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Dharma and Its Practice

Dharma and Its Practice
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Item Code: IDK770
Author: Vedanta Kesari
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788178234793
Pages: 224
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0" X 4.6"
Publisher's Note

We have great pleasure in placing before our readers "Dharma and Its Practice", a symposium by eminent scholars and savants, which appeared originally as "Dharma for All" in the Annual Number of the Vedanta Kesari, 1984.

As the various articles in the volume explain, Dharma is a seminal concept not only is Hinduism but in all religions. Indeed the term Dharma is often taken as a synonym for religion. Dharma is that which holds things together and it is a concept that applies to all the multifarious fields of human thought and activity.

We shall be happy if this small anthology illumines the path of righteousness trodden by our readers and inspires them to proceed faster, without doubts and hesitation, to the Goal Supreme.


2.The Pathless Path of Dharma2
3.Ethics for Modern Man16
- Swami Prabuddhananda
4.Dharma: Basis of Human Life31
- Swami Paratparananda
5.Dharma Through Western Eyes39
- Swami Vidyatmananda
6.Dharma in the Bhagavata45
- Swami Siddhinathananda
7.Dharma and the Upanishads54
- Swami Mukhyananda
8.Dharma in the Ramayana68
- Swami Mridananda
9.Student's Dharma/td>79
- Swami Nihsreyasananda
10.Dharma: Eternal, Universal and Vital92
- Swami Sastrananda
11.Dharma-Sthapaka Sri Ramakrishna108
- Swami Brahmeshananda
12.The Holy Mother: Dharma in Practice121
- Swami Sarvagatananda
13.Swami Vivekananda and Hindu Dharma132
- Swami Jitatmananda
14. 'Dharma' in Buddhism156
- Swami Hiranmayananda
15.The Twofold Dharma of the Gita166
- Swami Ananyananda
16.Rambles in Dharma181
- Brahmachari Bhaswarachaitanya
17.The Role of Dharma in our Evolution191
- Sri M.P. Pandit
18.Sri Rama the Embodiment of Dharma196
- Justice P. Ramakrishan
19.Dharma in a Nutshell214
- Sri R. Rangachari

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