countries (India, South Africa, East and West Africa, the U.K, and USA).

He has authored four books in mathematics. Lately, he has developed an interest in spirituality and to this day, he has translated International research books on reincarnation to his vernacular language, Malayalam.

Convergence: Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality is the result of five years of research work involving his own personal experience on matters such as ESP and premonitions. The book also probes deep into the phenomenon of reincarnation and God concept.

He lives in Tripunithura, Kerala, and conducts seminars and lectures on spiritual matters.


Here is a remarkable work that digs deep into the vague boundary between Science and Spirituality. While Science is impersonal and predictive (at least in a probabilistic sense), Spirituality is personal and non-predictive. Not necessarily bound by reason, unlike Philosophy and Science, spirituality's space is infinite. So subjective experience may encompass dreams and visions besides logically compatible components. The dividing line between science and spirituality is, however, too blurred to be drawn. There is increasing interest across the world in bringing them together, and Mr. R. Panicker, a Mathematician by training and teacher by profession with a long record of International Service has devoted himself gracefully w this project.

Quoting profusely from scientific literature on the one hand, and Vedas and Upanishads on the other, he has brought out many analogies between the two. The basic tenet of what he calls Vedic spirituality, which in my opinion is not different from' just spirituality, is the existence of a field of consciousness preceding the appearance of space and time. According to Standard Cosmology, the Universe came into being with a Big Bang in the vacuum. The author interprets this great event in terms of the blowing of the sound OM (AUM) by the Brahman as the Absolute. That Big Bang was a burst of energy into the vacuum is consistent with the conventional picture.

In building a case for ESP, the author relies mostly on his own private experience and borrows some ideas from Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, among other things. Although ESP is not part of the scientific lore, which regards it as a matter of random coincidence or happenstance, the continuing investigations based on psychology and neuroscience are not unwarranted.

The highlight of the book is Chapter 10, where the author puts forward a new theory of existence, life after death and reincarnation, against the background of the so called depth science which, according to him is a convergence of science and Vedic spirituality. A large number of people, (myself excluded) believe in such things and the section will be of special appeal to them. Starting from a concept of Divine Energy or energy of Brahman, with the pristine qualities of essence, intelligence and bliss, he compares our 'dynamic existence' to the `to and fro motion' or vibration of 'intelligent particles' popularly known as Souls. This is claimed as an explanation of the subjective picture of chain of births and deaths.

The book is the product of several years of intense and dedicated research on the emerging discipline of integrating science with spirituality. I am much impressed by the book's educational value, and without any reservation, recommend it for serious study by everyone, especially students and teachers.

I hope this will stimulate further exploration by philosophers, scientists and others and extend my very best wishes to the author to continue his 'tapasya’.


Writing preface to a book of this nature should contain the background, theme and scope of the topic under discussion, I believe. The seed for writing it was sown in me decades back, when I was working as an expatriate teacher in South Africa. The motivating factor was my own personal experience with extraordinary dreams and intuitions that came to be true along with some inexplicable childhood experiences. To my dismay, I found that ma, people with scientific temperament too had similar life experiences. So I wanted to seek out the truth behind such phenomena. Thus the title of the book "Science and Spirituality" was born in my mind. Soon I discovered that there were many books with the same title. I also realized that I must combine my personal experience, cultural heritage, scientific training, information acquired through decades of reading, and latest scientific discoveries to do justice to the theme. Inevitably, I changed the title to "Convergence-Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality." Subjective experience is a cardinal component of spiritual perceptions. I started yoga and meditation too to enhance the same.

In this book, prominence is given to hard data facts than speculative aspects of the theme. It was clear to me that, what I was dealing with is a mixture of modern science, philosophy, reliable intuition, and speculation. Most of these aspects of human knowledge changed as time passed by, due to additions, deletions and moderations. The natural question that persisted in one's mind is, after all, is there a layer of 'reality' then? In my sequential search, I found that 'knowledge series' is not a divergent one (in the sense that peeling the layers Ads to nothing!), rather it is a convergent one. 'There is only one reality-the universal consciousness that is more subtle than the subtlest particle scientists have ever discovered. 'Therefore it was incumbent from my part to seek out Vedic views on reality. Veda proclaims that there is only one reality-the Atman which is the same as universal consciousness. Is it true...? I assure that, you will find the answer in this book!

Seeking out reality means answering the age old questions, "Who am I? From where, did I come? Where am I going?" This book answers just that, from various angles and come to a reasonable conclusion in Chapter 10 with ample scientific support.

Readers have to a pay a price for their quest-patience; patience to read through scientific facts and figures. By including some advanced science as simple as possible, I hope, 'men of science' will be able to find the link between their discipline and spiritual aspects of human existence. I am also aware that millions out there do not require science for their convictions. However scientific support will brighten up every one's life. Skepticism too, I presume, will dissolve eventually when spirituality is coupled with science. To a general reader, these subjects are dry to read and enjoy. To circumvent this, I used story telling method of presentation wherever possible. I trust this will enhance readability and memory.

I believe in the power of Providence. How else can I explain building up of the internal architecture of writing a book involving such diverse disciplines, bringing about eventual connectivity between the diehard subjects? Everything fell in place to my satisfaction when I just finished writing a chapter! Exact reference books were available CO me in a 'platter' at the precise is without much efforts from my side. It is not coincidence, I know. The same story goes while Google searching too- reliable websites unrelated to search querries appearing randomly right in front of me and beckoning me! While writing, I believe vibrations beyond the confines of my brain-neuron system were influencing me quite often!

A word about spirituality and As significance will be appropriate here. Man's quest for meaning of life and existence itself has substantially increased after World War II due to the destruction and human tragedy that ensued since then, particularly in the West. Saddened by the loss, millions wanted to know about the steady I-ness feeling' in them. Added to this, new scientific discoveries on Universe, Human Evolution, Brain Science and the inadequacy of Modern Science in explaining many supernatural phenomena has made scientists to go back to the age old wisdom such as Veda, Upanishads and Yoga methods to seek new answers to the old puzzles. Seemingly there arc plausible answers in the ancient Indian knowledge to some of the questions scientists were asking, which, they found out through experimental evidence. (The Dancing Nataraja, for example). No doubt, Science can be coupled with Spirituality wherever possible, scientists concede. There is scope for more research work in this field. To this end, this book, "Convergence-Ultra Science and Vedic Spirituality" is my honest attempt to All the gap. My small contribution to humanity, I pray, may enhance (though in a small way) advent of Golden Era of Human Race here on earth. I wish all the readers happy and enjoyable reading.

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