The Green Way To Healthy Living

The Green Way To Healthy Living

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Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beag
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 9789380077185
Pages: 547
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.6" X 7.2"
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About the Book:

Abstention from animal foods is not a new idea . One finds instances of it in ancient Egypt, Persia, India, and Greece. The word "diet" itself comes from the Greek Diata, meaning way of life. People of very diverse philosophical and spiritual paths have given up the use of meant in order to raise their consciousness. A lacto-vegetarian diet, rich in natural fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, as well as nuts, seeds, and dairy products, is suitable for this purpose.

The Green Way To Healthy Living offers a compendium of recipes to assist those who are interested in this way of life. It does not recommend any particular vegetarian diet or "health food." Its objective is only to show that in every in the world there is an extraordinary variety of fruits and vegetables from which to choose. Health continues to be a question of balance. The ideal diet is one that is non-violent and promotes inner equilibrium. It helps to balance the body, mind, and soul. It is the foundation which supports a balanced and healthy life.


Introduction 7
Planning a Vegetarian Menu 11
How to Use This Book 13
Africa 15
The Americas 45
Canada 49
The United State 75
Mexico 105
Caribbean and Latin America 127
Asia 157
India 161
China 195
Japan 219
Southeast Asia 239
Australia and New Zealand 261
Europe 289
Italy 295
France 329
Spain and Portugal 357
Greece 385
Eastern Europe 407
Northern and Central Europe 433
The British Isles 457
The Middle East 481
Appendix 511
Herbs and Spices 513
Baking Without Eggs 523
Conversions 525
Index 527
Address for information and Books 433
Books on this Science 551

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