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Discovering the Joy of Selling (An Inspiring Fable from a Sale Coach and a Thinker)

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Discovering the Joy of Selling (An Inspiring Fable from a Sale Coach and a Thinker)
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Discovering the Joy of Selling (An Inspiring Fable from a Sale Coach and a Thinker)

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Item Code: NAM926
Author: Achal Rangaswamy and M S Srinivasan
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788192809809
Pages: 189 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 4.5 inch
weight of the book: 160 gms
About the Book

The book makes learning look so easy. It is a very practical and innovative way of imparting knowledge and contains many tips for becoming a happy salesperson. The book arouses great desire and prepares one for a successful career in sales.

- R S Sodhi, managing Director, Gujarat Cooperative Milk marketing Federation, (AmuL)

The book is the need of the hour. Nowadays many youngsters become salesmen but not by choice. They get into selling just physically and not mentally. This book shall make every salesman feel proud for his "positive role" in consumers' lives, in his company and in society. The book is an outcome of your solid experience and has been written with love and compassion that touches the heart and refreshes the brain. I shall certainly recommend all my global sales team to read this book.

- Parag Desai, Executive Director Wagh Bakti Tea Ltd.

Every page contains key insights from a practitioner. Completely avoiding jargon, the book is very useful for sales professionals across all industry segments, with tips that can be implemented from today.

- Achal Raghavan, formerly Executive Vice President and Director, Ingersoll-Rand (India) Limited

I can vouch that you will find persons in the sales profession more human than many other professions. They are the ones who would be persistent, went the extra yard and beyond the call of their duty and found ways to prevail over obstacles.

Thank you for this book. It makes me proud and endorses my choice of career. It reinforces my belief that we as sales people continue o act as catalysts to bring changes and leave a positive impact in the lives of people.

- Ashok Matthew, Deputy General Manager-Sales and Marketing, Reprotronics LLC, Dubai UAE

Pleased to share the news that I have been announced winner of President's Ring of Honour for the year 2013. This is Pepsico's highest Global award for sales and Business Excellence to a select few across the globe and is conferred by the Chairman & CEO in person at Pepsico HQ New York. You, my first mentor, are in my thoughts during this time of the announcement. My sincere thanks to you for all gave me, especially all the sales training, on a continuous basis. This book encapsulates all your teaching.

- Nitumani Goswami, Zonal Manager, North East and Exports (Nepal), Pepsico
This book is not just for sales professionals, everyone is selling something. Enjoy the dialogue and unlock the real potential in You.

About the Author

Achal N Rangaswamy, a post-graduate from Delhi University, is an alumnus of the prestigious St. Stephen's Colege.

Beginning his career in frontline sales with Avery India Ltd, Rangaswamy worked at different levels from Regional Manager to Chief Marketing Manager in leading organizations before joining bell ceramics Limited where he grew to become President Marketing and Business Development. He is now Director-marketing and Operations at a building materials company in Ahmedabad.

He has trained over 5000 professionals from various functions in leading organizations in sales techniques, Time Management and Leadership. He has authored the book BEYOND THE UNCHARTED LANDSCAPE, a Holistic Approach for Building a Fulfilling Career, which was co-published with the Sri Aurobindo Society and the Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management, Pondicherry.

Rangaswamy is a recipient of the "AMA-Zydus Cadila Marketing Man of the Year Award" (2008), conferred on him by the Ahmedabad Management Association.

M.S. Srinivasan is a graduate engineer with a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering. After his graduation he worked in technical and supervisory positions in various governments, private and non-governmental organizations interspersed with periods of fulltime spiritual quest in various parts of India.

In the year 1991 he joined Sri Aurobindo Society as a Research Associate, pursing studies and research in various fields of knowledge as a part of the spiritual discipline for inner research is to evolve an integral-spiritual approach to human development and its application to various fields of knowledge and activities of life with a dominant interest and focus on Management, Psychology, social sciences and Indian Culture. He is editor of e-magazine in management published by SAFIM: Fourth Dimension Inc. Towards Integral Management. He has published many articles on management and related subjects in various management and professional journals.


The claim that the largest number of people in the world is involved in the job of selling may sound preposterous to many. The meaning of this tall claim can be appreciated only if we understand the essence of selling as an activity. At the base level, the job of a salesperson is to identify potential customers and persuade them to buy the product or service that he or she is selling. This description of persuasion can be taken to a different level if we view the task of a chief executive who has to convince all employees of the company to contribute to the articulated growth plan. A political leader in turn has the aim to persuade members of his or her constituency to subscribe to the party's ideology. All these tasks involve persuasion that forms the central theme of selling skills. It is these skills of persuasion that bring in changes in attitudes and behaviour of people, and thereby transforms a society.

While selling as a task is glorious, the job of a salesperson is viewed some notches lower. As a profession, it tends to be viewed by common people as a job that needs limited skills and knowledge. On the contrary, this is a job that is complex and demanding. Consider, for example, the job of a salesperson in a textile shop. The person needs to have sufficient knowledge about the fabric, should understand the context of customers' buying, should have the ability to make a realistic estimate of customers' budgets and paying capacity, should assess customers' tastes and preferences, and finally convince the customers has to carry out all these tasks quickly. Moreover, the data that prompts the salesperson to male all these estimates are real-time data evoked through conversations, questions and observations, and these have to be interpreted instantaneously.

While the complexity of a salesperson's job varies from a simple job of generating orders and fulfilling them, technological sophistication of products and services and more elaborate purchase decision processes of customers make the sales job far more demanding. A salesperson therefore needs intelligence, passion, skills and knowledge.

This is not a job for those who drift into this profession because they have no other job alternatives. It is a profession for the committed.

It is in this context that Achal Rangaswamy's book become relevant and useful. Most academic book relating 5to the sales profession discuss salesmanship, sales management or similar topics that by nature are dense and serious. Most of these books treat the subject with cold objectivity and tend to be boring. Ranga's book is an exception to this general pattern. Seldom have I seen a book relating to sales resonate with greater inner passion and more serious conviction.

Ranga chose the profession of sales because it let him do what he liked doing – travel. It allowed him to do so using his motorbike that became an extension of his gait. And he loved what he was doing. Achieving sales targets and winning accolades and awards became natural results of his professional commitment. This book takes the reader through his journey and teachers the essence of what a sales job is and what it takes to become a top-notch performer in this profession.

The narrative style of the book is most interesting. This is story book: serious messages on selling as a profession get communicated through the conversations of a young novice, his colleagues and his superiors and seniors. Introspections of the protagonist form the kernel of conclusions. In this process, the messages become more convincing.

The book is for a young audience who want to have a good view of what this profession of selling is all about. It provides a close view from the trenches of the marketing battlefield, and that too from a veteran who walked the distance from being a hesitant entrant into the profession to someone who scaled the peaks.


Prologue by Achal Rangaswamy  
Foreword by Abraham Koshy  
The Grand Awards Night 1
The Story of the Mirror on the Bedside Table 7
Prashant in Wonderland 18
What It Takes to be a Salesperson 25
what is Selling 37
Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak 43
The ABCD way to Sell-getting Your Alphabets Right 51
A' stands for Asking Questions 56
B'Stands for selling Benefits 64
Gaining Commitment 74
Moving Ahead In Life, Never Mind The Thorny Path 80
Learning by Doing 89
Customers don't exactly sit there doing nothing 94
Customer Response and Reactions the PQRS method 100
Ok Mr Salesperson, Shoot! 111
The Story of the Hotel Manager 120
The scrap of paper in Prashant's pocket 128
Proud to be a Salesman 138
The story of the gate outside a housing society 143
The Balance 149
The Homecoming 156
Inner Dimensions of Selling - M.s Srinivasan 160


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