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The Dynamics of Horoscope Astrostock Trading: Guide To Intra Day Stock Trading

The Dynamics of Horoscope Astrostock Trading: Guide To Intra Day Stock Trading
Item Code: NAD202
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788170821397
Pages: 213
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
About the Book

The book reveals the real power of Astrology and provides the most scientific and accurate methodology to predict precisely the major as well as minor fluctuations in prices of scripts on minute to minute basis. Hundreds of my students have benefited. Why not you!

About the Author

Astrology- A text book of accurate predictive Nakshatra Astrology

Planets, Constellations, Astrology & You – A Book on Fundamental Concepts of Astrology


What can you say about Fate or Destiny or even better known as Luck? Is it something fixed that we are going to encounter in coming days? If it is something which is bound to happen and thus s an element of our life in days to come, then what about all the endeavors we put in to attain a goal or to fluid our wishes? Are they all in vain? And what about the prophecies? Are they also not declaring the predefinition and certainty of the events likely to happen in future, in a given year and in a given month etc? All this leads us to one single conclusion that every event in life is fixed and we only live them as they occur. We have only a role to play in living the occurrences. May be we can alter a bit by living within the same environment by adopting a methodology of our own without affecting the results. In the past many fortune tellers have predicted the life of people, kings and even countries and many such predictions have come true. Some predictions have come to be known after the event had occurred. Some great souls have foreseen the future in dreams. Going by all this, we arrive at a conclusion that events in life are predefined and what is going to happen is concealed in future and bound to happen at predefined date, time and place and moreover we have no control over it.

This very thought drives us to be curious about future. This very curiosity has made the people to adopt various techniques to explore into future. In different countries we have different techniques. Which is good or more effective only time can tell but the curiosity is ever increasing. It is more so in people who have already achieved something in life and are quite influential in society.

Many kings and queens, the emperors, the dictators, the present — day presidents and prime ministers and the industrial tycoons have consulted the fortune tellers either out of curiosity or out of dire instability in life or because of some unfulfilled desire. From the Nostradamus to Count Louis Hamon “Cheiro” we have many fortune tellers who have predicted the life of great personalities of their time and were respected in society. Nostradamus adopted the technique of looking in water kept on a tripod stand whereas Cheiro was a Palm reader. Cheiro’s predictions are mainly regarding the famous contemporary personalities. Michel de Notre Dame ‘Nostradamus’ on the other hand went on to predict the natural calamities, the wars, major events and future of countries as fr as 400 years ahead of his time. In India the technique adopted is based on the planetary position in the sky at the time of birth. The chart so prepared is called a Horoscope or a Kundli. The technique further considers the influence of the constellations and division of life based on Vimshotri Padthati to predict the life. Normally every Hindu has a great belief in this system and it is being used in Hindu society since ages. Even for the success of a marriage, it is considered good to check the compatibility of the couple by comparing and analyzing their horoscopes. There is a very famous story regarding its development. It was developed by the great Saint Bhrigu. Once Saint Bhrigu thought of searching a person who is most cool headed. He visited many learned saints, lords, and gods but no one could meet his expectations. He then visited Lord Vishnu, who is considered to be the supreme God and in order to test his cool headedness he hit him on his chest by his leg. Lord Vishnu did not say any thing but went on to ask the Saint politely if his leg is hurt. Saint then told him the mission and declared him ‘santakaram’- that is, a person completely calm headed and peaceful. When all this transpired the wife of Lord Vishnu, the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, could not tolerate his husband being hit by a Saint. She became furious and passed a curse on all the Brahmins and Saints that she will never bestow any wealth to them. Listening this, Saint Bhrigu told Goddess Lakshmi that since what you have uttered is bound to happen, so now I will write a book which will predict the life of people on earth and Brahmins will earn by practicing this literature of mine. Moreover there is a declaration in famous “Shrimad Bhagwat Gita” that Saint Bhrigu was akin to Lord Vishnu amongst the Saints.

In India the casting of a horoscope and predicting on its basis is a very old practice. The king Vikramaditya had a famous Astrologer named Varah Mihir in his court. His actual name was Mihir and the “Varah” was the title given to him by the king for his predictions. One great prediction was about the prince. At the time of birth of the prince, his horoscope was cast and was given to the astrologers to Lady and predict. Mihir predicted an early death, specifying the (li1t(, time and cause of death. He predicted that a wild boar will kill the prince. The king was utterly surprised and made all the drrangements that no wild animal enters the palace. On the predicted date the whole Palace was on full alert and nothing was left to chance. The prince was left to play with his friends on the roof of the palace with guards to report about his well being frequently. But at the stipulated time the death took place. It so happened that the flag of the kingdom flying on the palace fell on the prince and the insignia of boar attached to the flag hit the prince causing immediate death. The king Vikramaditya honored the astrologer by giving him the title of”Varah’ Even the Emperor Akbar had astrologers in his court and few are known to be awarded by him for their predictions. This art of predicting, by charting the planets at the time of birth and analyzing the horoscope so prepared, Is a science in itself and need to be studied minutely and meticulously. There are very many factors to be considered for making predictions. Predictions based on only the planetary positions are not accurate. Nature and strengths of planets are continuously changing. Sometimes the. analysis gives very confusing and contradictory results happening at the same time and then it becomes very difficult to predict with accuracy. Only a truly scientific approach can lead to the accurate and reliable prediction. In this book I have tried to give an analytical approach to the predictive methodology and have further successfully used this technique to predict the intra-day movement of stock prices in the Indian Stock Exchanges. I have illustrated the principle through examples and have further tracked down the movement of stock prices. .

I start taking interest in palmistry in my school days as a curiosity about future. The study was never a serious one but off and on I read many books. The books by Cheiro and his prediction based on palmistry always intrigued me. I was looking for an answer to the break in my head line. It did not get a proper answer but I was sure that something drastic is destined to happen at an approximate age of 33 to 38 years. I did not know how to calculate the exact time of happening by reading a palm. After my school days till the end of my college clays I was a casual reader of the books on palmistry and numerology but never got an opportunity to learn Astrology. In the year 1973, I joined a company in Calcutta and in the month of October I decided to join I.S.R.O. at Thruvananthpuram in the State of Kerala. I took the train to Chennai and from there on I had to change the train for Thruvananthpuram. I had four hours of stay at Chennai. To spend time and freshen myself I took a room near the Chennai railway station. After some time I saw a middle aged gentleman frequently passing in front of my room. I came out and enquired off him. He told me that he is an astrologer and was interested in predicting the future if I pay him Rs. 2/-. I had enough time to spare, so I told him to come in and to go ahead with his work. He didn’t know English. So he had to go out and arrange for a translator. Anyway, he castled a horoscope and told me,” Sir, you have not resigned from your first job and are going to join the second job.” This amazed me as instead of change of job he could even predict the status of last job. He further went on to say that I will not stay in this new job for more than three months. And further I will join a government organization where I will be sent for higher studies. Exactly the same events occurred during next one year. I had joined I.S.R.O. in October. I left it in December and joined H.A.L.Bangalore. After 3 months I was selected aod sent for higher studies at Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore. Well everything was happening as he had predicted. This made me to think that there is something called Destiny and it was possible to predict it. I started studying astrology seriously and went on to read many books and started developing a technique for true predictions. Gradually many of my predictions started coming correct but still I was far from desired accuracy. The time frame of events and its goodness or badness was not very clear. Then I started taking planetary positions with respect to time along with the original horoscope. Still I did not get the proper results. Then I moved on to the constellation lords and it gave better results. To be more accurate I further sub divided them as per Visitor Pathetic and got still better results.

The results with Nashotah lords and Sub lords were far more accurate. One day I met a friend of mine and while shaking hand I noticed a break in life line in his palm. I immediately castled a horoscope and suggested him to take an insurance cover as soon as possible. He thought it was a joke and did not take any. He happened to meet me again after few days and I again insisted on the insurance cover. Reluctantly he took a cover of Rs 100000/- with mum payments in quarterly mode. I wanted him to take a lent cover but perhaps he could not afford. After two moths he %tided (fly got paralyzed and was diagnosed for a brain tumor. He we treated and discharged from the hospital but within three no) nil’s he expired. He had paid only one installment of insurance till then and his family got the claim. All this cannot be simple (Incidences. There has to be some truth in all this and if it is true thorn it leads us to one conclusion—there is something called destiny find we only live that. The next question is still more significant but critical to answer because it will be a question on definition of life if, lt. What makes or shapes destiny? Does it mean there is Rebirth? Wikit happens in between? Even if there is some theoretical answer, ‘till we do not have any proof? The answers to all this has been %palled out in “Shimmed Bhagwat Gita”. Basically it is a theory based on Karma and its manifestations and life goes on in a circle till we find away to get out of it. Structure of the horoscope also dictates the same principles.

Anyway, over the years I started applying this horoscopes analysis to predict the life of people and the intra day price movements in stock exchanges and after lot of analysis, intuition and practice I could predict with 95% accuracy.

Raghuveer B Sahore


Preface vi
1Planets 1
2Planets and Houses 9
3Houses-Planets-Constellations 20
4House Constellation Signifiers 30
5The Sub Lords 52
6Sub Lord Signifiers 66
7Circular Horoscopes 84
8Analysis and Predictions 103
Parameters for Predictions
Analysis for Prediction
Intraday Movements of Scripts
Categorization of Scripts
Houses and their Significance

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