Goswami Tulsidas' Vinai - Patrika

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Author: Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia
Language: [Original Text with Complete English Translation, & Brief Commentaries]
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8183900097
Pages: 448
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description


Goswami Tulsidas (V. S. 1554-1680; A.D. 1697-1623) was one of the greatest saint poet philosophers of 16th century India. He was a prolific writer par-excellence, and his corpulent devotional Hindi literature.

The preset tome called 'Vinai Patrika' was his last composition penned roughly between V.S. 1666-1680 (A.D. 1609 -1623) and complete a short while prior to his death.

Acclaimed universally as a masterpiece next in importance to the epic Ram Charit Manas and equally venerated and honoured but more complex in use of the language and a fine example of literature majority of its verses are sung with the greatest of reverence and devotion among the masses in the Hindi belt of northern India (see appdx. No. 3)

'May we know what this new doctrine, whereof thou speakest, is? For thou bringest certain strange things on our ears: we would know therefore what these things mean' (The Bible, the Acts 17/19-20).

Well, Vinai- Patrika as the name suggests is a motley collection of priceless, matchless, succulent, prayerful, devotional and philosophical hymns- most earnest very sincere absolutely magnificent and sublime of radiant and pristine beauty and highly intellectually evolved and a virtual practical guide not only in their message of true devotion (e.g., verse no. 109,165, 167 etc.) faith, conviction submission (e.g., verse no. 178 180, 185 etc.) love and affection for the lord (e.g. , verse no. 150, 153, 164, 163, 169 etc.) Lord's holly feet (e.g., verse no. 101, 133, 140, 204, 240, 263 etc.) and his holy name (e.g. verse no. 65-70,173,184, 192,202 etc.) but also to bring out succinctly the complexities of the Vedic precepts as well as the Vedantic philosophy (sample verse no. 92,119-122, 136/11-12, 111,116, 244, 246 etc.) Tulsi das has successfully brought these concepts from the realm of abstract to that practical grasp and comprehension.

Vinai- Patrika acts as a beacon light for an age which has become highly decadent perverse depraved wayward and reckless morally wicked mean and full of pervertness and turpitude sinking deeper and deeper in the eddy of ignorance delusions deceits hearsay pride pretensions, heresy and falsehoods. Hence it is not simply a book of humble, devotional prayers or adulations of the lord by singing his glories and fames, but is dough kneaded out of pristine wisdom intense insights and highest Vedantic philosophies and precepts which give us the bread of nourishment for the soul even as the mother's milk is wholesome for the body.

Written in the style of a 'free-wheeling prayer', it's not only a petition of Tulsidas before the Lord to redeem him but also carries us along its swift currents into the deep recesses of the mind thoughts and heart of a great philosopher who was pained and hurt by the wayward, pervert and reckless demeanours of the world around him and almost poignantly advises us to mend our ways. He is presenting to us the remedy for our ills metaphorically in the form of Vinai Patrika, which is the ultimate fruits of his materialistic world as well as to them who indulge in it like there would be no tomorrow!

These psalms are not as a litany to be sung in a formal temple worship or religious ritual as a matter of course for being set to the tune of different 'Raagas', they are meant to string the harp of heart -rendering, most moving affectionate devotional and harmonic 'melody of heart' of the common man they are meant not as a formality but as a touching melodious song of the heart. They are not the ludicurous rantings of a frustrated sick mind but are compositions of high genius unparalled literature having deep insight into the unseen realm. As to his repeated mention of his various shortcomings sins evils and vices we must remember that while confessing before the Lord there should be no concealment no sleight of hand and it should be done with utmost humility. So, this would explain his style in the majority of the verse.

Further on close examination we find that the name 'Vinai- Patrika' (literally, a prayerful petition) is a misnomer for the poet has cleverly and expertly weaved and knitted together in the texture of prayers what are basically astounding philosophical concepts relating to metaphysics, emancipation salvation enlightenment wisdom true knowledge and nature of soul and existence the illusionary nature of this mundane world (e.g., verse no. 91, 111, 116, 119,120,188 etc.), the cycle of birth and death duality (Dwaitya) and non-duality (Advaitya) (e.g., verse no. 135/1, 136/11-12 etc.) creation and the creator the ultimate goal of life (e.g., verse no. 92, 103, 115, 126, 140, 202, etc.) and etc.

Further, I humbly wish to submit that 'I am become (just) as sounding brass or a thinking cymbal' (The Bible, Corinthians 1/13/1) for the Lord, and can't find words to thank him for his profound all-encompassing grace his mercy sparking and dazzling like a bright star splendorous and radiant like the sun and his benevolence, munificence benefaction and benediction showering like the magnanimous rain to nourish me as well as all those who would go through the pages of Vinai -Patrika.

With the whole world as a paper and the oceans as the ink one cannot write about the Lord for and there are also many other things the which if they should be written everyone I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that should be written (The Bible Gospel of St. John 21/25) but still we write because And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the spirit by which he spake (The Bible, The Acts 6/10).

I honestly say I am unaware how this book was ever written for it is beyond my humble capacity. But the fact that it did come into being is because the Lord wished it and on his inspiration Hanuman held the pen, and used my numb fingers to move it on and on. Therefore, I offer this to Sri Ram even as Tulsidas had offered his Vinai-Patrika at the holy feet of Sri Ram. Amen!

From the Jacket

Goswami Tulsidas' Vinai-Patrika Vinai- Patrika, composed between V. S. 1660-1680 (A.D. 1609- 1623) is Goswami Tulsidas most venerated and universally acclaimed tome of magnificent prayerful psalms. It has become the benchmark in the fusion of wisdom & philosophy with devotion humility love & affection for the Lord. They are the culumination of his life-long quest of the real truth of existence and its meaning the Goal of life and how to reach it the essence of the Vedas and other scriptures all condensed and crystalised into 279 gem-like marvelously narrated verses of pristine beauty.

Vinai- Patrika is the ultimate citadel in the realm of philosophical devotional literature ever written in Hindi. They depict the saint poet philosopher's deep insight and clinical analysis of the malady afflicting the world. The Verses also epitomize the soul's eternal yearning for peace emancipation and salvation.

It is ageless and timeless and can be aptly called the 'Veda of our Times'.

About the Author

Name: Ajai Kumar Chhawchharia, Father's Name: Late Sri Shankar Prasad Chhawchharia, Date of Birth: 08/08/155, Address: Plot No. 36-A, Raj Ghat Colony, Parikrama Marg, Post- Ayodhya, (Faizabad) Pin-224123, U. P. Tel.: 05278-232901, Qualifications: Senior- Cambridge, B. Sc. (Silver Medalist), M.A. (Pub. Administration), Post Graduate Dip. Tourism and Hotel Management (Raj. University, Jaipur), Post Graduate Dip. Law (Taxation), (Anna University, Tamil Nadu) Dip. In Transport Management, Dip. In Homeopathy (MHM), Certificate in Vedanta with distinction (CIF, Mumbai) [Ex. Secretary Zoo, Association, University Science College, Jaipur Recipient of Award for Highest Marks (Zoology) B.Sc. Exam.] Present occupation: Working as an Honorary Sevak of Kanak Bhavan Temple, Ayodhya. Honours: Ram Kinkar Samman by Ramayan trust, Ayodhya for translation with commentaries of Tulsidas works into English. Book Published: (a) Biography of Lord Sri Ram with Vairagya Sandipani - An Anthology.(b) Legendary Glory of Hanuman -An Anthology. (c) Tulsidas' -Dohawali, Kavitawali, Vinai Patrika, Geetawali + Barvai Ramayan with Ram Raksha Stotra Book Proposal: (a) Adhyatma Ramayan (original Sanskrit) - from Brahmanand Puran, written by Veda Vyas [this is the basis of Tulsidas, Ram Charit Manas] (b) Ram Purva Tanponishad (c) Ram Utter Taponishad (d) Ram Rahasya Upanishad (Sanskrit+ English + Hindi)

These Books are Dictated by Lord Ram, Hanumanji is the Writer, My Fingers are only an instrument like an ordinary Pen. Credit goes to them. And the Fame goes to Abhishek Prakashan C/o Raman Choudhary, Delhi for Publishing them.


  Preface iii
1 Vinai Patrika - Text and Translation 1-398
2 Appendix No. 1 (Contextual tales and fables) 399
3 Appendix No. 2 (Author's letter to Sri Ram ) 424
4 Appendix No. 3 (Vinai- Patrika's most popular verses-a list) 429
5 Appendix No. 4 (Other books by Author) 431
6 Index 433

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