Dharma (Primary Level Information)

Dharma (Primary Level Information)

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Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale And Dr. Kunda Jayant Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9789380074054
Pages: 104
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Dr. Jayant balaji Athavale and Dr. (Mrs.) Kunda Jayant Athavale

All the Spitual texts of Dr. Jayant balaji Athavale deal with the doctrine and practice of Spirituality comprehensively. The topics covered by them are substantiated with own experience and therefore these texts inspire even a layman to undertake spiritual practice. Similarly, they strengthen faith in those on the path of spiritual endeavor, seeker and the devotee, thereby, steadying their steps on the part of righteousness.

Spiritual texts co-authored by Dr. Jayant with His life partner Dr. Kunda have been translation in many languages. pleased with their seva (Spiritual service) done with humility and devotion, their Guru merged in the Supreme, Srimat Sadguru Bhaktaraj Maharaj lavishly bestowed upon them the Supreme Divine Knowledge and Devotion. As a benevolent result, Dr. Jayant founded the ‘Sanatan Sanstha’. The Sanstha has centers spread across the globe and is effectively working toward spread of Spirituality eternal, true nashik.


Quotes such as ‘One cannot live without religion’ and Religion is like a narcotic pill’ are contradictory and create confusion in the minds of ordinary people. When we talk about Dharma (Righteousness), most people relate it to words such as Hinduism, lslam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. others think that, since bharat is a secular state, religion is an untouchable topic. Sri Shankaracharya has defined has defined dharma as Follows: ‘Dhahran is that Shankaracharya has defined Dharma as follows: ‘Dharma is that which accomplishes the there tasks of keeping the organizational setup of the society in excellent condition, printing about the worldly progress of every living being, and facilitating their progress in the realm as well.’ We understand from this definition the vastness of Dharma and its extraordinary importance in human life.

If considered in the context of a Nation, then Dharma is the life of the nation. Therefore, only if the lifestyle of the society is based upon the foundation of Dharma, will the nation become prosperous and immortal. A Nation that is devoid of the foundation of Dharma will, in time, face destruction. Elimination of the misconceptions about Dharma is the need of the hour. Form this perspective, analytical information on Dharma-meaning, importance, different types, its various aspects and doctrines pertaining to Dharma, the difference between Dharma and culture on one side Niti (ethics) on the other, decline in Dharma etc. is given in this Holy text. To limit the size of this Holy text, detailed information on subjects has been given in another in independent Holy text called ‘Science of Spirituality: Vol. 2- Dharmagrnth’. For this very reason, information on the four varmas (classes) and Ashrams (Stages of life) that comes under the purview of Dharma and is the foundation of Bharatiya social life has been included in ‘Science of Spirituality: vol.4-Varnashramvyavastha’. We pray at Sri guru’s feet that after reading this Holy text, let at lest a few people feel that they should become Righteous and undertake spiritual practice-compilers.


1What is Spirituality8
2Reason for our turning to Spirituality8
3Reasons for our turning to the study of Spirituality8
4The aim in compiling 'Science of Spirituality'9
5For whom have these Holy texts been comiled14
6History of the Holy text 'Science of Spirituality'15
7Features of this Holy text16
8Concept of the back-cover19
9Not Authors, but Compilers of 'Science of Spirituality'21
10Dharma is not religion onthe Holy text 'Science of Spirituuuality'21
11To pay Gratitude23
13Dedicated to our Guru24
1Origin, Definition and Meaning29
*Dharma is not religion29
*In the context of society29
*In the context of an individual31
*In relation to both the society and the individual32
*Sanatan Dharma33
*The Ved-Dharma or Vedic-Dharma33
*Hindu Dharma35
*Chaitanya Dharma41
*Ishwariya Dharma41
*Manav Dharma41
4The march of the Hindu Dharma that is based on the Vedic Dharma, as per the need of the hour42
5Dharma and Dharmi46
7Mystery of Dharma51
8Dharmasiddhant (Doctrines of Dharma)52
*Restraints(penalty) to Adharmacharanis(those with an unrighteous conduct) and non-violence58
*Different kinds of spiritual practice59
*Heaven and hell and merits-demerits60
9Symptoms of Dharma60
10Future of Dharma61
11Types of Dharma62/td>
*Samanyadharma (morality, qualities of soul)62
*Vamadharma (Dharma of a class)62
*Jatidharma (Dharma according to caste)63
*Ashramdharma (Dharma according to the stage of life)63
*Vamashramdharma (Dharma according to the class and stage of life)63
*Gunadhama (Dharma according to the qualities)63
*Nimittadharma (Dharma according to the reason)63
*Apaddharma (Dharma in times of adversity)63
*Shroutdharma, Smartdharma and Shishtadharma65
*Stridharma (Dharma of a woman)65
*Stridharma 67
*Vyashti and Samashi Dharma68
*Rashtradharma (also known as Samashi Dharma)69
12The changing face of Dharmacharan69
14Who comprehends the true nature of Dharma71
15Dharmapraman (Shastrapraman)75
16Dharma and the importance of Bharat79
17Dharma and Sanskruti83
18Dharma and Niti88
19Decline of Dharma and Incarnations90
20Reason’s for Bharat’s downfall93
21Comparison of various religions, sects and Dharma96
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