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Essays on Indian Philosophy

Essays on Indian Philosophy
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Item Code: IDE905
Author: J.N. Mohanty, Edited with an Introduction By: Purushottama Bilimoria
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 0195658787
Pages: 384
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.5"
From the Jacket :

This collection of essays by Professor J.N. Mohanty 'chart[s]...a sort of intellectual autobiography' and traces his reflections on Indian philosophy and range of other issues, over a span of forty years. Part I deals with problems in metaphysics, epistemology, and language, along with thoughtful treatments of notions such as experience, self, consciousness, doubt, tradition, and modernity. Essays in Part II, written during the turbulent post-Independence years, survey issues in social ethics, reform activities, and religion, variously in the works of Aurobindo, Gandhi, Vinobha, and Rammohun Roy. Part III discusses the encounter between phenomenology and philosophy, between Indian and Western philosophy, through an incisive analysis of some major concerns of philosophy, anywhere. The collection ends with some thoughts on the future of Indian philosophy.

Those keen on keeping abreast with the 'other' interests and equally analytical reflections of one of the finest minds in contemporary phenomenology and philosophical currents, will find in these essays an invigorating and challenging thrust. The editor's substantial introduction followed by the author's own prologue set the scene for a stimulating read.

About the Author :

J.N. Mohanty is Professor of Philosophy, Temple University, Philadelphia and Woodruff Professor of Philosophy and Asian Studies, Emory University, Georgia.

Purushottama Bilimoria is Professor of Philosophy, Deakin University and Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne University, Australia.

Excerpts From Reviews:

'The essays in this collection are delightful reading...replete with argumentative skill.' - The Book Review

'Jitendra Mohanty triumphs because of his generosity of understanding and closeness to the voice of earth-bound man. This is the true Indian spirit of philosophy: an integral view of the Near and the Far, Being and Becoming, Today and Tomorrow.' - The Hindu


Editor's Introduction: A fusion of disparate horizonsix
Author's Prologuexxxiii

Part I: Some Problems in Metaphysics, Epistemology and Language

1.Philosophy as Reflection on Experience1
2.The Concept of Metaphysics17
3.The Concept of Intuition26
4.Kalidas Bhattacharyya, as a Metaphysician33
5.Some Thoughts on Daya Krishna's 'Three Myths'44
6.Consciousness in Vedanta56
7.Can the Self become an Objece? (Thoughts on Samkara's statement nayam atma ekantena avisaya)68
8.Subject and Person: Eastern and Western Modes of Thinking about Man74
9.Reflections on the Nyaya Theory of Avayavipratyaksa86
10.Nyaya Theory of Doubt101

Part II: Humanity, Social ethics and Understanding Religion

11.Sri Aurobindo on Language125
12.Sri Aurobindo on the Ideal Social Order137
13.Integralism and Modern Philosophical Anthropology148
14.Sarvodaya and Aurobindo: A Rapprochement158
15.The Mind behind Bhoodan: Shri Vinoba Bhave's Land-gift Movement168
16.Science and Self-Knowledge174
17.Vinoba's Gandhism: an Aspect184
18.Gandhi's Concept of Man188
19.Remarks on Raja Rammohan Roy's Religious Thought199

Part III: Encounters: Phenomenology and Philosophy, India and the West

20.On Interpreting Indian Philosophy - Some Problems and Concerns207
21.Philosophy in India 1967-73220
22.Phenomenology in Indian Philosophy249
23.Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy: The Concept of Rationality258
24.Phenomenology and Existentialism: Encounter with Indian Philosophy274
25.Philosophy of History and its Presuppositions303
26.Are Indian and Western Philosophy radically different?313
27.The Future of Indian Philosophy331

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