Eternal Dharma (How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life's True Purpose)
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Eternal Dharma (How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life's True Purpose)

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Author: Vishnu Swami
Publisher: New Page Books
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781632650375
Pages: 270
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

We often feel powerless in our lives. We have many desires but are limited in our ability to transform those wishes into tangible results. We are confused and unsure about what will really make us happy. In Eternal Dharma, Vishnu Swami guides you on a journey to align yourself with the natural flow of existence through the ancient Eastern knowledge of Veda. Eternal Dharma distils 5,000 years of spiritual wisdom so you can learn to live an enlightened, effective, and fulfilled life.

Vishnu Swami inspires you to take action and manifest your fullest spiritual potential in everything you do:

• Explore the subtle and physical domains to achieve a totally new relationship with reality.

• Learn the radical new system of effectiveness.

• Gain clarity on all spiritual and religious paths.

• Free yourself from pain and suffering to reach pure, transcendental love.

About the Author

Vishnu Swami, also known as the Maverick Monk, relocated to study Veda at a monastery in India at the age of 11 and later became the youngest swami to be honoured with that position at the extraordinary age of 23. He has appeared on television and radio and in newspapers internationally, and was featured in an award-winning spiritual documentary in Hollywood. He continues to empower and inspire thousands through his writings, speaking, and online college-accredited courses at


My dear friend, welcome. You are about to embark on a splendid journey. I applaud you, for not everyone is willing or ready to embark on such a spiritual journey. By simply opening a book entitled Eternal Dharma, you have already earned my respect, for it takes a special kind of person to be looking to grow both spiritually and practically.

You probably have already begun your spiritual journey. You probably have begun to introspect and search to find meaning, connection, clarity, purpose, and inspiration in life. Yet, I am 99.99 percent confident that wherever you are on your spiritual path you will find this book helpful, because the wisdom, tools, and practices presented here are both ancient and unique.

I anticipate that in our time together lot will happen. We are going to cover a lot of ground, some of which will be light and imbued with warm and fun feelings of felicity. Some will be deeply philosophical, dealing with the fundamental questions of life that have plagued thinkers, philosophers, and spiritual seekers for millennia. All of what we cover will be practical, and is designed to immediately empower you in both Effective Action and on your path to passionate enlightenment.

Perfecting Effective Action We often feel powerless. We have many desires we wish to fulfill. We want tangible results, such as more cash, better health, more time, and sweeter relationships; and many of us are constantly seeking new, better, and more effective ways to execute our plans. Many of us are seeking how we can better live, be, and do things in the world. We seek new tool sets, tricks, and mind sets so that we can be much more effective.

A question we may ask is: What can I learn that will increase my effectiveness to create better results in my life and business, while having a more joyful experience in the process? I believe that the 5,000-year-old spiritual wisdom of India presented here in this book is the ultimate, best, and most powerful system for Effective Action. Being a continual student of self-help, personal growth, and business effectiveness has been very helpful, but never left me completely satisfied. I wanted a system of understanding life and effectiveness that was complete-that took everything in existence into account.

"Everything in existence" is quite vast. There are physical things that you can touch and measure, such as earth, water, airplanes, rocks, houses, and so forth. There are also subtle things such as emotions, ideas, information, and desires. "All of existence" also includes galaxies, business, relationships, economies, brands, health care, actions, plans, music, events, the spiritual domain, rubber duckies, and chocolate bars. In reality all of these things exist together in the same world, in unison, and in reasonable harmony. I wanted a knowledge system that acknowledged and capitalized on this natural coexistence.

The Lost Key in Personal Empowerment There many systems in the world: There are health systems like yoga, acupuncture, and neurosurgery. There are fighting systems like jujitsu and swordsmanship. There are knowledge systems such as architecture, race car driving, scuba diving, war, politics, sex, business, investing, agriculture, astrology, astronomy, and education. I wanted a personal growth and empowerment system to work in synergistic unison-in harmony with all these other knowledge systems. I wanted to find the intrinsic truths that prevail in all things in existence and all knowledge systems of the world.

On top of that, I wanted a personal empowerment knowledge system that made philosophical sense and also harmonized with the often-elusive spiritual domain. I also wanted a system that was not just based on any one person's experience or a little bit of research, but one that had more depth, preferably thousands of years of verification and the input of many enlightened masters. This way I could ultimately trust the system and use it with confidence.

When I looked back on the ancient spiritual training I received as a child in the monastery, I found such a complete, powerful, and unique system that not only worked superbly, but made so much sense. After becoming aware of this system as a tool for both self-help and spiritual growth, I spent another eight years researching practicing and refining this knowledge to present it to you today.

My Journey of Dharma and Surrender As my body was burning I could not stop crying. It was the most agony I had ever felt. More emotional turmoil than I knew was possible pumped through my arteries. As my stomach churned in anguish I was unable to eat or sleep. This was that dreaded low point in life. My project and financial support were stolen from me. My Guru, who is my life and soul, the most important person to me, had just departed from this world. The only girl I had ever had a relationship with and that I loved fully had moved on. Due to my conscious choice to defy social expectations, rumors were rampant, and I felt shunned, rejected, and unloved by the spiritual community I had lived in for my entire life. I had nothing. Everything I had created was lost. I lay there alone, wailing and screaming in pain, with my heart grated into shreds, melting in a box, hungry, with no fan in the center of summer in the hottest inhabitable place on planet Earth.



  Introduction: Welcome: A Spiritual Journey 11
Part 1 Foundational knownledge  
Chapter 1 Inherent Function: The Principle of Dharma 25
Chapter 2 Finding Your Dharma 41
Chapter 3 Spiritual Surrender and Inregration 53
Part 2 The Unprecedented Elemental Reality System  
Chapter 4 Introducing the Unprecedented Elemental Reality System 71
Chapter 5 Elemental Foundations 83
Chapter 6 Earth's Steadiness, Water's Flavor, and Fire's Passion 97
Chapter 7 The Power of Air - Prana - Chi 115
Chapter 8 The Serenity of Ether 127
Chapter 9 The Eechoing Mind 137
Chapter 10 The Calculations of Intelligence 151
Chapter 11 The Hidden Power of Identity 165
Chapter 12 Creating and Using the Elements as a System 179
Part 3 The Dharma of the Divine  
Chapter 13 The Constitutional Nature of the Soul: Dharma of the Soul 201
Chapter 14 The 3 Stages of Spiritual Evolution 215
Chapter 15 The 3 Stages of Enlightenment and the Divine 225
Chapter 16 A loning Relationship with the Divine 237
Chapter 17 how to grow Spiritual Love 249
  Next Steps 261
  Index 263

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