The Divine Saiva Naayanmars - 63 Tamil Saivite Saints
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The Divine Saiva Naayanmars - 63 Tamil Saivite Saints

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Author: R. Viswanathan
Publisher: Aruram India Publishers, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789384920197
Pages: 554 (Throughout B/w Illustrations)
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About the Book
In the ancient Tamil literature innumerable books rule the field. In Saiva faith, among the Sivanadiyaars who promoted the cult of Dharma following the Shiva way, the Important ones are the Nayanmars.

Even though they belonged to different castes, such as Velaalar, Vedhiar Vedar, Vendhar, Venihar, Vannaar, Kurunila Mannar, Kuyavar, Marutthuvar, Maaviradhar, Bhaanar, Chaanaar, Saaliyar, Sekkar, Sivayogiyar, Sembadavar, Idayar, Irumoovar, they were all united in the Shiva cult.

In the Puraana Kavyam of Sekkizhar one can find a narration of their lives in a variety of emotional feelings, heart melting situations and in the background of Devotional flavor, captivating.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the quintessential journey through the lives of the Sixty Three Naayanmars in this book.

"It is nectar that will give you the immortal love, drink it.

It is a perennial river of love that Will make the lands of your mind fertile, irrigate it.

It is an ocean that will get you pearl heaps of coveted qualities, dwell in it.

It is a sharp sword that will cut off the bonds to make you feel the bliss of freedom, hold it strong.

It is a teacher that tells morals of life; make you a rock of discipline. "

When we think of saints, our minds might conjure gentle souls, holy and nearly perfect in, every way. This is not so for the 63 canonized men and women portrayed in this book. They are ordinary, except in their love of God Shiva.

And that fact constitutes their simple and potent message to mankind - that each of us, from whatever background and, faced with whatever karma can follow the spiritual path and draw near to our God.

Because they showed us the path, they are called Nayanars, a word which connotes in their native Tamil language "those who reveal the way". They lived between the 3rd century. BCE and 12th century Coe Among them were a king, a queen, four generals, but most were common folk, -- a potter, a poet, fisherman, garland-maker, pandaram priest, mother and thirteen farmers. Nearly all were householders; few were monks or sannyasins. Their stories are an anthology of man's trials, problems; fears, desires and struggles. No matter how great the challenge, the greater was their will to see and serve Shiva everywhere and in everyone.

Yet none among them could bear disrespect for their beloved Shiva, and they sometimes acted with eccentric and even lawless fervor. Still, they clung, to simply surrender, intense communion with the Divine, fortitude in the face of enemies and charity toward those less fortunate. Their life was marked not by words, but by deeds, occasionally miracles. They forged faith into action and proved that work is worship.

Among their unique teachings was this: we have all we need right now and can serve God and his devotees by following Dharma from wheresoever’s we find ourselves. Thus, the potter gave of his virtuosity, which was in pots, and the weaver shared his only wealth, rough cloth. Their service to God was always within their means, within their reach.

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