Drink Juices, Quell Disease

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Author: Dr. Dhiren Gala
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788124301289
Pages: 176 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
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All of us wish to live a healthy and happy life free from all diseases, but very few of us make right and really serious efforts in this direction. It is a pity that man, the most intelligent and clever of all living beings, is unable to check the deterioration of his health. This is because the life of modern man is far removed from nature. We do not realize that healthy life is possible only by following the rules of nature. Life is nature’s gift to us and we can make the most of this gift only be reverting to Mother Nature.

Nature has provided a variety of food items to us, but instead of including them in their natural form in our diet, we go for hot and spicy food prepared as per various recipes given out by modern books on cookery, little realizing that they cater to our tastes rather than to our dietary needs.

No wonder then we have to go for more and more medicines and drugs to save ourselves from the harmful effects of such unnatural foods. It is really deplorable that not only the common man but also the men of medicine and dietetics have remained indifferent to food on which our whole existence, life and well-being depend. It is high time we pay proper attention to our food and cultivate proper food habits to prevent ill-health, since prevention is better than cure.

It has been found that the diet of raw food and juice can help us remain health. Juice-diet, especially, can cure us of chronic diseases and keep our mind and body healthy. It is heartening to note that of late our awareness of the importance of juices in our diet has been increasing and that having realized the food value of juices, more and more people are taking juices in their diet.

The results of experiments and research carried on in western countries in the subject of juice-diet are most gratifying and are sure to bring a ray of hope for the health of mankind.

It has been our endeavour to provide in this book information on juice-diet based on scientific experiments. We are confident that the book will serve as a practical and useful guide to those who desire to prevent diseases and improve their health with the help of juice-diet.


Part 1 Page No.
1. Introduction 5
2. Food- Cooked and Uncooked 11
3. Raw Juice therapy 29
4. How to obtain all the nutrients from Juices 37
5. Juice-Fasting 44
6. Ten important commandments for juice-diet 50
Part 2: Contents and Qualities of Fruits and Vegetables
1. Apple 54
2. Beetroot 56
3. Bel (Bilifal) 58
4. Bitter Gourd (Karela) 59
5. Cabbage 61
6. Carrot 64
7. Coconut 70
8. Cucumber 72
9. Emblica Myrobalan (Alma) 74
10. Fig 76
11. French Beans 78
12. Garlic 79
13. Ginger 82
14. Grapes 84
15. Guava 89
16. Jambul 91
17. Lemon 92
18. Melon 95
19. Onions 97
20. Orange 99
21. Papaya 102
22. Pineapple 105
23. Pomegranate 107
24. Potatoes 108
25. Pumpkin 111
26. Sweet Lemon 112
27. Tomatoes 113
28. Turmeric 115
29. Watermelon 117
30. White Gourd (Dudhi) 118
31. Green Leafy Vegetables 120
32. The Wheatgrass juice 130
33. Honey 141
34. Rejuvenation by Milk 144
35. Rejuvenation by Thick Buttermilk 151
Part 3
1. Juice-treatment in different diseases 155
2. Blends of Juices for pleasure 165
3. Some cases showing successful experimentation of juice-diet 167
4. Epilogue 172
Index 174
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