Effect of Yoga on Psychological and Physiological Health
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Effect of Yoga on Psychological and Physiological Health

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Author: Kunal
Publisher: Radha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386439215
Pages: 172 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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About the Book

This book provides comprehensive and up to date information on the effect of yogic exercise training of students on psychological and physiological variables. The book is meant for the beginners and athlete for the enhancement of their psychological and physiological health as well as their performance. The concept and data collection is based on a thorough research work done by the author on effect of selected yoga exercises on psychological and physiological variables of Delhi Secondary School male students.

About the Author

Dr. Kunal is an Assistant professor/Director Physical Education in the Department of Physical Education, Satyawali college (Evening) University of Delhi, Delhi, He has been teaching for more than five years. He got his Ph.D in Physical Education from Delhi University. To his credict, there are number of research papers/articles which have been appeared in various refereed national and international journals, some of which have been presented in seminar/conferences. Dr. Kunal is the author of a book "Volleyball Manual". He is also the member of the "Physical Education foundation of India" and Forum of Physical Education sports Sciences.


Today life is full of stress, strain, tension and nervous irritability of hurry and excitement. Science has diverted the attention of mankind and made people to get involved in comforts recreations and luxuries in every aspect of life.

This advancement has made man to live a mechanized life. As a result lot of problems arrives like stress, tension, noise, dust smoke, heat, crimes, terrors, sexual harassments and internal aggressions etc. Mental health lays a strong foundation for the satisfaction behaviour and higher achievements of an individual in her/his life. To achieve mental health and peace of mind, now a day’s yoga is becoming more and more popular to gain physical and psychological fitness at global level. In India and in western countries many people adopted yoga as a part of their life. It is a tool to keep their body and mind fit and also to cure disease by improving the functions of vital organs of the body. This is the oldest science of the world which is practiced to get peace of mind and also to keep body fat and healthy. These days application of psychological principles in the improvement of performance in sports has received greater attention. These are certain accepted psychological principles which have to be applied for athletes so that they can show their best in the performance. It is important to know about the role of emotional and psychological phenomenon like self concept aggression, achievement motivation and anxiety of the players during training as well as competitive situations. In this book the efforts have been done to show the effect of yoga on psychological and psychological variables of different types of yogic exercises.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude towards all of those who have provided unconditional support to me to complete this book. Probably the words are insufficient to express my gratitude towards my father Dr. Ved Prakash, mother Dr. Sheela Devi and brother Janak for their continuous support to me during the time of writing this book. Last but not the least, I highly appreciate the cooperation by my friends Dr. Sanjay Verma, Dr. Satayaprakash Singh and colleagues.


Man is not only the body but the mind too. He is not only the mind but the spirit too. Western concept of fitness, it seems, doesn't go beyond the peripheral understanding of making adjustment on the physiological levels but the recent development in medical science groped into many unexplored dimensions of health and thus gone deeper in understanding the inner connections of human health. So, alongside preparing doses of being physically fit day in and day out, the modern time pays much more attention on how to remain physiologically balanced and maintain a perfect decorum. But Indian understanding of human health goes even beyond these two axis, two gamut of thoughts. Thus, the efforts in this book are highly commendable as it provides comprehensive and updated pieces of information on the effect of Yogic exercises on the students of physiological and psychological variables. This book is meant for the beginners and is very effective for the enhancement of not only the psychological and physiological health but at the level of being or spirit for a concrete performance in life. The concept and the data collection is based on a thorough research work done by the author about the effect of selected Yogic exercise on Delhi secondary school male students of the aforesaid variables. This book shall definitely be a positive note in the world of wilderness today for the benefit of millions.

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