Emotional Freedom Techniques (Simple Ways For Attracting Well-Being and Abundance)

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Author: Sangeeta Bhagwat
Publisher: Wisdom Tree Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788183281508
Pages: 144 (23 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

Emotional Freedom techniques is a new path-breaking technique. By following the simple steps of tapping certain energy points in our body coupled with awareness and positive affirmations, we can unblock our inner creative force. It helps us enhance our positive traits and arrive at a state of perfect health.


About the Author

Holistic healer, facilitator and life coach, Sangeeta Bhagwat is a counselor since 1991. With a keen interest in spirituality and alternative therapies, her practice includes innovative combination of several holistic systems such as meditation techniques, graphology, reiki, crystals, space clearing and energy work. Creative and authentic implementation of these learning’s yield impacting and effective changes in her clients.

Sangeeta has found EFT to be one of the simplest and most effective means to improved health, well-being, personal development and growth.



Each and every one of us is blessed with unique talents and abilities. Unfortunately, we also tend to have a lot of barriers inhibiting the full expression of our potential.

In the modern world high stress and competition continually take their toll. The health and self-esteem of every individuals is challenged on almost a daily basis. Environment conditioning, feedback and expectations from our parents, peers, teachers, or bosses, significant events in our lives, the list of contributing factors goes on. Each one of us is weighed down by depression, anger, grief, fear or anxiety of varying degrees, at some point in life. Some of us are able to shrug these off and carry on with optimism and enthusiasm however, there are many of us who remain pinned down by these negative emotions and beliefs, which weigh us down like a ton of bricks. They inhibit our thoughts, actions and expressions in subtle and obvious ways, You may be aware of some of these limitations, and others may remain in the subconscious. While it may be a fear of failure that prevents you from trying. It could be a fear of success that stops your friend.

Repeated disappointments or failures lead to further uncertainty, erosion of self-esteem and pessimism. The pattern continues through different areas of your life. Over a period of time, this accumulated baggage may trigger cravings or addictions. Suppressed or neglected they may continually cause a cascade of physiological changes, contributing to stress and stress-induced diseases. Frequently, if not always, physical discomfort of disease may have an emotional contributor associated with it and hence treating the disease alone may not provide desired results. One can end up facing performance, emotional and physical problems all at one time!

What if help was at hand, to rid your self of every such limiting emotion, though or belief that you have ever had? What if you found a way to enhance every positive trait that you possess? What if you were able to have assistance in healing your emotional and physical issues, so as to arrive at a state of perfect health and well-being? You may have just found your answers with this book

Emotional freedom techniques can help you unblock your true potential




  Tap Your True Potential with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) vii
1 Introduction 1
2 How to Use This Book 3
3 Frequently Asked Questions 5
4 Getting Started 15
5 The Choices Trio 27
6 The Full Basic Recipe 35
7 General Guidelines For framing Set-ups and Reminder Phrases 41
8 When You are Not Seeing Results 51
9 Score with EFT 61
10 Proxy or Surrogate Tapping 81
11 Specific Areas of Application withSample Set-Ups 87
12 Innovative Ways to Use EFT 125
13 In Closing 131
14 Useful Websites 133

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